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vegetarian food in hoi an

The Myths and Legends of Vegetarian Food in Hoi An, Vietnam

By the time I went on a tour of vegetarian food in Hoi An, I had been in Vietnam for almost three months and in Hoi An for a week. Even though I thought I had tried everything vegetarian that Hoi An had to offer, Kam from *Hoi An Food Tour introduced me to lots […]

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best hotels Hoi An

The Best Hotels in Hoi An for Every Budget: Where to Stay in Hoi An, Vietnam

Where to Stay in Hoi An / Best Hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam Hoi An Vietnam may just be the most charming city in South East Asia. The narrow streets and buildings of the ancient city provide endless diversions for the traveller who likes to walk and wander while the restaurants and bars are varied […]

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vegan restaurants in hoi an

Hoi An Vegan Restaurants: Your Guide to Vegan Food in Hoi An, Vietnam

This is your ccomplete guide to Hoi An vegan restaurants and includes a printable map that you can take to Vietnam with you. I hope you love the vegan food in Hoi An as much as I did! I just finished writing a post about how Hue is the best city in Vietnam for vegans. […]

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best hotels hanoi vietnam

The Best Hotels in Hanoi for Every Budget: Where to Stay in Hanoi, Vietnam

Where to Stay in Hanoi / Best Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi is littered with guest houses, hostels, and hotels. It can take hours to filter through all the reviews, understand the various neighbourhoods, and figure out where you’ll get the best hotel bang for your buck. Here’s your shortcut to finding the best hotels […]

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Hue vegan vietnam

Hue Vegetarian Restaurants: The Best City for Vegan Food in Vietnam?

Could Hue vegetarian restaurants be the best in Vietnam? We think so! If you’re after authentic vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese dishes created for locals (instead of bland tourist food that’s been de-meated), then you’ll love the huge variety of vegetarian restaurants in Hue as much as I did! Note: In Vietnam, there’s not much distinction […]

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hanoi vegetarian food

Hanoi Vegetarian Food: The Complete Guide for Vegetarians Visiting Hanoi

You would think that in a city where fresh tofu, noodles, and every green herb under the sun abounds, finding Hanoi vegetarian food would be a snap. But when I first got to Hanoi, I was frustrated and disappointed at almost every meal. It was just so hard to find good, inexpensive vegetarian food in […]

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Working the rice fields - Travel Photos Vietnam

11 Vietnam Travel Photos To Make You Drool

Vibrant Vietnam is awash with colour: the astonishing blues of the water in Halong Bay; the turquoise, yellows, and pinks of the houses; and the bright greens of the fertile valleys tucked into the Annamite Mountain Range. The sounds and scents of Vietnam are almost a match for her colours. The streets are filled with […]

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Life On The Water

12,667 km so far. As the city busies itself with its morning chores, we ride out of Siem Reap along a deep Northern California-red dirt road. All around us businesses are opening, markets marketing, and people are doing trade of all kinds. Scooter repairs, food stalls, fruit juice carts, ice men sawing their chunks of […]

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Have We Laost Our Minds?

10,808 km so far. Today was probably the most difficult ride of the past eleven months. We knew it would be tough and we prepared as much as one can. We had mapped the route, checked the elevation changes, read other cyclists’ accounts of the trip, double checked our weather apps, and set our alarm […]

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Knives Out

10,704 km so far. There are knives in my belly. Not literal knives, you understand. But they might as well be, for the pain I’m feeling. It’s safe to say that I now know what it’s like to be shived. While riding a bike. Up a mountain. OK, let’s start at the beginning. The Preamble […]

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