5 Features That Make the Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone for Travel

This budget-friendly smartphone will leave more money for your travels

best smartphone for travel

Are you looking for the best smartphone for travel? Travellers need a phone that is durable, functional and totally budget friendly. Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be the best!

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With the Samsung Galaxy S9 coming out, the Galaxy S7 generation is old news. However, many smartphone buyers would say it’s a good thing because outdated electronics drop in price faster than used cars. A recent model such as the Galaxy S7 is still almost as good as the newest design, and you can save a bundle by buying a factory-reset Galaxy S7.

Don’t let the Galaxy Note 7 incident stop you either. While the Note 7 had some serious issues with its battery, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have both worked fine from the day they first debuted to the day Samsung replaced them with the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S7 is a great choice for travelers looking for a deal. Take a look at the following Android and Samsung feature list to see why the Galaxy S7 might be the best smartphone for travel.

Easy On-the-Go Wireless Charging

best smartphone for travel samsung

The Galaxy Note 5 was the first Samsung device to offer wireless charging, and the Galaxy S7 became the second seven months later. By setting your phone on a special charging platform, you can bring your battery back up to full without using a single plug. Wireless chargers are still catching on, but they can offer a smooth and easy way to recharge your Galaxy S7 while you’re at a hotel or an office that offers charging platforms.

Split Screen for Those Hectic Travel Moments

Android has started offering a split-screen function as part of its OS beginning with Nougat, but Galaxy owners have had access to this feature since the Galaxy S3. 

Four generations later, the S7’s split screen is sophisticated and easy to use with plenty of compatible apps. That availability comes in handy for travelers, since people are usually on a time limit when they’re going somewhere and it helps to multitask. Android Nougat allows Samsung’s competition to offer a split-screen feature of its own, but you can count on the Galaxy S7 still to have the best version around.

Private Mode Keeps Your Sensitive Data Safe

Need to keep some of your apps, photos, music, and other files private? You can find an app for those uses. However, you don’t need an app when you get a Galaxy S7; Private Mode is a built-in feature

When you enable Private Mode, you can set a password, passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to turn the phone on and off. When it’s off, all the files, photos, and apps you select will become invisible. This feature is useful when you’re on a business trip and you want to show someone your information while keeping the person out of your private life.

IP68 Rating Prevents Smartphone Tragedies!

best smartphone for travel samsung

Per the International Protection Code (also called the Ingress Protection Code), the Galaxy S7 has a solid protection rating of 6 and a liquid protection rating of 8. The 6 means that nothing solid, not even dust, can make its way past the case to reach the sensitive electronics inside.

The 8 is more impressive: you can put the phone in a tank with more than one meter of water above it and the phone will still work when you fish it out more than 30 minutes later.

While you still shouldn’t take it scuba diving without a waterproof case, the Galaxy S7 can survive harsh traveling conditions that would damage or break other smartphones.

Keep More of Your Travel Budget for Travelling

Smartphone manufacturers have adopted the same business model as car manufacturers: come out with a new model every year, make a few small changes, and encourage consumers to keep trading in for the latest model.

Not surprisingly, the used phone market is shaping up the same way.

Even major carrier-retailers such as T-Mobile are offering used Galaxy S7 phones in the same ways that new car dealerships offer used vehicles they get as trade-ins. Not only do you get a good signal, especially when you connect with T-Mobile’s fastest nationwide network, but you also get a good bargain and save money that you can spend on other travel expenses.

Whether you’re upgrading from an older Android device or switching from the competition, you won’t be sorry when you get a Samsung Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 has plenty of features that make it useful at home and also make it the best smartphone for travel.

Are you looking for the best smartphone for travel? Travellers need a phone that is durable, functional and totally budget friendly. Here's why the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be the best!

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