I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Trans Canada Trail

By Jane Mountain | April 17, 2015

Today was the deadline for applications for the Woods Dream Job, and of course Stephen and I applied ages ago, but I can’t stop thinking about it.



Ever since we applied, every time I try to plan something, my thought process goes something like this:

“We should visit Haida Gwaii this summer. It would be great to do a bike and ferry trip to get up there. August will the perfect month. Oh, except that’s when we’ll be exploring the Trans Canada Trail with Woods.”

Yeah, I will be sooooo disappointed if we don’t get called for an interview.

If you aren’t Canadian, you may not know that the Trans Canada Trail will eventually link the western, eastern, southern and northern regions of Canada via a trail network of land and water routes that stretch more than 27,000 km (16,000 miles).

That’s a heck of a lot of trail mix. And band-aids. And bug spray.

The southern route starts (or ends) on Vancouver Island, weaving its way up from Victoria, through Nanaimo, and then to Departure Bay (that’s where we live!).

Local adventures are all around you.

Departure Bay, an official part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Hikers and canoeists should rest well on the ferry to the mainland, because after that, the trail wiggles and squiggles its way across mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and prairies, until you reach the very Eastern tip of Canada, in Newfoundland.


Another part of the trail veers off to the far north, where it eventually spills out into the Arctic Ocean, courtesy of the Mackenzie river (Canada’s answer to the Amazon).

One of the coolest things about the TCT is that it’s not all off in the wilderness. Parts of the route, like the one through Nanaimo, go right through the centre of town, so as a traveller you get to experience (our awesome) Canadian culture alongside the vibrant nature the whole way.

You could also stay in a hotel without even leaving the trail. Sweet.

Whether we get the Woods Dream Job (we will we will we will) or not Stephen and I will definitely make time to explore this incredible trail more.  

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