Vegan Berlin: 25 Places to Eat Vegan in Berlin for Less than €10

Our Berlin vegan guide for animal-friendly eating on a budget

vegan food in berlin

The vegan Berlin scene is amazing; there is vegan food everywhere you look! But it can be hard to find the best cheap vegan food in Berlin. So before you go, check out this vegan guide to Berlin — and don’t forget your printable map!

Back when we first visited Berlin, there weren’t that many places to eat great cheap vegan food. Since then, we have been back to Berlin about twice a year, and the vegan Berlin scene has gone totally insane, in a good way.

There are signs for vegan food wherever you look — it would be a year’s work to try all the options available. As with any food scene that gets trendy, bad apples are popping up everywhere, threatening to spoil the bunch.

We have made it our mission to find the best cheap vegan food in Berlin and taste it for you, because we’re broke but we love to eat!

We also scoured the streets/internets for nearby alternatives to our picks, in case your chosen Berlin vegan restaurant is mysteriously closed when you get there.

(This happens all the time in Berlin! Plan ahead!!)

Read on to discover all the cheapest and best vegan restaurants in Berlin that we’ve tried so far, with honest opinions about each!

Note: Many of our choices are in Kreuzberg because: a) that’s where we stay in Berlin; b) vegan Kreuzberg is awesome. If you’re coming to Berlin and want to be near the best vegan food, book a place in Kreuzberg (or Neukölln).

13 Places to Eat Berlin Vegan Food on a Budget + Nearby Alternatives

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Best Cheap Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Backbord Vegan – Vegan Street Food

Reichenbergerstr. 57, Kreuzberg

Update, December 2018 Looks like Backbord has now closed. Too bad!

fries vegan meat from backbord vegan

Take your food from Backbord down to the canal for a picnic!

If you’ve been dying to try Berlin-style street food but can’t because it all involves large hunks of meat, then get yourself to Backbord Vegan. They serve curry wurst, shish kebab, schnitzel and more – all 100% vegan. The eatery has a few picnic tables outside and that’s it. We recommend going on a sunny day and taking your food down to Landwehrkanal.

Price for a vegan meal:
A plate of schnitzel, croquettes, gravy, and salad: €8.50

Yellow Sunshine at Wiener Str. 19, is an old-school vegetarian burger bar beloved by locals and veg-curious tourists alike. They have all the vegan options you could want.

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H&D Chay – Vegan Vietnamese

Hobrechtstr. 11, Neukölln

vietnamese vegan food in Berlin

H&D Chay is a must-visit if you love vegan Vietnamese food!

It seems like all my friends have been raving about this place for years, but I only got to visit for the first time this month! They serve all-vegan Vietnamese food (though some of the dishes weren’t familiar from our travels in Vietnam). Until recently, they had honey and milk on the menu, but it has now been replaced by agave and soy milk – hooray!

It is just as good as everyone says, though some menu items look better than other. Our favourite toppings are the vegan chicken and the vegan duck. Some people love the black tofu but to be honest, I found it kind of weird. Anyway, go and eat and try it for yourself.

Did you know? Chay is the Vietnamese word for vegan.

Price for a vegan meal:
Bowl of pho: €7.90
Big noodle bowl: €8.50

There’s a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant called Con Tho, on Hasenheide 16. We’ve never been there so let us know if you check it out.

Check the latest reviews and opening hours for H&D Chay →

vegan in vietnam luxury tour

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10 days, 25 March–3 April, 2020

If you want to sample the best of Vietnam — both the food and the culture — without struggling to eat well as a vegan, this Vegan North & Central Vietnam tour is just right.

For 10 days you’ll explore Vietnam, visiting the most famous sights, like Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Hoi An. You’ll also get to experience animal-friendly activities, like visiting Animals Asia’s Moon Bear Sanctuary, viewing rare langurs in the wild, and taking a vegan cooking class. Plus, there will be lots of other surprises along the way!

It’s all 100% vegan, too!

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Take me there →

Pêle-Mêle – Vegan Lunch, Brunch & Desserts

Innstr. 26, Geygerstrasse, Neukölln

vegan burger from Pele Mele in Berlin

After failing to eat at Sfizy (randomly closed until some day in February) and Let it Be (doesn’t open until 5pm), I found myself at Pêle-Mêle, a homey little restaurant on a side street in Neukölln. What was going to be just a back-up plan turned into one of the best Berlin vegan meals I’ve had.

The veggie-burger is a homemade green spelt patty topped with fresh, crisp veggies on a sesame bun. And it was damn tasty. After lunch, I treated myself to a slice of hazelnut chocolate cake for dessert, which was iced with a caramel-like peanut butter topping. Yum.

Did you know?
If you want vegan brunch in Berlin, Pêle-Mêle does an organic vegan gourmet brunch every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. This is a must-eat on my list for next time we’re in Berlin.

Price for a vegan meal:
Veggie burger: €6.50
Side of potato wedges: €2.50

Vegan pizza joint Sfizy is now closed, so Let It Be is officially the closest great place to eat vegan food in Berlin. They don’t open until 5pm though. You have been warned.

Check the latest reviews for Pele-Mele

Cat Tuong – Vegan Vietnamese

Kastanienallee 89, Schwedter Str., Prenzlauerberg

Cat Tuong might be our favourite Berlin restaurant. We were excited to have the chance to sample some Vietnamese delights without having to pick through our food for random bits of pork or tiny dried shrimp! The menu made us want to come back multiple times, because there was so much we wanted to try.

The crispy Banh Xeo pancake was as tasty as we remember from the market in Ha Noi and our main courses were rich and flavourful, while being completely different from each other. The best part about Cat Tuong’s meals is how they use thin slices of seitan and mushroom to recreate the delicate pieces of pork (or chicken or dog) so prevalent in Vietnamese cooking.

Price for a vegan meal:
One main dish: €9

Did you know?
Cat Tuong is a famous Vietnamese actress (but the word also means something like “Fortune”).

There are lots of vegan restaurants in this part of Berlin, so you should have no problem finding food. The closest is the vegetarian Cafe Morgenrot at Kastanienallee 85.

Check the latest reviews for Cat Tuong in Berlin

La Stella Nera – Vegan Pizza and Pasta

Leykestr. 18, Neukölln

I am so disappointed to have missed grabbing a vegan pizza at La Stella Nera on my latest trip to Berlin! File it under “must try next time” because the reviews are amazing and the pizza looks incredible.

With nearby Sfizy now closed, La Stella Nera is the best vegan pizza in Berlin. Have you eaten there? Let us know!

Price for a vegan meal:
Pasta alla bolognese: €9
Pizza with patate e funghi: €8.50

If La Stella Nera is closed, head to No58 Speiserei at Weisestr. 58. They are vegetarian but have vegan savouries and sweets. Only open for breakfast and lunch!

Check the latest reviews and opening hours for La Stella Nera

Brammibal’s Donuts – Vegan Donuts

Maybachufer 8, Kreuzberg

vegan donuts from brammibals

Die-hard donut fans will love Brammibal’s huge selection of vegan donuts.

Despite countless disappointments, we remain optimistic in our never-ending worldwide quest to find vegan donuts that are as good as the ones at Donut Friend in Los Angeles. And so, our hearts filled with anticipation, we entered Brammibal’s.

The do have a huge selection of flavours and their donuts are pretty good. Other people rave about them. But they are not nearly Donut Friend level. Like, I’d never feed them to a non-vegan friend while claiming that vegan baking is the BEST THING EVER. Our search continues.

Update: We found some incredible vegan donuts in Prague!

Price for a vegan treat:
Donuts start at €2.50 or 4 for €9

If you’re looking for a sweet fix, head over to Roka Bell Eis Cafe and Creperie, on Ohlauer Str. 27, where they have vegan ice cream and plenty of other vegan options.

Check the latest reviews and opening hours for Brammibal’s →

Budget Vegetarian Restaurants with Vegan Options

Tutti Island – Vegan Falafel with Peanut Sauce

Vegan & Vegetarian
Zossener Str 17, U Gneisenaustr., Kreuzberg

On our first night in Berlin, this hole-in-the-wall falafel place caught our eye with a huge Vegan & Vegetarische sign in the window. While it’s not hard to get a vegan falafel in Berlin, it is hard to get it without having to stare at a big grilling skewer of animal.

Plus, the Tutti Island folks do things a little differently.

Namely, instead of the usual tahini, they make a spicy peanut-based sauce which adds a unique flavour to your falafel (I never knew a peanut butter falafel sandwich would be so good!).

While it’s not the best falafel I’ve ever had, Tutti’s food is fresh and tasty, perfect for a quick bite when you’re in the neighbourhood. The only non-vegan item on the menu is halloumi, a popular pita sandwich option in Berlin.

Price for a vegan meal:
Falafel Sandwich: €3,50
Falafel Plate/Teller: €6,50

Did you know? Tutti Island is an island in Sudan where the Blue Nile and the White Nile merge to form the (brownish) Nile.

The falafel and babganoush stand at Gneisenaustr. 66 does a better falafel sandwich for just €2.50, but you will also have to watch as they slice meat from one of those giant shwarma meat skewers. Not for the faint-hearted Berlin vegan. Sesam, just around the corner at Gneisenaustr. 22, is also great!

If you’re heading to Berlin, check out this complete guide to 3 days in Berlin

Momos – Vegan Dumplings from Nepal

Vegan & Vegetarian
Chausseestraße 2, Mitte

vegan momos in berlin

Photo via Momo.

This tiny lunch spot is hidden away on a residential street. It’s popular with office workers on their lunch break, so expect the tables to be busy if you go between noon and 1:30pm. Inspired by a trip they took to Nepal, Marc and Martin serve plates of small dumplings called momos. Veggie-friendly adventurers, our favourite kind of people!

The dumplings come in six flavours (2 veggie, 4 vegan) with a choice of three dips and three plate sizes. The piping hot little pockets were tasty and filling; a medium plate of 14 momos made a terrific lunch.

Price for a vegan meal:
Plate of 14 fried momos with dip: €6.90

Did you know? If you like tall, fit German men with friendly smiles, you will want to visit Momo. Trust me.

Nearby: Cold-pressed juices, healthy shakes, and vegan salads are on offer at Daluma, Weinbergsweg 3.

Check the latest reviews for Momos in Berlin

Glück To Go – Vegan Burgers & Fries

Vegan & Vegetarian
Friesenstr. 26, U Gneisenaustr., Kreuzberg

vegan burgers from Gluck To Go

Photo via Glück To Go.

This burger imbiss is one of our favourite quick Berlin vegan meals (partly because we always stay just around the corner). Glück To Go focusses on fresh, organic, and healthy food — in the form of burgers and fries! A winning combo in my book.

They serve a tasty homemade burger patty on a light spelt sesame bun with an interesting array of toppings like beetroot carpaccio and Dubai chutney. They have vegan cheese and vegan mayo, but they also serve the animal version of these items, so make sure you order the vegan option.

Price for a vegan meal:
Vital Burger with a side of Flying Fries: €7,70

Did you know? Glück (or Glueck) means “luck” or “happiness” in German.

Upstairs inside the Marheineke Markthalle, Goodies serves breakfast, lunch, and various vegan sweets.

Check the latest reviews of Glück To Go

Tianfuzius – Vegan Chinese Food

Vegan & Vegetarian
Regensburger Str. 1, U Viktoria-Luise-Platz, Schöneberg

vegan chinese food in Berlin

There was a time, about three months into our cycling trip through China, that I thought I would never be able to eat Chinese food again. That time has passed, so I was excited to find out about Tianfuzius, a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Berlin’s upmarket Schöneberg neighborhood. Tianfuzius is decked out to impress the well-to-do locals, with a modern, chic take on an ancient Chinese villa. You could easily spend €50 per person on a splash-out meal here.

But, just like the upscale vegetarian restaurants in China, the dim sum section of the menu offers affordable filling options on a budget. They have a range of dumplings including Xiao Long Bao, Bao Zi, and Jiao Zi for less than €5 a plate.

While my order of Bao didn’t compare to the fluffy cloud-like buns of perfection that came from street vendors in remote villages in China, they were pretty good. At least I could be sure I wasn’t going to bite into a bun full of pig!

If you want to splurge, come and try the Mapo Tofu and Green Beans with Mountains of Chilis (my name for them) that we so fondly remember from our time in China.

Did you know? Tianfuzius also offers a lunch box special (Japanese Bento style) for less than €10.

Price for a vegan meal:
Soup plus an order of dumplings: €9

It’s a bit of a trek, but Chay Village on Eisenacher Str. 40 does veggie and vegan Vietnamese food and is the closest good option in the area.

Check the latest reviews for Tianfuzius

Omnivore Restaurants with Vegan Options

Chaparro – Vegan Mexican Food

Vegan Options, Serves Meat
Wienerstr. 14A, U Görlitzer Bahnhof, Kreuzberg

Chaparro vegan tacos Berlin

After reading outstanding reviews online, I was excited to visit Chaparro for my first real Mexican food since leaving LA in 2013. They offer three vegan fillings — chorizo, nopales, and verduras — which you can have in tacos, burritos, and tortas. Not being a fan of chorizo or nopales (cactus paddle) I went for verduras.

It was obviously the wrong choice.

The veggies they used were cauliflower and carrot, undercooked and dry, slapped on a decent corn tortilla with no sauce or any flavour. Luckily, they have a choice of three homemade salsas on the table, so I added a bit of spice to make the tacos more palatable.

Other vegans love Chaparro, so maybe I was just there on an off day? Or maybe, having lived in LA, I just have high expectations of Mexican food? Let us know if you’ve tried Chaparro and had a better experience. Not my top choice for vegan Berlin!

Price for a vegan meal:
Vegan Burrito: €5,90 to €6,50
3 Vegan Tacos: €5 to €5,50

Did you know? Chef and owner of Chaparro, Raul Arraiga comes from Mexico City.

Nearby: Yellow Sunshine is very close by, as is Backbord Vegan.

Check the latest reviews for Chaparro

Fratelli la Bionda – Vegan Pizza

Vegan Options (if you ask), Serves Meat
Bergmannstr. 31, Kreuzberg

We used to have Il Casolare on this list but after one-too-many encounters with ultra-rude staff, we’ve finally had enough. Plus, we’ve found a better place for authentic Italian pizza where they don’t sneer at you for ordering it “Ohne Käse” (without cheese).

The pizza at la Bionda is killer and the staff are super-friendly. This is our new favourite omnivorous joint for vegan pizza in Berlin.

Price for a vegan meal:
Margherita pizza: €9
Veggie pizza with no cheese: €12

There’s a vegetarian India place with a huge vegan selection at Bergmannstr. 27 called Veggie & Vega. We haven’t had a chance to eat there yet but the dosas look dope and the reviews are great.

Check the latest reviews for Fratelli la Bionda

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Sushi Cube – Vegan Sushi

Vegan Options, Serves Fish
Zossener Str. 18, U Gneisenaustr., Kreuzberg

Packed out pretty much every time I’ve been there, Sushi Cube won’t win any awards for swift service or relaxed dining. But, it does have an amazing selection of veggie and vegan sushi on the menu at a terrific price. We go here ever single time we are in Berlin, it’s that great.

We found it impossible to ask our busy waitress for a glass of water, let alone to find out if the tempura batter has eggs in it, so ask before you order. If it does, there are lots of options that don’t involve any batter at all.

Did you know? In summer, you can enjoy your sushi out on the sidewalk tables — oh so European.

Price for a vegan meal:
Two filling sushi rolls: around €8

Nearby: Planet Veganus is a small vegan bistro just around the corner on Schenkendorfstr. 1.

Check the latest reviews for Sushi Cube in Berlin

Bonus Listing: Vegan Supermarket in Berlin

Veganz – Vegan Shop

Locations in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg

berlin vegan grocery store

Here’s Stephen getting very excited by an entire store filled with vegan food!

As proof that Berlin has been possessed by vegan insanity (hooray), there is a chain of vegan supermarkets in Berlin. Yes, you heard that right. A CHAIN of VEGAN supermarkets!! Anyway, they sell every vegan product you’ve ever heard of but can’t get in your town back home. So if you need vegan groceries, Veganz is your one-stop vegan shop in Berlin!

While there is a minor snobbery among Berlin’s vegan populace about vegan “products” (yes, yes, we should all eat raw beans and kale the whole time) for travellers with access to a kitchen, Veganz is tha bomb! Combine some of their non-meat products with a plate full of veggies from the Turkish market and you have a tasty, nutritious vegan meal for well under €10.

Find locations for Veganz in Berlin

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  Happy adventures (in vegan Berlin), Stephen & Jane

Berlin's vegan scene is amazing because there is vegan food everywhere you look! But, it can be hard to find the best cheap vegan food in Berlin. So before you go grab our vegan guide to Berlin (and don't forget your printable map)!

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  3. Comment by Aisha

    Aisha May 14, 2018 at 2:39 am

    Next time try the Amazing Ataya in Plb.
    Great Afro-Italian food!

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane May 14, 2018 at 3:34 am

      Great tip Aisha. We don’t get up that way very often, so haven’t had a chance to explore the vegan food to any extent. I think we’d need a whole new post for Prenzlauerberg vegan restaurants!

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  7. Comment by Sam | Alternative Travelers

    Sam | Alternative Travelers January 17, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Omg!!! This post is sooo amazing!! I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones out there that always look for **budget** vegan food while traveling. A lot of vegan travel guides to places always list the fancy high end ones that we just can’t afford, nor are super interested in eating at!! This guide is seriously great, I love how you structured it with the nearby options. I was super excited to try Chaporro as I’ve been missing some good vegan Mexican food since moving to Spain, but now I’m not so sure! Maybe I’ll go for their $1 taco wednesdays to just have a taste. Headed to Berlin for a week in February and so so excited to try a lot of these places. Thanks again!

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane January 23, 2017 at 9:18 am

      Hey Sam,
      You’re welcome. It was hard work to eat all that food but somebody has to do it. We don’t like the fancy schmancy places either. They are almost always disappointing. If you get to Chaparro, please let us know what you think. I may have just visited on a bad day.


    • Comment by Jane

      Jane January 23, 2017 at 9:19 am

      Hey Maria,
      Yes, how could I have forgotten Yellow Sunshine. We have eaten there a few times – very good place to grab a quick budget burger!


  8. Comment by AB

    AB March 7, 2016 at 1:45 am

    My suggestion is
    Amazing food

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane March 7, 2016 at 2:06 am

      Yes, I really wanted to try that while I was in town! Next time.

  9. Comment by Julia

    Julia March 7, 2016 at 1:24 am

    There are three other low places where you could try vegan food next time in Berlin.

    1. Sala ) it’s a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant in Charlottenburg which is mainly vegan. There are only two non-vegan dishes on the menue (containing egg).

    2. Nil ) a tiny Sudanese place that serves meat but offers also great budget vegan food.

    3. If you are interested in doing an excursion to Potsdam you will find there a family friendly vegan café called Madia (

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane March 7, 2016 at 1:42 am

      Thanks Julia! I’ve never heard of any of these and we will be back in Berlin in April, so your suggestions will come in handy then!

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