Vegan Canggu: Your Guide to the Best Plant-Based Meals in Canggu, Bali

From gado gado to avocados... we share the best animal-friendly food in Canggu

canggu cafes

Here’s your guide to vegan Canggu, including where to eat, what to watch our for, and our favourite meals. Read on to skip the worst and find the best animal-friendly eats in Canggu, Bali.

Bali is well known for being a vegan paradise. While “paradise” might be pushing it just a little, there are plenty of great places for vegans to eat in Bali.

Ubud is especially rich in vegan options, but Canggu is starting to come into its own as a healthy hippie hangout. This former fishing village on the southern shores of Bali has plenty to offer for animal-friendly foodies!

Surfers come for the waves, yogis come for the great yoga spaces, and others just come for the low-key vibes.

Of course, we mostly came for the Canggu vegan food!

Lucky for us vegans, Canggu cafes and restaurants have been quick to jump on the plant-based bandwagon, so we had a wide choice.

We sampled all the Canggu vegan food we could handle and have picked out our favourites for you!

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Now read on to get a taste of the…

The Best Restaurants for Vegans in Canggu

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Beware the 5-star reviews

Maybe it’s because everyone is high on sunshine and good times, but I found that in Canggu, you really can’t trust the restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor. It seems as though every cafe has a 4.5- or 5-star rating and people ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL the food.

So many reviewers say they had the “best pizza of my life” in Canggu, that you gotta wonder what they’re putting in the water down there!

Though I wish that all the Canggu restaurants were 5-star, it’s sadly not the case.

In reality, there is some good food in Canggu, there is plenty of bad food, and there are one or two great cafes and restaurants.

Learn the Local Food Lingo

When you first get to Canggu, you might encounter a few strange words on signs and menus. It’s also helpful to have a little vocabulary in Bahasa if you plan to eat anywhere small or local.

Learn these words before you go.

Warung. A small family-run business, often a restaurant. In touristy areas, if you see a warung, it’s usually a small restaurant where you’ll find Indonesian food.

Padang. The word padang usually refers to food that’s prepared once per day and served out of a display case. You order padang by pointing to what you want inside the case. In Canggu, most of the padang places have plenty of vegan options.

Tempeh. Indonesian in origin, but now available all over the world, tempeh is a compressed and lightly fermented soybean cake. It’s like tofu but firmer, meatier and contains whole soybeans. It is traditionally a primary source of protein for Indonesians, though our middle-class Indonesian friends now just eat meat.

canggu cafes

Tempeh is one of our favourite foods, and it comes from Indonesia!

Gado Gado. A naturally vegetarian dish which usually includes steamed veggies, tempeh, tofu, and a hardboiled egg, all placed atop a delicious peanut sauce. Can easily be made vegan by just leaving out the egg.

Tidak Telur. Means “no egg” in Bahasa. Useful if you’re ordering gado gado or nasi goreng in an out-of-the-way place. Or maybe you just want to wow the locals with your amazing grasp of the language!

Tidak Sedotan. Means “no straw” in Bahasa. While many Canggu cafes and restaurants have switched to paper or bamboo straws, many still serve plastic straws. Say “tidak sedotan” when you order your drink!

canggu cafes

Almost all the places on this list serve drinks with paper straws or bamboo straws.

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Omnivore Indonesia Restaurants in Canggu with Vegan Options


Ominvore warung at Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.96A, Canggu
Now open in Ubud, too

canggu cafes

The gado gado at Ithaka was exceptional. Best we’ve ever had.

canggu cafes

The White Bowl for breakfast was so amazing!

canggu cafes

Stephen loved the veggie fritters at Ithaka Warung.

Our fav Canggu restaurant! Eat here! Ithaka is casual warung that serves Indonesian food with a Western twist.

The fresh and flavourful food is a cut above most of the other restaurants in town. Every dish is made to order, rather than sitting in a display cabinet like so many other cafes in Canggu. The portions are bigger than you’ll get almost anywhere else in Canggu, too — at the same or cheaper prices.

We ate here almost every day we were in Canggu and brought expat friends here to join in the experience. They loved it, too!

They serve meat but also have a generous selection of dishes that are vegan or can be made vegan. Everything is marked clearly on the menu.

They also participate in Refill Bali, so you can bring your reusable water bottle to get refilled here.

If you’re going for dinner, either get there early or make a reservation. They were packed out each evening we were in town.

We ate: Almost everything vegan on the menu including:

  • The best Gado Gado we’ve had in Indonesia
  • Stephen loved the vegetable fritters that come with the Indonesian Love
  • I devoured the White Bowl, the best breakfast smoothie bowl I had in Bali

Note: It’s Ithaka’s fault that we didn’t include more restaurant reviews in this post. Why go somewhere else when the food is so damn good here?!?

Warung Varuna

Omnivore padang at Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.89x, Canggu

We were reasonably happy with the big plates of padang we had at Warung Varuna. Judging by the length of the queue here every evening, other travellers like it too. You can either order a plate of food by choosing pre-made items inside their display case, or get something freshly prepared from the menu.

They had a great selection of Indonesian tempeh, tofu, and veggies which were super budget compared to elsewhere in Canggu. The food was a little oily and heavy though, so we didn’t go back after our first visit there.

Get there early to avoid long lines.

We ate: Tempeh, tofu, and veggies from the case, freshly made gado gado which was good but not great.

Kantin Madame

Omnivore padang at Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.1, Canggu

canggu cafes

Kantin Madam has cute decorations and very fresh padang with lots of vegan options.

Another Indonesian warung, this Canggu cafe has an attractive array of dishes on display. Even though we were the only customers at lunch time, we chose to eat at Kantin Madame because it was clean, stylish, and most importantly, the dishes were fly-free!

Also, we were really really hungry.

The food was typical padang food but a little fresher and less oily than much of the pre-prepared food we’ve had in Indonesia.

We ate: Assorted padang, including tempeh, tofu, pumpkin and other veggies.

Omnivore Western Restaurants in Canggu with Vegan Options

Taco Casa

Omnivore Mexican at Jl. Batu Mejan, Canggu
Also has locations in Ubud & Seminyak

canggu cafes

The burritos at Taco Casa are surprisingly good.

We’re not sure what possessed us to go to a Mexican restaurant in Canggu — usually Mexican food outside the Americas is terrible! Taco Casa surprised us by delivering pretty decent Mexican-American food!

They have several vegan options, including burritos and tacos filled with pinto beans or black beans, rice and veggies. They even make their own tasty hot sauce and good guacamole.

With a big air-conditioned restaurant, this might be a good choice if you happen to get some super-hot weather in Canggu.

We ate: Vegan wet burritos. Not entirely authentic but pretty good for Asian Mexican!

Avocado Factory

Omnivore Western at Jl. Tanah Barak, Canggu

canggu cafes

The mushroom avocado toast at this Canggu cafe was great!

canggu cafes

I like the Poke Bowl, but it wasn’t my favourite thing on the menu.

canggu cafes

The avocado hummus at Avocado Factory was pretty great.

Can I tell you a secret? Stephen has been conducting a love-affair with avocados for at least a decade!

While Asian avocados tend to be watery and flavourless compared to the varieties we get in the west, Avocado Factory has managed to create a range of avocado-based dishes that satisfied Stephen’s avo-cravings.

In the morning, they have a good breakfast menu with exceptional avocado toast, plus lots of smoothies and a decent variety of fancy coffees. In the evening, they serve a tapas menu of mostly avocado-based dishes. Great for sharing!

We brought our friends from LA here and they loved it, even though amazing avocados literally grow on trees in California. The service is friendly and efficient, too — some of the best we had in Canggu.

For breakfast we ate avocado and mushroom toast – so good!

For dinner we had tapas dishes including:

  • Poke bowl — good but a little bland
  • Avocado burger — really a tasty sandwich with fresh avocado inside
  • Guacamole and chips — yay!
  • Avocado hummus — a wonderful dip with fresh pit bread

Crate Cafe

Western cafe at Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong, Canggu

canggu cafes

The Root Salad was good but not that exciting.

canggu cafes

The vegan burger at Crate Cafe looks much better than it tasted.

This trendy AF Canggu cafe was packed every time we went by, so we finally decided we’d better try it.

The vegan options on the wall-mounted menu at Crate Cafe aren’t marked in any way, so it was pretty hard to find them among the dozens of non-vegan dishes. Especially since there are only a couple of vegan mains and a few options of vegan smoothies and breakfast bowls on a rather large menu.

If you’re vegetarian or omnivore, this is probably a fantastic place to eat – their poached eggs on toast looked exceptionally delicious and the smoothies look fabulous.

For vegans at Crate Cafe, the options are limited and not great.

It is an entertaining place for people-watching and eavesdropping on hilarious tourist conversations though!

We ate:

  • Stoner Burger, which Stephen described as “baby food in a bun”
  • Root Salad, which is an OK combo of cooked greens, mushrooms and other veggies. Not that exciting but perfect if you’re feeling low on iron.

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Canggu

Samadi Bali

Organic vegetarian cafe at Jalan Padang Linjong No. 39, Canggu

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to eat at Samadi’s outdoor cafe while we were in Canggu, but we did stop by to take a peek at their space and the menu.

Their all-vegetarian menu looks absolutely great! It includes a huge range of western breakfast options, including a vegan tempeh scramble and vegan pancakes. For lunch and dinner, they offer tasty soups, bowls, and lots of Indian-inspired dishes.

Their garden is a tranquil (and somehow magically cool even on a hot day) space to get away from the dizzying traffic in other parts of Canggu.

Next time we’re in the area we’ll definitely stop in for a meal at Samadi. Let us know if you eat there!

Living Kitchen Bali

All vegan healthy food at Jl. Nelayan No.77x, Canggu

canggu cafes

Unfortunately, we weren’t thrilled by the food at Living Kitchen.

A well designed space on an out-of-the-way side road, Living Kitchen was totally empty when we went for dinner.

The food leaned a little too far to the healthy side for our palates, lacking oil, salt, and other delights which make food taste good. In short, it was fresh and healthy, but a little bland.

We ate:

  • Laksa — OK, but almost entirely flavourless
  • Buddha Bowl — didn’t come with any dressing, meaning it was just a plate of plain brown rice and veggies.

Peleton Supershop

Vegan cafe at Jl. Pantai Berawa No.46, Tibubeneng

Since we were staying on the other side of Canggu, and we’re like, the only people in the world who don’t know how to drive a scooter, we missed Peleton Supershop.

Of course, we would have ridden bicycles there but we couldn’t find any to rent in our area of Canggu!

It’s really too bad since this vintage bike shop and vegan restaurant seems to have been designed just for us.

They have an all-vegan selection of Western cafe food, like big salad bowls, burgers, pastas, and a few Mexican dishes, too. Plus, they serve mostly organic and local produce, say “no” to palm oil, and avoid plastic!

It might just be the best vegan cafe in Canggu.

Now I feel like we really missed out! Let us know if you go there. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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I hope this somewhat opinionated guide to vegan Canggu cafes and restaurants helps you find the absolute best meals in the area! Let us know if you ate somewhere you loved (or hated) while in Canggu.

  Happy mindful adventures, Jane & Stephen

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Are you looking for the best Canggu vegan food? This former fishing village on the southern shores of Bali has plenty to offer for animal friendly eaters! Read on for our opinionated guide to the best Canggu cafes and restaurants for vegans.

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