Best Canggu Vegan Food to Fill Your Belly and Feed Your Soul

From gado gado to avocados... we share the best animal-friendly food in Canggu

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Looking for amazing vegan food in Canggu? You won’t have to look far. Ever since moving here a month ago, we have been enjoying old faves and discovering new places to get plant-based delights. Read on for your guide to vegan paradise.

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For vegans, Ubud used to be the ultimate Bali destination.

But in the last couple of years, the vegan scene in Canggu has grown (and some might say surpassed) Ubud. We spent a month in Canggu last year and now we live here — but we are still discovering new vegan delights almost every day!

In this guide, we recommend our favourite Canggu vegan restaurants — the ones you must not miss — and guide you through the many other options that are worth checking out.

Since the food scene here changes so fast, we also give you a few tips on finding your own favourite meals in Canggu.

Tips for Finding Vegan Food in Canggu

Before we get to our list, here are a couple of tips for navigating your way around the world of Canggu vegan food.

Finding Your Way Around Canggu

There are two sides to Canggu, divided by a “river” that runs between them and out to the ocean.

The section to the north is centred around Batu Bolong Street and is the area you’ll see highlighted if you search for Canggu on Google Maps. The section to the south is technically called Berawa, but it also counts as Canggu to most people.

The connecting road between these two sides is known as the Canggu short cut.

Though this narrow path across some rice fields was originally created for scooters, it wasn’t long before cars started driving across it too. This means that it’s usually rammed with traffic and pretty unpleasant to drive across, even if you’re confident on a scooter. We often see people walking it, which looks like a terrible experience.

The point being that, whichever side you choose to stay on is the side you will probably remain on for most of your visit. There are plenty of vegan restaurants on both sides of the cut off.

We’ve labelled each of our picks as either “Berawa” or “Batu Bolong” so you can choose where to stay based on the restaurants you want to visit!

Beware the 5-Star Reviews

Maybe it’s because everyone is high on sunshine and good times, but I’ve found that in Bali, you really can’t trust the restaurant reviews online. It seems as though every cafe has a 4.5– or 5–star rating and people absolutely LOVE all the food.

So many reviewers say they had the “best pizza in the world” in Canggu, that you gotta wonder what they’re putting in the water down here!

Though I wish that all the Canggu restaurants were 5-star, it’s sadly not the case. In reality, there is some good food in Canggu, there is plenty of bad food, and there are a few extraordinary cafes and restaurants.

So, to find the best eats and treats in Canggu, read on for our guide to the…

Best Canggu Vegan Restaurants

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Our 3 Favourite Canggu Vegan Restaurants

Manggis in Canggu

99% vegan (with a couple of veggie add-ons), Berawa

vegan tofu benedict
There are plenty of tofu benny’s available in Canggu, but the one at Manggis is far and away the best. Don’t miss it!

We love every little thing about Manggis in Canggu. The setting, an open-air garden with comfortable (and beautiful) wooden tables, is perfect. The staff are genuinely friendly and super efficient. The owners make a point of meeting their customers, recommending their menu favourites, and making sure everything is perfect.

And then there’s the food. We have worked our way through almost all of the mains on the menu and many of the desserts, too! I can’t think of a single item that was below par or disappointing in any way. If you only have one meal in Canggu, this is the place to eat it.

Don’t miss: As much as we love everything we’ve eaten at Manggis, there are a few items we keep ordering again and again.

  • Spicy Bakso Laksa – A creamy, spicy curry heaped with rice noodles and stuffed tofu. So great!
  • Tofu Hollandaise – Two pieces of perfectly crispy toast piled high with veggies, tofu, and creamy vegan Hollandaise. Perfect breakfast or brunch.
  • Nasi Campur – A traditional Indonesia mixed plate of red rice, tempeh, tofu, greens and a crispy peanut rice cracker.
  • Pumpkin Cobbler – More like a pumpkin cake served with coconut ice cream, this dessert is to die for!

Peloton Supershop

All vegan bicycle-themed cafe, Berawa

spread of food at peleton
Whether you go sweet or savoury, breakfast at Peloton Supershop is always satisfying.

The food at Peloton Supershop is consistently delicious and the staff are always super welcoming. Even at busy times, the service is speedy, attentive, and efficient. The space is bright and airy, with no air con but powerful fans to keep things cool.

It’s spacious enough that it never seems to be overcrowded, even when it’s full. However, the music and chatter from other tables can get annoyingly loud!

smoothie bowl with dragon fruit and granola
There are about 1,000 places to eat smoothie bowls in Bali but one of my favourites is this tasty treat from Peloton Supershop.

Peloton offers the usual assortment of smoothie bowls, burgers, salads and other Western favourites – but 100% vegan and 100% delicious.

Our faves: We love the Tricken Parmy, a breaded mock chicken cutlet served over mashed potatoes, and the Tricken Burger, the same cutlet in burger form.

Sadly, Peloton’s fries and sweet potato fries, which come with the burger, are often disappointing, so get the salad instead! Peloton also serves my favourite smoothie bowls in Canggu and their assortment of breakfast toasts are delicious, too.

Plant Cartel

All vegan fast food, Batu Bolong

nacho plate with guacamole
Plant Cartel does comfort food so well. Look at this loaded 100% vegan nacho plate. Tummy rumbles anyone?

If there’s one thing the Bali vegan scene had been missing, it was a place to get delicious vegan comfort food. Smoothie bowls and salads are great, but sometimes you just want to chow down on a juicy burger and a plate of fries.

This is where cool new kid on the block Plant Cartel comes in. The decor is 60s diner chic and the upstairs booths are the perfect place to people-watch as you stuff your face.

Plant Cartel serves up an assortment of burgers, tacos, fries, onion rings, and nachos, all vegan, all delicious. Everything is made in house (including all of their vegan meats), so it’s fresh, flavourful, and maybe even healthy?

plant cartel vegan chicken burger
Plant Cartel has some of the best burgers in Canggu. We really can’t decide which one is our favourite.

Don’t miss: All the burgers are great. The fries and onion rings are perfect diner fare. We also love the cauliflower tacos. The friends we brought here liked the nachos so much they ordered a second helping before they’d even finished the first.

More Great Canggu Vegan Restaurants

Secret Spot

All vegan cafe with 2 locations, Berawa & Batu Bolong

vegan breakfast sandwich from secret spot
Secret Spot is one of our go-to places for breakfast and lunch. They also have a stacked line-up of vegan desserts.

Secret Spot is so secret that we didn’t discover it until our 4th visit to Canggu! Now we go back to the Berawa location every few days because there’s nothing not to love here. The staff are super friendly and genuine, always ready with a smile and a warm greeting when we get there.

The menu is mostly Western, featuring smoothie bowls, wraps, burgers, bowls, waffles and more. They also have a packed dessert case, with pillowy cinnamon buns, dense tasty cakes, and an assortment of other sweets.

We almost put Secret Spot in our top 3 but it got edged out because at busy times, the service can be hit or miss. The Berawa location is also too small to fit all the people who want to eat there.

And for some reason, people feel it’s appropriate to sit and linger for hours over a single coffee, even if all of the tables are full. So irritating!

fish burger from secret spot
If you secretly dream of the days when you ate fish, try Secret Spot’s fish burger, a breaded filet of tofu topped with vegan dill yogurt.

Don’t miss: Though we’ve only been coming here for a few weeks, we’ve already picked a few menu favourites.

  • Southwest Chickens – A fresh and tasty bowl of southwest salad fixings like corn and avocado with two big chunks of marinaded deep-fried tofu.
  • Meat-Lovers Wrap – A crispy wrap packed with chewy seitan and cucumber.
  • Chocolate Cake – A rich, fluffy cake with secret bananas hidden inside!

Living Food Lab

All vegan restaurant with co-working space, Berawa

chocolate smoothie bowl
We love Living Food Lab’s chocolate smoothie bowl for breakfast. A work of art, both visually and flavour-ly.

Another of our favourites in Berawa, Living Food Lab was also a contender for a top 3 spot.

The airy main floor at Living Food Lab is a welcome respite from the hot streets of Canggu. It’s the perfect place to come if you want to linger over your meal or get a bit of work done.

Their menu features a range of Indonesia favourites, plus lots of Western salads, sandwiches, pancakes, smoothie bowls, granola, and a glass dessert case that will make you drool. Prices are a little lower here than many of Canggu’s vegan restaurants, too.

Our faves: Nasi Goreng — not oily and comes with a generous serving of tempeh and tofu to make a light but filling lunch. Gado Gado – a little saucier than most, this one is packed full of crispy steamed veggies. Order with a side of red rice and it’s enough for two. Watermelon Lime Mint Juice – so refreshing and can be ordered by the glass or the bottle.

i am vegan babe.

All vegan breakfast & lunch spot, Batu Bolong

vegan chicken and waffles
While I was thrilled to get vegan chicken and waffles in Canggu, I was a little disappointed in the flavour. I’ll have to go back to i am vegan babe to explore their menu more fully.

This spacious, trendy cafe seems to attract the kind of beautiful people who must be surf instructors by day and Instagram influencers by night. Every customer seems to have a healthy natural glow, perfectly wind-tousled hair, and casual, camera-ready clothing.

Yes, I did feel a little out of place!

The menu at i am vegan babe offers a familiar range of tacos, burritos, sandwiches, and the ubiquitous smoothie and savoury bowls. I was excited to see chicken and waffles on their fabulous Instagram feed, so I had big expectations.

The waffles were light and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, just the texture a waffle should be. However, they also tasted a bit too much like baking soda and should have been a bit sweeter.

The not-chicken was coated in a KFC-style batter. Perfectly crunchy but unfortunately it did not include the colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. Inside was just a flavourless tofu-type substance, so the whole thing was a little bland.

So far we’ve only eaten here once but I think there’s lots of potential here. I’ll report back next time we visit.

Falafel Temple

All vegan middle-eastern, Berawa

falafel mezze plate
If you’re craving authentic Middle Eastern food, head over to Falafel Temple in Berawa, Canggu.

If you’re craving an authentic taste of the Middle East in Canggu, Falafel Temple is your answer.

They serve falafel sandwiches in pita bread or mezze plates packed with all our Middle Eastern faves. We’ve eaten here often enough that we’ve tried almost all the mezzes — our favourites are the baba ganoush and the tabouleh. The falafels are light and crispy and come in plain or spicy harissa flavour.

It’s not quite as good as our favourite falafel place in Hamburg, but it’s close!

Amami Canggu

Vegan Italian, Berawa

vegan tiramisu from amami in canggu
While we don’t love everything at Amami, we were pretty impressed with the creamy light texture of their tiramisu.

We so want to love Amami. We absolutely adore Italian food and the idea an all-vegan pasta and pizza place sets our hearts alight. Unfortunately, despite the ample rave reviews on TripAdvisor, after a few visits, we just can’t find the love.

(It’s certainly not better than Italian food from Italy, as some reviewers claim. C’mon people!)

The carbonara is thick and creamy, mixed with tempeh that tastes a bit like bacon. It’s also heavy on the almond flavour and too rich for my taste.

Spaghetti with meatballs is probably the best thing we’ve had here, though the tomato sauce is overly sweet. Other dishes we’ve had here are similar – OK but lacking that authentic Italian non so che.

Pet peeve alert: The final nail in the coffin for us was that, when I asked for a second glass of water after ordering dinner, I was told that it’s one glass per customer as a “welcome drink”. I would have to buy a bottle of water if I wanted more.

Depending where you’re from, this might not seem unusual. But in Bali, it’s common to serve a bottle of filtered water with the meal and many Bali restaurants even let you refill your reusable bottle to take away. This is an effort to reduce waste on the island. Not a big fan of the opposite policy where you force people to create waste if they want a glass of water!

Vegetarian Restaurants in Canggu

Samadi Bali

Organic vegetarian cafe at a yoga studio, Batu Bolong

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For some reason I cannot explain, we still have never eaten at Samadi. We did stop by to take a peek at their space and the menu.

Their all-vegetarian menu looks absolutely great!

It includes a huge range of western breakfast options, including a vegan tempeh scramble and vegan pancakes. For lunch and dinner, they offer soups, bowls, and lots of Indian-inspired dishes.

Their garden is a tranquil (and somehow magically cool even on a hot day) space to get away from the dizzying traffic in other parts of Canggu.

This is a note to myself to get over to Samadi soon!

The Shady Shack

Popular vegetarian outdoor cafe, Batu Bolong

Like most of the popular restaurants in Canggu, The Shady Shack serves a selection of bowls, burgers, and breakfasts. They also have a tempting array of vegan, gluten free, and/or raw desserts. The tables are all outside in a big garden across the road from empty rice fields, so a lovely spot to eat.

We don’t go there often, and when we do, we are always surprised by how good the food is.

Some of our favourite options are the jackfruit gyro, which is a big saucy burger that comes with a side of tiny roasted potatoes. The cheeseburger is made from a walnut patty and comes with vegan cheese which melts and tastes cheesy.

I also like the lasagna, which doesn’t contain any noodles — it’s just a pile of roasted veggies in tomato sauce. Perfect if you’re looking for a lighter meal or want to save room for one of the vegan sweets in their tempting dessert case.

Green Ginger Noodle House

Vegetarian Asian noodles and breakfast, Berawa

This is one of the old-school veggie restaurants in Canggu, from the same owners as The Elephant in Ubud.

The Green Ginger Noodle House menu offers a range of noodle dishes from across Asia, including Thai favourites like Pad Thai, Green Curry and Pad See Ew. There’s also Vietnamese Pho and Japanese Miso Ramen, Singapore Noodles, and Spicy Laksa. Most of the dishes are vegan or can be made vegan by removing the egg.

We ordered Pad Thai and Thai Basil Noodles. Both were a reasonable facsimiles of the same dishes we ate in Thailand but lacking some of the refinement of really great Thai cooking. Portions are huge, so if you’re a light eater you might want to take some home for breakfast like I did.

Omnivore Restaurants with Vegan Options

Vegan food in Canggu is so popular that many of the omnivore restaurants feature a vegan section or many vegan options on their menus. If you already made your way through all the vegan restaurants, or you are meeting that one guy who refuses to eat a plant-based meal, here are a few more places to try.


Small omnivore cafe for breakfast & lunch, Berawa

pumpkin salad from quince in canggu
Salads and fresh tacos are the best dishes at Quince.

A tiny but friendly cafe, Quince is a favourite with expats living in Canggu and it’s easy to see why. The owner is super friendly and always around to make sure everything is A-OK. Plus, the food is consistently delicious and a little different than what is available in most of Canggu’s cafes.

cauliflower tacos from quince
The cauliflower tacos from Quince are so fresh and tasty!

Their speciality is super-fresh salads bursting with inventive flavours but their tacos are also one of our favourites. It’s a small menu but most of the items are vegetarian and/or vegan, so it’s easy to find something tasty to fill your belly.

BB52 Burgers

Omnivore burger joint with vegan options, 2 locations, Berawa & Batu Bolong

We usually stay away from places with full-on meaty menus, but we decided to check out BB52 because of their generous helping of vegan options on the menu.

They have three vegan burgers, including two that are topped with vegan cheese. There is also a vegan chilli con carne (shouldn’t that be sin carne?) and vegan dirty fries, topped with spicy jackfruit and vegan yoghurt.

Finally, they have a very appealing cocktail happy hour, with 2 for 1 cocktails from 4–6pm every day.

Pizza Fabbrica

Classic pizza joint, Batu Bolong

There is a lot of pizza in Canggu and, if you read the reviews, you will find that many of them are “the best pizza in the world”. So far, we have sampled pizzas in five or six places, but Pizza Fabbrica really is the best — in Canggu (not the world).

The Pizza Vegane section on the menu offers five types of pizza and the option to add vegan mozzarella.

We didn’t get the mozzarella but our pizzas were delicious nonetheless. The crust is thin and crispy, while still maintaining the chewiness that pizza crust should have. It’s not quite as great as the pizzas we have eaten in Italy, but it’s pretty darn good.

Avocado Factory

Omnivore avocado-themed cafe, Batu Bolong

canggu cafes
The mushroom avocado toast at Avocado Factory is great!

Can I tell you a secret? Stephen has been conducting a love-affair with avocados for at least a decade!

While Asian avocados tend to be watery and flavourless compared to the varieties we get in the west, Avocado Factory has managed to create a range of avocado-based dishes that satisfied Stephen’s avo-cravings.

In the morning, they have a good breakfast menu with exceptional avocado toast, plus lots of smoothies and a decent variety of fancy coffees. In the evening, they serve a tapas menu of mostly avocado-based dishes. Great for sharing!

canggu cafes
I liked the Poke Bowl, but it wasn’t my favourite thing on the menu.

We brought our friends from LA here and they loved it, even though amazing avocados literally grow on trees in California. The service is friendly and efficient, too — some of the best we had in Canggu.

canggu cafes
The avocado hummus at Avocado Factory was pretty great.

For dinner we had tapas dishes including:

  • Poke bowl — Good but a little bland.
  • Avocado burger — Really a tasty sandwich with fresh avocado inside.
  • Guacamole and chips — Yay!
  • Avocado hummus — A wonderful dip with fresh pita bread.

Crate Cafe

Omnivore Western-style hipster cafe, Batu Bolong

canggu cafes
The Root Salad was good but not that exciting.

This trendy AF Canggu cafe was packed every time we went by, so we finally decided we’d better try it.

The vegan options on the wall-mounted menu at Crate Cafe aren’t marked in any way, so it was pretty hard to find them among the dozens of non-vegan dishes. Especially since there are only a couple of vegan mains and a few options of vegan smoothies and breakfast bowls on a rather large menu.

If you’re vegetarian or omnivore, this is probably a fantastic place to eat – their poached eggs on toast looked exceptionally delicious and the smoothies look fabulous.

For vegans at Crate Cafe, the options are limited and not great.

It is an entertaining place for people-watching and eavesdropping on hilarious tourist conversations though!

canggu cafes
The vegan burger at Crate Cafe looks much better than it tasted.

We ate:

  • Stoner Burger – Stephen described as “baby food in a bun”.
  • Root Salad – OK combo of cooked greens, mushrooms and other veggies. Not that exciting but perfect if you’re feeling low on iron.

Warungs in Canggu

Most warungs (small Indonesia restaurants) in Canggu are not vegan but offer a huge selection of vegan items, either from their buffet case or from an a la carte menu.

For some reason, most of the good authentic warungs are on the Batu Bolong side of Canggu. So if you plan to eat mostly Indonesia food while in Canggu, you’ll probably want to stay over there.

If you’re in Canggu in low season, be careful about eating in warungs, since the food turnover is slower and things sit in the case for longer than they should. In low season, you might be better off ordering from the menu.

Vinny’s Warung

Vegan organic, Batu Bolong

Note: If you see Vinny’s listed on Happy Cow in Berawa, it is no longer there. There is a charming new vegan cafe there called “Go Vegan”. It specialized in Indonesian-style vegan BBQ meats! Review coming soon.

We’ve only been to Vinny’s Warung a couple of times and have been pretty happy with the food here, if not totally blown away. However, we have met other vegans who say this is their favourite place to eat in Canggu, so we’ll have to try again.

They offer a selection of Indonesian vegan buffet items, plus a full menu that includes salad bowls and Indonesian favourites. They only use coconut oil for cooking and it’s all organic rice and produce, so the prices are a little higher than other similar places.

Give Cafe Bali

Vegan social enterprise warung, Batu Bolong

vegan mie goreng at give cafe
“Why did I take a picture of an egg?” I asked myself, before realizing that this is the vegan egg on the mie goreng at Give Cafe. Wow!

This no-frills warung is a social enterprise which donates 100% of its profits to the people and animals who need it most. When you pay for your food at Give Cafe, you choose which of three, usually local, charities to donate to.

Currently, they are shining a light on climate change by donating all profits to wildlife in Australia, victims of the flooding in Jakarta, or Greenpeace.

The food is basic Indonesian warung food, including Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, and Balinese Laksa. They also offer a selection of buffet-style Nasi Campur and Western breakfasts.

This is a quiet and pleasant place to stop for a meal, and you can feel good knowing that your meal helps make the world a better place.

Warung Varuna

Omnivore padang, Batu Bolong

We were reasonably happy with the big plates of padang we had at Warung Varuna. Judging by the length of the queue here every evening, other travellers like it too. You can either order a plate of food by choosing pre-made items inside their display case, or get something freshly prepared from the menu.

They had a great selection of Indonesian tempeh, tofu, and veggies which were super-budget compared to elsewhere in Canggu. The food was a little oily and heavy though, so we didn’t go back after our first visit there.

Get there early to avoid long lines.

We ate: Tempeh, tofu, and veggies from the case, freshly made gado gado which was good but not great.

Ithaka Warung

Ominvore warung with vegan menu options, Batu Bolong

canggu cafes

When we first came to Canggu, the selection of vegan restaurants was limited and Ithaka Warung was our favourite restaurant. We ate there multiple times in our week-long stay. However, now that so many new all-vegan places have opened, we don’t get to Ithaka much anymore.

canggu cafes

It is the perfect place to go if you have omnivore friends who want to try a casual warung that serves Indonesian food with a Western twist.

The fresh and flavourful food is a cut above most of the other warungs in town. Every dish is made to order, rather than sitting in a display cabinet. The portions are bigger than you’ll get almost anywhere else in Canggu, too — at the same or cheaper prices.

They serve meat but also have a generous selection of dishes that are vegan or can be made vegan. Everything is marked clearly on the menu.

canggu cafes

We ate:

Almost everything vegan on the menu including:

  • Some of the best Gado Gado we’ve had in Indonesia
  • Stephen loved the vegetable fritters that come with the Indonesian Love
  • I devoured the White Bowl, one of my fav smoothie bowls in Bali

Now with all the delicious all-vegan options around, we haven’t been back for a while. Since then, they’ve moved to a bigger location very close to Echo Beach. Next time we need an authentic Indonesian meal, we’ll pop in.

Warung Local

Omnivore warung with good vibes, Batu Bolong

buffet display case in canggu
The buffet at Warung Local includes meat, but there is more than enough for vegans to eat here.

A comfy and cute spot, Warung Local offers a wide selection of Indonesia food from their clean and enclosed buffet.

Though they serve plenty of meat, like most buffet places, there are lots of types of vegan food to choose from. We ate here with vegan friends and we all found the food to be tasty and not too oily – which can be a problem in some warungs. This is a great place to go for a quick, cheap, and filling lunch.

Vegan Ice Cream in Canggu

Mad Pops

All vegan ice cream shop, Batu Bolong

When you’re making your way along the busy road that is Batu Bolong, you’ll probably notice a neon sign that says:

Lick Me Till Ice Cream

That’s when you’ll want to slam on the brakes and pull in to Mad Pops, the ice cream shop with said sign, for a cone. This all-vegan ice cream shop offers a huge array of flavours of some of the creamiest vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

It’s not the only place that has vegan ice cream in Canggu, but it is the best!

A Final Note About Vegan Canggu

While this is not a complete list of the delicious vegan food to be had in Canggu, it covers the most popular places and our favourites. With new vegan restaurants popping up all the time in this booming part of Bali, I expect the scene to keep changing from moment to moment, meal to meal.

But, now that we’ve moved here, I’ll be updating this post whenever something noteworthy comes along!

I hope this somewhat opinionated guide to vegan Canggu cafes and restaurants helps you find the absolute best meals in the area! Let us know if you ate somewhere you loved (or hated) while in Canggu.

♥  Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

We’re not going to lie, it takes a LOT of work to create travel guides like this. But it’s easy to help us out! If you book or buy something using one of our personal links in this post, we’ll earn a small fee at no extra cost to you. Of course, we would never recommend anything we didn’t 100% believe in! Huge thanks in advance! –S&J

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