Family Adventure Holiday Ideas in the USA and Beyond

By Jane Mountain | November 29, 2016

family adventure holidays

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Think there’s no such thing as a family adventure holiday?

You’re not alone. Stephen and I are always meeting people who tell us they’d love to have more adventure in their lives, but they can’t—because they have kids.

Having kids is no excuse to miss out on adventures! In fact, a family adventure holiday is a great way to engage your kids and teach them about the world around you. Plus, they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even notice that they’re learning something!

Your kids will thank you for getting creative, skipping the standard beach holiday, and taking them on a real-life adventure.

Here are a few ideas for taking a family adventure holiday in the USA (and beyond).

Explore the Grand Canyon

family adventure holidays

The Grand Canyon National Park welcomes millions of visitors each year and it’s one of the world’s must-see wonders. There are so many ways to experience the Grand Canyon with your family: hike back in time as you descend into the canyon, discover exhilarating rapids and hidden waterfalls on a rafting adventure, and fly over in a helicopter.

Whatever your family travel style is, there’s something on offer in The Grand Canyon that will appeal.

The Grand Canyon is within close reach of the dazzling lights of Las Vegas and star-studded Los Angeles which means you can easily arrange to extend your holiday in one of these vibrant American cities.

Immerse Yourself in Yosemite

family adventure holidays

One of the world’s most famous national parks, Yosemite makes an ideal destination for a family adventure holiday in the USA. Hiking through the jaw-dropping scenery, picnicking under dramatic waterfalls and spotting wildlife in the undergrowth, you’ll be immersed in a natural environment like you’ve never seen before.

Yosemite’s landscapes defy imagination; you have to see them before you will believe they’re real.

Once you’re finished getting back to nature, make the short hop to San Francisco to fill up on the city’s vibrant culture and the amazing food scene.

Experience Costa Rica

family adventure holidays

Whether it’s zip-lining through the jungle, experiencing wildlife up close, or deep-sea diving, Central America’s jewel in the crown is a perfect destination for families who want a little adventure.

With more than 46 National Parks, wildlife refuges, and private reserves, Costa Rica is an ideal nature destination. The Manuel Antonio National Park is a must-visit. There you can wander through the rainforest spotting exotic animals like iguanas, toucans and sloths, all in their natural habitat. The bustling city of San Jose will satisfy your need for culture and great coffee.

If, after all that adventure, you just need a few days lounging on the beach, Costa Rica’s powder white sands are the answer.

Head there today with Trek America to enjoy all the highlights.

The USA is a vast and varied country, offering so many options for the perfect family adventure holiday. White-water raft one day and ride the famous San Francisco trolleys the next, or hike under the awesome peaks of Yosemite and then hang out with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

Whatever your flavour of family holiday, Trek America can help you live your adventure.

Lead photo by HylgeriaK via Wikimedia Commons. Grand Canyon photo by John Fowler via Wikimedia Commons. Costa Rica photo by Arturo Sotillo.

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