15 of the Best Gili Islands Hotels That Will Make Your Trip Amazing

A Mindful Travel Guide to Gili Island hotels, hostels, villas & resorts

gili islands hotels

Finding best Gili Islands hotels is not easy — there are so many to choose from! If you’d rather not spend the next 3 hours scouring Booking.com, try one of our picks of the best places to stay on the Gili Islands, from the ultra budget to the uber luxurious.

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There is a dizzying selection of Gili Islands accommodation available. You can find Gili Islands hostels starting from around $12 per night. For the mid-price traveller, there are plenty of bungalows and villas between $25 and $80 per night. If you want to splurge, go for one of the luxurious Gili Islands resorts that will set you back hundreds of dollars per night.

Because we booked last minute during high season, our hotels in the Gili Islands left a lot to be desired. We stayed in a few OK places but none of them were good enough value for us to recommend.

So we’ve done the research and put together our wish list of Gili Islands hotels. These are the places we’ll stay next time (budget permitting).

This is part two of our Mindful Travel Guide to the Gili Islands. Don’t miss our picks of the best things to do in the Gili Islands for mindful travellers.

15 Of the Best Gili Islands Hotels

Ratings come from Booking.com. Prices are approximate. In high season, Gili Island hotel prices can increase considerably. If you’re travelling in high season, book ahead to snag the best hotels.

There are so many great places to stay on the Gili Islands. Start with our short list for the best Gili Islands hotels for any budget.

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Gili Trawanagan Hostels, Hotels, and Bungalows

M Box

Rating 9.1, $14 dorm bed, $44 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili islands hostels

M Box has stylish 3-bed dorms, modern new bathrooms, and a pool to relax in. It’s also close to the ferry dock and the main strip of Gili T. If you’re looking for a big, loud party hostel, stay at My Mate’s Place. If not, M Box is your answer.

Get the latest Mbox reviews before you book →

Joan Bungalow

Rating 8.9, $22 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili island hotels

A simple no-frills property with excellent reviews, Joan Bungalow provides clean, spacious rooms with budget travellers in mind. It’s not far from the ferry dock which means you won’t need to make a long hot walk across the island with your bags.

Get the latest reviews for Joan Bungalow

Villa Kecil

Rating 8.7, $26 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili island resorts

This place has beautifully decorated rooms inside traditional teak bungalows, each with a private modern bathroom. It’s brand new and centrally located just a few minute’s walk from the boat harbour. If only it had been available during our trip, we would have stayed at Villa Kecil.

See the latest reviews and more pictures of Villa Kecil →

Black and White Cottages

Rating 8.8, $28 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili islands hotels

The cute little cottages here feature simple black and white decor and are arranged around a long narrow pool. Our favourite part is the open-air bathrooms – don’t worry, they still have four walls. These cottages are in the centre of the island, so you’ll have a bit of a trek to get there, but the bonus is, you can’t hear the mosque loudspeakers this far from town!

Get the latest reviews and pictures of Black & White Cottages →

La Cocoteraie Ecolodge

Rating 9.2, $55–75 double tent, breakfast included, with air con

gili islands accommodation

If you fancy a bit of glamping, La Cocoteraie is your perfect place. The luxurious rooms are housed inside canvas structures that can only loosely be called tents. And don’t worry, you won’t have to sleep on the ground. The tents feature rustic wooden furniture, luxe bedding and bathrooms, air conditioning and WiFi. Talk about roughing it!

Get reviews, photos, and details of La Cocoteraie →

Gili Eco Villas

Rating 8.8, $100-120 one-bedroom villa, breakfast included, with air con

gili island hotels

A solar-powered resort on the beachfront, Gili Eco Villas has a gorgeous pool deck with a view out onto the ocean. They also provide lounge chairs right on the beach if you prefer to swim in the sea. The villas are furnished with recycled teak wood and feature large patios where you can have a meal or sit and watch the world go by.

See photos, details, and reviews of Gili Eco Villas here →

Pearl of Trawangan

Rating 8.7, $100-150 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili islands accommodation

The Pearl of Trawangan is a luxury resort which features astounding bamboo architecture, a spacious garden, and a ridiculously beautiful pool with its own waterfall. If you’re celebrating something special or just want a romantic getaway, consider the Pearl.

Take a look at the stunning photos of Pearl of Trawangan →

Gili Air Hostels, Homestays, and Villas

Fantastic Gili Hostel

Rating 8.1, $9 dorm bed, breakfast included, no air con

gili islands hotels

Built inside tall bamboo huts with grass roofs, this is one of the most exotic hostels you may ever stay in. The 4-bed dorms are simple, no-frills affairs and each bed is equipped with a “mosquito tent”. There are also comfy hammocks and bamboo tables to hang out in. If you’re looking for a chilled out Gili Air hostel, this is your place. For something more party oriented, try Begadang Backpackers.

Read the reviews and see more photos of Fantastic Gili Hostel →

Firda Homestay

Rating 8.9, $22 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili island hotels

Expect large clean and simple bungalows, featuring comfy beds and each with its own front patio. The breakfast is very good and staff are friendly, making Firda a solid choice if you’re looking for a budget Gili Air hotel.

Read reviews and see more photos of Firda Homestay →

Nanas Homestay

Rating 8.9, $43 double room, breakfast included, no air con

gili islands accommodation

There’s something extra-special about the clean and modern bungalows at Nanas Homestay. Each of the four stylish bungalows has its own private deck with a hammock to lounge away the day, plus a modern indoor-outdoor bathroom. If you’re tall, the extra-long beds are the perfect selling point.

Find out more about Nanas Homestay, including reviews and photos →

Slow Gili Air

Rating 9.1, $229 double villa with private pool, breakfast included, with air con

gili island resorts

What’s not to like about a luxurious contemporary villa, complete with its own private pool? With the addition of an onsite spa, private kitchenette, and office space… well, I just want to move in and never leave.

Don’t miss these gorgeous photos of Slow Gili Air

Gili Meno Hostels, Hotels, and Resorts

Gili Meno Eco Hostel

Rating 8.4, $7 dorm bed, $17 double room, breakfast included, no air con

gili islands hostel

This might just be the best deal on the Gili Islands! Featuring comfy dorm beds inside bamboo stilt houses, the Gili Meno Eco Hostel is right on the beach. Expect a sort of Castaway meets Robinson Crusoe vibe, with better food.

See the photos and read reviews of Gili Eco Hostel →

Exotic House Gili Meno

Rating 8.9, $26 double room, breakfast included, with air con

gili islands hotels

This brand new homestay has stylish double bungalows with grass roofs and handmade wooden furniture. The front patios look out onto a lush garden where you can sit and while away the day. The beds are big and comfortable and the property is just two minutes’ walk from the beach.

Read reviews and see more photos of Exotic House →

Hotel Villa Bagus

Rating 8.7, $52 double room, $63 twin bungalow, breakfast included, with air con

gili island hotels

Skip the double rooms here and go straight for the twin bungalow, which is a two-storey wooden bungalow with outdoor covered dining area and outdoor bathroom and shower. The bungalows are arranged around an attractive pool where you can laze away your afternoon.

Get more details about Hotel Villa Bagus, including the latest reviews

Seri Resort

Rating 8.3, $26 bed in bale hut, $62–80 double room, $94-112 bungalow, includes breakfast, air con in all rooms except bale huts

gili island resorts

Seri is a luxury resort, with beautiful rooms and bungalows overlooking the ocean. But, the coolest part is that they offer open-air bale huts (think grass roof with your bed on a bamboo platform) for budget travellers. Bamboo screens and mosquito nets protect you from the night but by day, you can lounge on your bed in the open air or sit by the luxurious pool, all for a flashpacker price.

See photos and the latest reviews of Seri Resort →

What Makes a Hotel Mindful?

When at all possible, we stay in hotels, hostels, or guest houses where our money makes a positive impact in the community and the hotel minimizes its impact on the environment.

To keep our money local — instead of funnelling it into international hotel chains — we try to stay at small, family owned hotels and hostels whenever possible. These small hotels tend to be more mindful about food, water and electricity waste and are usually less expensive than their corporate-owned counterparts.

We also focus on how a hotel might impact our own mindfulness.

We like to find places where we can feel completely relaxed — safe, clean, and welcome. Having a comfortable place to sleep every night helps us to roll out of bed in the morning as the best possible version of ourselves.

Finally, for us, hotels get a few bonus mindful points for having enough space to roll out a yoga mat and practice a little Adventure Yoga.

Why Did We Write This Guide to Gili Islands Hotels?

We write comprehensive posts about hotels in places we’ve visited because we want to share the hours of hotel research we do — we know that most people just don’t have the time to explore every hotel option out there!

We also know that online reviews can be misleading and confusing. Our experience has helped us learn to spot the fake reviews (and the crazy ones) a mile away!

Finally, the links in this post are our personal affiliate links which means that if you use one of them to book a hotel, we’ll get paid a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). Think of it as a GREAT way of saying thanks for all our hard work.

I hope you found our guide to the Best Gili Islands Hotels useful.

  Happy adventures, Stephen & Jane

If you have any questions about the Gili Islands or any of the hotels we’ve recommended, ask them in the comments below. And if you’ve stayed in a great hotel in the Gili Islands, let us know!


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      Very cool. Glad to have a first-hand experience to back it up, since we didn’t get a chance to visit Firda!


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