Vegan Hamburg: 15 of the Best Places to Eat Animal-Friendly Food in Hamburg

Get ready to feast on these delicious Hamburg vegan treats!

hamburg vegan restaurants

As a country that seems to survive on wurst and schnitzel, Germany can be tough going for vegan travellers. Luckily, vegan Hamburg is alive and thriving with plenty of 100% vegan restaurants and plenty more that offer delicious vegan options. So if you’re hungry in Hamburg, get ready to feast!

Stephen teaches yoga in Hamburg several times a year, so we visit the city a lot. Even though we get amazing home-cooked food while we’re in Hamburg from our vegan host, we also make sure to explore the city’s growing vegan scene.

We can happily report that vegan travellers will be well fed in Hamburg.

So if you’re visiting Germany, make time to get to Hamburg. It’s a wonderful city, made all the better by the great food on offer!

15 of the Best Places to Eat Vegan in Hamburg

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Best Hamburg Vegan Restaurants


Feldstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

vegan in hamburg

This bowl from Happenpappen was better than a bowl has any right to be!

Our Hamburg vegan favourite! My favourite meal in Hamburg came from Happenpappen, a bright vegan cafe with room for about 25 people when it’s full. I expect it’s always full because it is amazing! The food is fresh, hearty, and complex — a rare trifecta of deliciousness.

Also, the cake. OMG, the cake!

hamburg vegan

Happenpappen in Hamburg has the most incredible vegan cakes!

We ate: The Greek bowl, piled high with perfectly roasted potatoes and tofu gyro meat. An amazing slice of cake.
We wish we’d had room for: More of everything!

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Cafe Nasch Hamburg

Caffamacherreihe 49, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

vegan hamburg

If you like vegan cookies as much as I do, stop by Nasch for a cookie feast.

For some reason, it took half-a-dozen trips to Hamburg before I finally made it to Nasch, one of Hamburg’s favourite vegan restaurants. This is an adorable pocket-sized hippie cafe. It is old-school enough that their food is designed for real vegans – that is, they don’t seem to be trying to create food that will appeal to meat eaters.

Nasch offers a different special every day which you can find on their Facebook page, plus a selection of quiches, salads, and other healthy vegan delights. Make sure you save room for one of their tasty vegan cookies or cakes for dessert.

We ate: Vorek, which wasn’t crispy like the borek I’d eaten in Sarajevo, but still filling and tasty. Quiche, which didn’t really taste like non-vegan quiche, but again was very good in its own right.


Barmbeker Str. 169, 22299 Hamburg, Germany
Daimlerstraße 12, 22763 Hamburg, Germany

hamburg vegan

We took our vegan pizza from Froindlichst home. Next time we’ll make a reservation!

We were sorely disappointed when we went for Friday lunch and Froindlichst was too full to seat us! We aren’t used to having to make reservations at vegan restaurants.

It looks like a friendly and cozy place to sit and linger over a vegan pizza, burger, burrito, or salad. Luckily, they also do take away and our Airbnb was right around the corner! Our pizza was perfect but we’ll really have to go back for a full meal. Just need to make a reservation first!

We ate: The Peter Porker pizza, mostly because we liked the name.
We wish we’d had room for: The Waikiki burger and the Peanut Brother pizza.

Vincent Vegan

Ballindamm 40/Ballindamm, 20095 Hamburg, Germany (inside Europa Shopping Centre)

hamburg vegan

The burger from Vincent Vegan is everything a diner burger should be!

Way back when Vincent Vegan was just a roaming food truck, we wolfed down their burgers on a windy street corner with great satisfaction. Now, they have a permanent spot in the city centre in the Europa Mall food court. It’s much nicer to eat inside away from Hamburg’s often craptastic weather.

vegan hamburg

Vincent Vegan serves great vegan fast food in the mall food court!

hamburg vegan

The Vincent Vegan not-cheese burger is yummy too.

The staff at Vincent Vegan are friendly and helpful and the burgers are just as good as always. Plus, the fries are just perfect!

By the way, they still run their vegan food trucks in Hamburg, too.

We ate: Almost everything on the menu – we’ve been here a lot!
We wish we’d had room for: An order of avocado chunks.

The Vegan Eagle Hamburg

Wischhöfen 4, 22415 Hamburg, Germany

hamburg vegan

The Vegan Eagle is not close to the centre but if you want home cooking in Hamburg, go there!

This homey little restaurant (it’s actually inside an old house) is a little way out of Hamburg’s centre, but it’s super-easy to get to via the U1. Also, it’s totally worth the trip! The Vegan Eagle is a friendly locals-only restaurant, with a very home-cooking vibe.

hamburg vegan

Bad lighting for photos but perfect dessert at The Vegan Eagle!

Their mains include a burger, curry, chilli, and a few other options. You probably can’t go wrong with any of them, because everything we ate there was terrific.

We ate: A special “Pot of Winter” (it sounds better in German) that included a huge heap of perfectly mashed potatoes, hearty gravy and roasted pumpkin. I am salivating just writing about it!

Stephen had the VEagle burger which was stacked with tasty sauces and held together nicely inside the bun.

For dessert, we couldn’t resist the Mighty Mighty Dark Chocolate Peanutbutter Brownie which was every bit as dense and delicious as it sounds!

We wish we’d had room for: The Dragon Poke starter and the Peach Melba dessert!

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Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Hamburg


Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg, Germany

vegan hamburg

The vegan BLT from Mamalicious is one of the best I’ve ever had!

This is a fun little American-style vegetarian diner with lots of vegan options on the menu, including vegan pancakes. We went to Mamalicious for Sunday lunch and the service was friendly – but not exactly efficient.

It was worth the wait though, because the vegan bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich I had was one of the best I’ve ever eaten! Stephen’s burger was good, although he didn’t like that the ingredients immediately fell apart and out of the bun.

hamburg vegan

The burger at Mamalicious was tasty but too sloppy for Stephen’s taste.

I was pretty disappointed that none of their milkshakes are vegan since that should be a menu staple for any American diner!

We ate: The BLT (highly recommended!) and the Eggplant Crunch burger.
We wish we’d had room for: A big stack of vegan pancakes.

Was Wir Wirklich Lieben

Hegestraße 28, 20251 Hamburg, Germany

vegan restaurants in hamburg

The food is great at Was Wir Wirklich Lieben and the staff are amazing!

We only stopped in at Was Wir Wirklich Lieben because it was on the way from Public Coffee Roasters to ‘home’. We were excited to find an entire vegan salad bar and the best-looking vegan banana bread we’d laid eyes on since I last had a kitchen and could bake my own.

When it came time to pay, disaster struck!!

We we were short by a couple of Euros and they don’t take credit cards (like SO MANY places in Germany). We didn’t want to go to the ATM, since we were leaving the Euro-zone the next day. We thought we’d have to leave all that lovely food behind, but the woman serving us took the money we had and let us go – even giving us a slice of banana bread for free!!

Thanks for making our day! The salads were fresh and flavourful — and it was the best banana bread I’ve eaten in way too long.

We ate: A large mixed salad, banana bread.
We wish we’d had room money for: Our meal! And a few slices of banana bread for the road.

Die Eisbande

Bartelsstraße 7, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

I’m a huge vegan ice cream snob. Usually, it’s too gritty and not nearly creamy enough, or the flavours are just not exciting. The vegan flavours at Die Eisbande are creamy and delicious — just as good as dairy ice cream (but better because no animal!). Well worth a stop on a sunny afternoon.

We ate: Salted peanut vegan ice cream. Sounds weird, tastes incredible.
We wish we’d had room for: More of the same. It was perfect!

Omnivore Restaurants with Vegan Options in Hamburg

Pizza Bande

Lincolnstraße 10, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

vegan hamburg

Pizza Bande’s vegan pizza is legit delicious. Wish I could get some right now.

An omnivore joint whose mission is to provide tasty options for all types of eaters, Pizza Bande is a popular place for Hamburg vegans, omnivores, and everyone else. After a long day of cycling in Hamburg, we stopped in for dinner just as the sun set.

Both the outdoor picnic tables and the indoor seating was packed and the vibe was happy and friendly (it helped that it had been a beautiful summer day).

Even though Pizza Bande is an omnivore restaurant, it feels like a vegan joint, with the laid-back vibe that goes along with that.

They have lots of speciality vegan toppings, including vegan bacon, vegan cheese, seitan strips, smoked tofu, and vegan tahini sauce. But, most importantly, the crust is authentic Italian-style thin crust from a wood-fired oven. Plus, they create seasonal specials – we had a pizza with carrot smoked ‘salmon’ cream sauce. Yum.

If you’re a vegan pizza lover in Hamburg, you definitely need to stop by Pizza Bande.

Jim Burrito

Schulterblatt 12, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

vegan hamburg

Jim’s will satisfy your cravings for vegan burritos (and tequila).

Sometimes, you just want to sink your teeth into an oozy gooey burrito. If you’re feeling that way in Hamburg, Jim Burrito does a nice job of filling the burrito-sized hole in your belly. They have three vegan burritos on the menu — tofu, spinach, and seitan — along with an excellent selection of tequilas.

We ate: The seitan burrito.
We wish we’d had room for: A few shots of their finest tequila.


Eppendorfer Weg 91, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
Banksstraße 28, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

vegan hamburg

Salibaba has first-rate falafel and Middle Eastern salads.

If you’re in the mood for a plate of crispy falafels with fresh, delicious salads and dips on the side, Salibaba is great. It’s a little more upscale than your typical falafel joint, meaning the ingredients are fresh and higher quality than the standard. Their selection of hummus, moutabal, tabouleh and other salads are mostly vegan with a few vegetarian options. Apparently, they serve meat, but I’ve never seen it.

We ate: We’ve eaten pretty much everything vegan they have! Don’t miss the outstanding moutabal, the sahra (roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce), and the perfectly crisp falafels.

Nur Hier Bakery

Various locations around the city

hamburg vegan

You can get vegan pastries and bread at Nur Hier, which is all over the city.

vegan hamburg

Nur Hier now has a chocolate-dipped vegan pastry. Yes please!

Nur Hier isn’t a vegan restaurant but it’s a perfect place to pop in for a vegan snack when you’re on the go in Hamburg. This bakery chain is all over the city and they clearly label which of their breads and pastries are vegan. The last time we stopped in, they had added a new chocolate-dipped vegan pastry to their line-up. So hard to resist!

Other Hamburg Vegan Food we Need to Try

Loving Hut

Markusstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
Ferdinand-Beit-Straße 7, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

I’m not a huge Loving Hut fan in general, but the locations in Hamburg are supposed to be good. They offer the typical Asian fare of Loving Huts around the world.


Bramfelder Chaussee 265, 22177 Hamburg, Germany

Vistro is an all-vegan bistro serving pizza in the evenings and cake and pie all day. It’s a little way out of the centre, but judging from reviews, it’s worth the trip.

Thoi Lai Quan

Wandsbeker Chaussee 119, Hamburg, Germany

If you’re looking for a budget meal, check out Thoi Lai Quan‘s vegan Vietnamese buffet. They served milk and honey in drinks, but the food is vegan.

Vegan Accommodation in Hamburg

vegan hamburg

You can stay at this vegan Airbnb in Hamburg.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb in Hamburg with an awesome vegan host, we can highly recommend Steff’s place. We always stay there on our frequent trips to Hamburg! It’s in a lovely location, with easy connections to the airport and the city centre.

Steff is an amazing cook too — she doesn’t usually cook for guests, but if you tell her My Five Acres sent you and ask nicely, you never know!

Find more great places to stay in Hamburg

We hope this guide helps you find the very best vegan restaurants in Hamburg. If you go, let us know where and what you ate in the comments below! We’re always curious to hear about other people’s vegan travel experiences.

  Happy mindful adventures, Jane & Stephen

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In a country full of wurst and schnitzel, it can be tough going for vegans. Luckily, there are plenty of **Hamburg vegan restaurants** and plenty more that offer delicious vegan options. So if you're hungry in Hamburg, get ready for some amazing vegan treats! Don't forget to grab your printable map and guide, too.

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