Why You Should Add Koh Kradan to Your Thailand Itinerary

If you like remote tropical beaches, Koh Kradan is the island for you

koh kradan thailand

This post will inspire you to visit Koh Kradan, a peaceful and remote island off Thailand’s Andaman Coast. Read on to find out what makes Koh Kradan so special and decide if it’s right for your Thailand trip.

This is a guest post from travel blogger Anca from One Day Itinerary.

What’s in our guide to Koh Kradan, Thailand?

Thailand is, without a doubt, a fascinating country for travel.

Its history, culture and beaches attract millions of tourists every year.

So, is there anywhere in Thailand for the tourist that wants to get away from it all (and to get away from all the other tourists)? Is there somewhere to go when Bangkok is too busy and you have no interest in yet another beach party?

boat near the beach on koh kradan thailand
This will be your view from the beach on Koh Kradan.
Photo byMark Fischer.

If I had to pick my favorite place in all of Thailand, I would always choose the island of Koh Kradan. My trip there was unforgettable for so many reasons — and I’ll share those highlights in this post.

Read on if you’re looking for a unique place to visit or want a place for a new adventure. Koh Kradan island is all that and so much more!

Why You Should Add Koh Kradan to Your Thailand Itinerary

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Koh Kradan Quick Facts

First though, let’s get some basic facts about this island out of the way.

Where is Koh Kradan?

Koh Kradan is at the very southern tip of Thailand and is pretty much uninhabited. The only thing resembling civilization there are the few resorts where you can book your accommodation. The island has no villages, no towns or anything like that — just incredible nature all around.

How do you get to Koh Kradan?

You can get to Koh Kradan by boat from Koh Lanta, the closest inhabited place. The boat ride takes about 1.5 hours.

When’s the best time to go to Koh Kradan?

If you’re planning on visiting, keep in mind that most resorts on the island are closed from May to October, during rainy season. Because of this, it’s wise to book a room quite some time in advance if you plan to stay the night.

You can also take a day trip from Koh Lanta and spend an unforgettable day enjoying this magnificent island.

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Why go to Koh Kradan?

Therapy in paradise

You know how the movies always depict deserted islands as tropical paradises with jungles, pristine sea and all that jazz? Well, when you come here, you’ll get the feeling that all of that is based on Koh Kradan.

The island is covered in lush jungle which gives way to spectacular beaches with fine white sand as you approach the sea. It is the complete opposite of the megalopolis that is Bangkok and a perfect place to get away from it all.

boat in water koh kradan island thailand
You can find plenty of quiet beach space on Koh Kradan.
Photo by Alessandro Caproni.

For me, it was just what the doctor ordered. After a pretty stressful year, I was able to completely rejuvenate myself, take a breather and take a good hard look at my life for a few days without any distractions.

Just sit on the beach for a while and watch the azure waves. Or lie in a hammock, close your eyes, and let the sounds of the jungle lull you into a state of utter relaxation. Very therapeutic.

The bottom line is that if you ever need a break from it all, you’ll find it on Koh Kradan.

Meet people… or not

You can meet tourists from all over the world on Koh Kradan because everybody gathers on Sunset Beach to watch the sunset, obviously. Mind you, there will be less than 100 of you at any given time on the island, so don’t expect big crowds.

Sunrise can also very romantic, if you can gather the willpower to get out of bed early. You can have the whole beach to yourself and enjoy the serenity.

Snorkel away!

This island is a fantastic place for snorkeling.

Before coming here I hadn’t snorkelled for years, so when the opportunity presented itself it was a bit of a throwback for me.

fish and coral on koh kradan
You can snorkel right off the beach in Koh Kradan.
Photo by Basil & Tracy Brooks.

You don’t have to go far from the shore to explore the local marine life and the beautiful coral reefs that house it. The spot where I snorkelled was actually right in front of the resort I was staying in, and I later found out that it is considered to be the best place on the island for this kind of activity. How lucky was that?

As soon as I dove in, I was amazed by the spectacular sights the surface of the sea hides. The clownfish is common in this part of the world, so you can quite literally go and find Nemo. However, some other fish weren’t particularly happy to see me and tried to ram me a few times. That was pretty much my cue to leave!

For me, this one dip was more than enough, but if you’re a snorkelling enthusiast, take advantage of the daily snorkelling tours, which include other islands in the vicinity.

Grab a kayak and explore

Kayaking is another don’t-miss activity when you’re on Koh Kadan, and not just because you can get kayaks for free from the place you’re staying!

Take a kayak to find a more secluded beach if the number of people on the main beaches is too much for you. With a little bit of luck and effort, you can find an empty beach on a tropical island paradise.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I took off with my friends in search of such a spot one afternoon and we found it fairly easily. We enjoyed the rest of the day with the beach all to ourselves — and we still reminisce about that beach now.

Koh Kradan Hotels & Resorts

There are only a handful of places to stay on the island, which means you should book your Koh Kradan accommodation early if you plan on staying a few nights. It also means that prices are a little higher than in some of the more touristy islands in Thailand.

beach chairs on koh kradan island thailand
There aren’t many places to stay on Koh Kradan but many, like the Reef Resort, have incredible views!

Also be aware that most of Kradan island closes down in rainy season, from May to October.

  • Budget: Paradise Lost Resort, fan-cooled bungalows in garden setting, rating 7.7/10, $25 double room, $31 bungalow
  • Mid-range: Kalume Garden Beach Bungalow, simple bungalows on the beach, rating 8.7/10, $60 bungalow
  • Mid-range: Coral Garden Resort, deluxe rooms & bungalows on the beach, rating 8.4/10, $57 double room
  • High-end: Reef Resort, comfortable seaview rooms, rating 8.7/10, $88 double room
  • High-end: Seven Seas Koh Kradan, rooms and villas on the beach, rating 7.8/10, $122 villa with sea view

The Perfect Escape from Your Escape

When visiting Thailand, if you like secluded islands, a trip to Koh Kradan should definitely be on your itinerary.

The island’s complete detachment from civilization makes it an absolutely perfect place to unwind and de-stress.

That’s why we recommend coming for more than just a day trip. Spend at least one night and enjoy what has to be the perfect example of a tropical paradise. Stroll the sandy beaches, explore the marine life and find a place all to yourself between the jungle and the sea.

We hope this post has inspired you to add Koh Kradan to your Thailand itinerary! You won’t regret a minute of it.

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