9 Transformational Things to do in Lund, BC on the Sunshine Coast

These Lund activities can take your trip from typical to transformational!

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Looking for things to do in Lund, BC? In this post, we share our favourite activities in Lund, from sailing the high seas to dining on sweet treats. Each one has the power to take your trip from typical to transformational! Read on to plan your Lund adventure.

What’s in our guide to Lund, BC?

At the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, the tiny town of Lund acts as the gateway to extraordinary Desolation Sound. This deep water sound is surrounded on all sides by coastline, islands and mountains. It is dotted with smaller islands that provide ideal anchorage locations for cruisers.

The protected waters, warm ocean temperatures, and magnificent landscape make Desolation Sound an internationally renowned boating destination.

While you’ll almost surely want to get out on the water, little Lund has plenty to offer landlubbers too, from sampling local cuisine and craft beers, to shopping for one-of-a-kind gifts, camping on the spectacular coast, and hiking the backcountry.

So if you’re heading to the Sunshine Coast, read on for our guide to…

9 Transformational Things to do in Lund, BC

Make your Sunshine Coast trip better using our guide to transformational things to do on the Sunshine Coast, plus don’t miss our guides to visiting Gibsons and Sechelt.

1. Slip Silently Through Serene Waters

kayaks in desolation sound
Hop on a kayaking tour with Footprint BC to learn about the sea life and enjoy spectacular views.

Getting out on a kayak is our number one way of experiencing the extraordinary beauty of the waterways and islands around Lund.

We spent a morning paddling Okeover Inlet with Footprint BC, slipping silently through the water and marvelling at the serene beauty all around us. Our exceptional guide, Jon, let us in on the secrets of the nature and culture as we paddled slowly up the inlet.

Want to know more about how seals and sea stars reproduce? Jon knows the answer. Need more info on the gnarled red arbutus trees or the unique rock formations dipping into the water? Jon can help.

Or how about learning the history of the First Nations people who have lived in the area for thousands of years? Whatever we wanted to know, Jon was able to give us a deeper insight.

We loved kayaking in Lund so much we’re already trying to find time for a multi-day Desolation Sound kayaking trip in our schedule!

2. Spend the Night at Dinner Rock

sunset on the coast with pine tree
Did we mention how wonderful the sunsets are at Dinner Rock campsite near Lund?

The most amazing part of camping in BC — aside from the total immersion in nature — is the proliferation of free campgrounds.

Dinner Rock, just outside Lund, was one of our favourite camping spots of the entire summer and the price? Totally free! Because we were travelling by bicycle, we got to snag the only walk-in campsite, right on the edge of the Salish Sea, overlooking Savary Island.

Jumping into the warm ocean water was the perfect way to wake up each morning. In the evening, we sat watching otters and seals play on our doorstep. We kept our eyes open for whales but unfortunately, didn’t manage to spot any from this great vantage point.

pod of orca whales on the coast
We spent a lot of time looking for whales when in Lund but sadly we didn’t get lucky this time! Photo via Destination BC/Reuben Krabbe.

If you’re up for a bit of a hike, you can take the trail from the road that leads down to Dinner Rock through the woods and out onto bluffs overlooking Savary Island. Keep following the trail and you’ll end up just 1 km down the highway from Lund town centre.

Camping is a perfect way to relieve the stress of modern life and return to a more solid version of your self. With any luck, you will come away from Dinner Rock feeling as transformed as we did.

3. Sample Local Sweets

cinnamon bun from nancy's bakery in lund
All the locals know that the perfect way to start your day in Lund, BC is to stock up on cinnamon buns from Nancy’s Bakery.

You won’t spend much time on BC’s Sunshine Coast before you begin to understand that cinnamon buns are a key ingredient of Canadian coastal culture.

At Nancy’s Bakery in Lund town centre, you can sample the classic sweet rolled buns in a range of flavours — but the most popular is the blackberry bun. They also serve a range of fresh breads, sandwiches, and lots of other sweet treats.

Just make sure to get there early — on our first visit late one afternoon, many of the cinnamon buns were already sold out!

4. Sail from Lund to Savary Island

metal ferry on the shore
Hop on a ferry over to nearby Savary Island to experience a day of slow-paced island life.

From Lund Public Marina, hop on a water taxi to nearby Savary Island, which is about as close to a tropical paradise as you can find in Canada.

Savary, populated mostly by summer visitors and a few friendly locals, is the perfect place for a day trip. Rent a bicycle or scooter once you get to the island, where you can explore the dirt roads and trails before stopping for a swim at one of the sandy white beaches.

Enjoying island life on BC’s coast, where locals take the time to drink in the scenery and chat with passersby, can be a life-altering experience. Particularly if you’ve been spending too much time in the big city, take a trip to Savary to learn how to live life in the slow lane!

5. Lose Yourself in the Lund Wilderness

woman hiking in the woods sign says sct south
The Sunshine Coast Trail makes a great place to test your mettle on a multi-day hike or just to experience the calming effects of the forest on a day hike.
Photo via Destination BC/Andrew Strain.

Lund is the perfect base from which to start your Sunshine Coast Trail hike. The 180 km hiking trail was designed to be tackled from north to south, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do the whole trail to get a taste of the Sunshine Coast’s wilderness.

From Lund, there are several self-led lake day hikes, loops, or hut hikes that will give you plenty of wilderness adventure time.

If you want deeper insight into the forest, wildlife, and history of the region, or are relatively new to wilderness hiking, sign up for a guided hike instead.

Hiking is a great way to challenge your body while allowing your everyday worries to slip away as you shift focus to the bare necessities of wilderness survival.

6. Scuba Dive Okeover Arm

With the warmest waters north of Baja and incredible visibility for much of the year, Desolation Sound makes an excellent scuba destination. Jacques Cousteau once claimed that BC diving was “second only to the Red Sea”.

So, if you like to explore underwater worlds, make sure to add a scuba outing to your list of things to do in Lund. Silently swimming below the surface is a sure-fire way to transform your perspective and get a fresh view of the world around you.

Get in touch with Salish Sea Dive to explore your options.

7. Cruise Desolation Sound

sail boat anchored next to an island
Desolation Sound provides perfect boating grounds and plenty of wild places to go ashore. Photo via Destination BC/Albert Normandin.

Unless you happen to have a private sailboat at your disposal, one of the best ways to see Desolation Sound is by taking a day cruise.

A few years ago, my parents and I went out with Beyond the Road for a Desolation Sound Lunch Cruise. The tour took us around some of the most beautiful islands and waterways I have ever seen.

After a memorable lunch made of fresh, local ingredients, my Mom and I, along with some other passengers, changed into bathing suits and took a refreshing swim right off the boat.

For an even more transformational adventure, take a multi-day cruise where wildlife spotting is the main attraction: you’ll have a chance to see seals, dolphins, whales, and possibly even bears in their natural habitat.

8. Shop for Local Art, Crafts, and Gifts

hummingbird carved into a wooden fence in lund bc
Art is all around when you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast. We don’t know which came first, the hummingbird or the no stopping sign, but we like it either way.

The Sunshine Coast has a mystical magnetic pull for artists and artisans from around the world — many of whom move there for the natural beauty, mild climate and laid-back way of life. There is also a rich history of traditional arts and crafts of the First Nations who live in the region.

In Lund, visit the gift shop in The Lund Resort at Klah Ah Men for local and eco-friendly gifts with a unique Sunshine Coast twist. Below the resort, you’ll find a gift and art gallery, featuring a huge range of locally crafted glassworks, stone carvings, ceramics, photos, paintings, and more.

Lund is the perfect place to pick up that conversation piece for your living room or find unique gifts for Christmas or other special occasions.

Plus, when you buy local art in Lund, you’ll be supporting an artist who is following their passion, making your purchase doubly meaningful.

9. Sample BC Craft Beer

sign that says beer to the left possible man eating tigers in other directions
Canadians are friendly, funny, and very fond of beer. Go for a craft beer tasting at the Lund Resort for a perfect end to the day.

Finish off your day in Lund at The Lund Resort for an impromptu beer tasting session. You can sample beers made all along the Sunshine Coast, plus a few from nearby Vancouver Island.

We do realize that sipping a beer might not be truly transformational. However, taking some time to slow down and absorb all that you’ve seen in Lund is the perfect way to ensure that the trip stays with you, long after you’ve returned home.

Final Thoughts About Transformational Things to do in Lund, BC

jane and stephen sitting on a rocky shoreline
We had a great time in Lund and clearly we are not fake laughing just for the camera!

Being at the north end of the Sunshine Coast, Lund is sometimes overlooked by travellers — but we encourage you to take the time to visit. After all, it’s only an hour’s drive north of Saltery Bay and the gateway to some of the most spectacular land– and seascape Canada has to offer.

Lund offers you plenty of opportunity to get out in untamed nature, meet friendly locals, learn about the history of the area, and slow down.

For more help planning your trip, check out our transformational guides to the Sunshine Coast, Gibsons, and Sechelt too.

We hope this guide to transformational things to do in Lund has been useful. Our goal is to help you break out of your comfort zone, expand your world view, and make travel truly transformational! Give us a shout by email or on Instagram if you need more advice about Lund, BC.

♥  Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

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Looking for things to do in Lund, BC? In this post, we share our favourite activities in Lund, from sweet treats to high-seas adventures. Each one has the power to take your trip from typical to transformational. Click to plan your Lund adventure! #lundbc #britishcolumbia #canada #travel #mindfultravel #myfiveacres
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