Flying High at Mayura Zipline in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Unleash your inner Tarzan on a treetop adventure in northeastern Cambodia

mondulkiri cambodia mayura zipline

If you’re up for a little eco-adventure in Mondulkiri Cambodia, you’ll find it at Mayura Zipline. Fly through the tree tops and see the famous Bousra Waterfall from above!

The goal of my solo trip through Cambodia and Laos was to leap out of my comfort zone and have a few adventures.

Mayura Zipline, just outside of Sen Monorom Cambodia, was a challenge I knew I couldn’t pass up. Not only would I get to have my first experience flying through the trees, but it would be in a Cambodian jungle high above the famous Bou Sra Waterfall!

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Watch the video to see what the Mayura Zipline experience is like.

Here’s what I experienced and everything you need to know before you fly on this zipline in Cambodia.

Mayura Zipline in Mondulkiri Cambodia – All You Need to Know Before You Go

What I loved about the tour

Swinging through the treetops. When I travel, I hardly ever take part in “adrenalin” attractions. They are often noisy, destructive, and about as far away from mindful travel as you can imagine. Unlike those activities, the Mayura Zipline offered the chance to climb high into the jungle canopy, learn about the birds and trees of the forest, and have a little fun while doing it! I loved being in the treetops and getting to swing from tree to tree, like a high-tech Tarzan.

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Friendly, fluent guides. The guides at Mayura are all locals, and all exceptional. They are fluent in English, have an in-depth knowledge of the forest and the trees, and are also a lot of fun. They put a lot of effort into making sure everyone was having a great time. And we did!

Safety first. Despite the sense of fun, there was no skimping on safety. Everyone, guides and tourists alike, was double-clipped to a safety cable at all times. Only the guides were allowed to clip us on and off, preventing mistakes being made by us inexperienced fliers. All the gear is fairly new, made by recognizable name brands, and in great shape too. I was never the least bit worried about my safety.

Amazing final flight. The only rule for the last flight of the day (besides all the safety rules we’d learned) was to definitely look down. The final flight is a heart-pumping 300m-long dash 100m above the fabulous Bousra Waterfall. I made sure to take a good long look at the falls from above and I can tell you, it’s pretty spectacular!

above bousra waterfall at mayura zipline in mondulkiri

This is how it looks just before you fly over a waterfall.

Environmental & social initiatives at Mayura Zipline

Non-bolt zipline construction. Instead of bolting the cables directly into the trees, Mayura uses a system of wooden blocks which hold the cables in place without being screwed directly into the tree. Not only does this prevent damage to the tree but it allows the tree to grow freely. Every few months, the staff check each of the connections to make sure the trees are not growing out around the wooden blocks. If they are, they loosen the cables to allow the tree room to expand.

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What I didn’t love about the tour

Can we go again? Though flying through the trees was fun, it was all over a little too fast. As soon as I landed on the final platform of the day, I wished I could go again. And again. It would be great to be able to experience the longest flight a few times to really get a chance to take in the views — and get some better photos!

A long way to go. The 47km drive from Sen Monorom is a long way to come for just a couple of hours at the park — and it also adds a lot to the cost, especially if you’re travelling solo. Check with Mayura to see if their shuttle from Sen Monorom is available. If not, try to arrange to go with a group so you can split the cost of a tuk tuk. Of course, you also get to visit the Bou Sra Waterfall while you’re there, so that’s a bonus!

upper bousra waterfall mondulkiri cambodia

The upper part of the Bousra falls is the small section!

Practical details of Mayura Zipline in Mondulkiri Cambodia

When: Daily, book ahead. Visit in rainy season to see the waterfall at full throttle.
Where: Bousra Waterfall, 47km from Sen Monorom.
Length: 2-3 hours, depending on group numbers.
Transportation: To get to the site by tuk tuk is around $25, to get there by motorbike is $15 (and a mini-adventure!).
Food & drinks: Water included. There are street snacks available from vendors at the waterfall.
Additional expenses: Tips for the guides (optional).
Facilities: There are decent toilets onsite but not once the tour starts, since you’ll be in the treetops.
What to wear: A t-shirt and shorts or pants. Wear extra layers in cold seasons because the course is almost entirely in the shade. Make sure you have a pocket to hold your phone or camera when you fly.
What to bring: Just your camera, phone, or GoPro, ID, and a little cash. You can’t carry anything else with you on the zipline course. There are very small lockers to store other items during the tour.

skywalk at mayura zipline

This skywalk may have been the scariest part of the Mayura Zipline course.

Other things to do in Mondulkiri Cambodia

The big draw in Mondulkiri is the chance to visit an elephant sanctuary. After extensive research into the various elephant experiences available in Sen Monorom, I recommend Elephant Valley Project.

Where to Stay in Sen Monorom Cambodia

  • I really liked my stay at Nature Lodge Mondulkiri, which has (very) rustic cabins in the countryside a couple of kilometres out of town.
  • Indigenous People Lodge is a good alternative to Nature Lodge but a little closer to town.
  • If you don’t want horses under your house at night or to share your bathroom with a giant spider (like I did), stay in the city at the budget-friendly Avocado Guesthouse.

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  Happy mindful adventures, Jane & Stephen

I was a guest on the Mayura Zipline course but as always, I only participate in and recommend trips that I think you’ll truly enjoy!

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If you're up for a little eco-adventure in Mondulkiri Cambodia, you'll find it at Mayura Zipline. Fly through the tree tops and see the famous Bousra Waterfall from above! Here's everything you need to know before you go.

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