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The best Mui Ne hotels for backpackers, flash packers and luxury travellers

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Mui Ne hotels can be a bit hit or miss, so choose where you stay carefully. The location and quality of your hotel can make or break your visit to this little beach town. Read this post to discover where to stay in Mui Ne for every budget.

If you’re looking for Mui Ne hotels, you probably already know that the big attraction in Mui Ne is the never-ending stretch of soft sandy beach.

In the winter months, it’s a hotspot for travellers from all over the world who come to warm their chilly bones. The spectacular Mui Ne sand dunes and the sheltered south-facing beaches give Mui Ne one of the best year-round climates in Vietnam.

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mui ne Vietnam hotels beach
Mui Ne beach is the ideal place for recharging.

At any time of year, Mui Ne is ideal for lounging by the pool, swimming in the ocean, learning to kite surf, or just leaning into the beach bum lifestyle.

Mui Ne is also the perfect place for some spirit-renewing “me” time. We spent two weeks in town doing daily yoga practices, meditating, re-evaluating our goals, and planning for the future.

It can be a little tricky to find the best Mui Ne Vietnam hotels since there is so much Mui Ne accommodation from which to choose. You’ve got to pick your spot carefully, too, since the Mui Ne beach migrates, leaving some resorts beachless for much of the year.

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The Best Mui Ne Hotels for Every Budget

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Which is the Best Area to Stay in Mui Ne?

Trying to figure out where to stay in Mui Ne is tough. The oceanfront road is long and lined with resort after resort after resort.

In Mui Ne, the fanciest hotels — with the highest prices to match — are arrayed at the west end of the beach. Moving east, closer to the middle of the beach, the prices drop to a manageable level.

Oceanfront hotels in Mui Ne are, naturally, more expensive than those on the land side of the road. So, if you’re on a tiny budget, cross the street to the non-waterfront properties, where there’s a decent selection of budget Mui Ne hotels and resorts.

The most central hotels don’t have any sandy beach to speak of but they do provide stairs so you can go ocean swimming straight from your resort. At the east end of the beach, the prices start to rise again but never soar to the heights in the west.

Best Hostels in Mui Ne

Mui Ne Backpacker Village

Rating 8.3, $6-8 dorm bed, $25 double room

mui ne Vietnam hotels
Backpacker Village gets our vote for the best Mui Ne hostel.

If you’re into the backpacker scene, this Mui Ne backpackers hostel is the best place to stay in Mui Ne. The dorms and private rooms are well-equipped, clean and modern. The onsite restaurant delivers typical breakfast fare at some of the cheapest prices in Mui Ne, plus smoothies, cocktails, and beer.

The centrepiece is the courtyard pool, where you can party into the night or splash around in the heat of the day.

Though the vibe at Backpacker Village is not quite right for us (let’s face it, we’re just too old for the backpacker party lifestyle) if you want to meet people, party by the pool, and watch the sun come up with like-minded travellers, it’s the perfect budget accommodation in Mui Ne.

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Mui Ne Xua Cafe Hostel

Rating 8.9, dorm bed $6, breakfast $3

Despite being a backpacker hostel, Xua Cafe Hostel feels more like a tropical eco lodge getaway (perfect for chilled-out travellers). Surrounded by nature, each dorm is a straw hut with a thatched roof and bamboo woven walls.

There are many sweet spots to relax outside, including hanging out on the hammocks, sun terrace and balcony (with ocean views). If you enjoy outdoorsy activities, you can check out a kitesurfing school or rent bicycles.

Reviewers love the laid-back vibe here, plus the great location.

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iHome Mui Ne

Rating 8.9, $6 mixed dorm bed, $26 deluxe private double room, breakfast not included

iHome Mui Ne is like a little patch of paradise, with their own private beach, garden and bar.

You don’t have to splash out much to enjoy this paradise, with cheap dorm and reasonable double room prices. You can either spend your time relaxing on the beach hammocks watching the waves go by, or make new friends over board games, table tennis, pool and more.

iHome is a short walk away from a variety of restaurants, small shops and markets. Plus, they have free beer at happy hour, which you can sip while watching the sunset over the ocean.

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Best Hotels in Mui Ne for Budget Travellers

Cocosand Hotel Mui Ne

Rating 9.1, $14 standard double, no breakfast

mui ne Vietnam hotels
At Cocosand, you’ll want to hang out in the hammock all day.

We stayed here and loved it. We’ve stayed in a lot of super-budget hotels during our travels but Cocosand has got to be the most impressive of them all. Spotlessly clean (much cleaner than most hotels!), the rooms are spacious and comfortable.

The decor is strictly functional but it functions very well. The family who runs Cocosand are extremely friendly and helpful. They bent over backwards to make us feel welcome.

The rooms at Cocosand are arrayed around a luscious sandy central courtyard, shaded by coconut palms and dotted with hammocks and picnic tables. Lying back in your hammock and gazing up at the coconuts above, you might almost imagine you’ve found your own private island.

If you’re a little adventurous and looking for a Mui Ne budget hotel, Cocosand is one of the best!

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Riva Mui Ne Resort

Rating 7.6, $60 double room with sea view (but we got it for $27!), breakfast included

mui ne Vietnam hotels
Riva Resort is perfect for a big family stay.

We stayed here and really liked it. Riva Mui Ne is much better than its 7.6 rating suggests. After almost 10 days at Cocosand, we decided to splurge and get ourselves a waterfront room for a few nights.

Being low season, we managed to snatch a poolside room at Riva Mui Ne for a bargain-basement price. They don’t have a sandy beach to lie on, but they do have easy access to dip into the warm ocean water whenever we felt like it.

Riva is a friendly family place, often catering to large family groups — in short, the ideal place to bring your kids. If you want to be immersed in middle-class Vietnamese family life, stay at Riva. Skip it if kids screaming in the pool and men yelling outside your door at 6am will drive you insane.

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Mui Ne Ocean House

Rating 8.7, king room $13, double room with sea view $17, breakfast $2

Mui Ne Ocean House offers a comfy stay with staff who will make you feel like part of the family. Ocean House takes a conscious approach to the hotel business, even catering for guests with allergies.

There is a sunbed area and a large pool, which is cleaned by ultraviolet rather than chlorine. When you don’t feel like hanging out at the beach or exploring, visit the spa and wellness centre or arrange activities such as snorkelling, canoeing, windsurfing and more.

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Best Boutique & Mid-Range Hotels

Thuy Thuy Cottages

Rating 9.5, $45 standard cottage, no breakfast

mui ne Vietnam hotels
The pool at Thuy Thuy Cottages is fabulous.

We stayed here and really liked it. On the land-side of the road, Thuy Thuy makes up for its lack of beach access with luxurious bungalows set in a lush garden.

Hammocks swing between palm trees and the pool glints in the sun, beckoning you to escape from the midday heat. We only stayed one night at Thuy Thuy but we’d have gladly stayed a few more. It’s a great spot for people who like the finer things in life but don’t care about an ocean view.

If you’re looking for a Mui Ne Bungalow in a lush garden setting, Thuy Thuy is an excellent choice.

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Joe’s Seaside Boutique

Rating 8.5, $56 bungalow, breakfast included

mui ne Vietnam hotels
Joe’s Seaside is a great place to sit by the beach all afternoon.

We stayed here and loved it. We were lucky enough to spend a month at Joe’s Seaside, teaching daily yoga classes and enjoying the fabulous garden and pool at Joe’s.

We spent so much time working in the Barefoot Cafe at Joe’s Seaside Boutique, that we became part of the scenery. Not only does Joe’s have some of the best vegetarian food in Mui Ne, but it’s a welcoming, friendly place, where people naturally meet and socialize.

The grassy grounds of Joe’s are the perfect spot for a morning yoga session — ask them for info about their free yoga. Joe’s also offers kite-surfing and regular surfing lessons from their beachfront surf shack and an attractive pool for those days you can’t be bothered to walk 50 metres to the ocean.

All the rooms at Joe’s Seaside Boutique are stone bungalows with quiet, private outdoor seating area. Joe’s also offers rooms at Joe’s Cafe, just down the road.

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La Marina Boutique Hotel & Spa

9.0 rating, double room with balcony $44, breakfast not included

La Marina Boutique Hotel & Spa has tasteful minimalist design, with Balinese-style beds and ocean view rooms. Just 50 m from the beach, it also offers a swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. The possibilities for relaxation are endless!

What makes La Marina Hotel exceptional is their dedication to eliminating waste — they don’t use any plastic on the property or provide paper napkins.

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Best Luxury Hotels in Mui Ne

Coco Beach Resort

Rating 8.5, $110 double bungalow, breakfast included

mui ne hotels
Coco Beach’s traditional villas are so beautiful!

The entire two weeks on our first visit to Mui Ne, Coco Beach Resort Mui Ne was closed for annual maintenance work. This is a great sign, showing that they take time each year to repair the damage wrought by salt water and wind-driven sand. We spent much of our time in Mui Ne lounging on Coco Beach’s wide sandy beach, hiding under the shade provided by their yellow umbrellas.

Update: When we returned to Mui Ne a few months later, Coco Beach Resort was open for business. They offered to show us around the resort so of course we said yes!! The bungalows are beautiful and if you have the budget, definitely consider Coco Beach. For mid-range to high-end travellers, it might be the best resort in Mui Ne.

Coco Beach is in the perfect spot for beach bums and ocean-swimming fanatics! You can also get a waterfront massage and enjoy cocktails on the sand. There appears to be plenty of space on the grounds to roll out a yoga mat and they offer yoga classes at certain times of year as well.

What we really love about Coco Beach resort are the stilt bungalows spread out throughout their lush gardens. On the outside, they look like traditional Vietnamese huts but on the inside, they are equipped with modern amenities and comfy beds.

Read reviews & check prices

Mia Mui Ne Resort

Rating 9.3, $120 garden view double, $160 garden view bungalow, superb breakfast included

mui ne hotels
For one of the most luxe Mui Ne Hotels, try Mia Resort.

If you’re looking for a heavenly splurge, Mia Mui Ne boutique resort is the place to do it. For the price of a budget hotel room in a bad area of Paris, you get a luxury room with private balcony, access to a pristine pool, a private beach, and top notch service at Mia Mui Ne.

With on-site kite surfing lessons, Vietnamese language lessons, yoga classes, and a restaurant that also does room service, and serves Winking Seal craft beer, you probably won’t need to leave the resort.

Read reviews & check prices

How Do We Choose Where to Stay?

When at all possible, we stay in hotels, hostels, and guest houses where our money makes a positive impact in the community and the hotel minimizes its impact on the environment.

To keep our money local — instead of funnelling it into international hotel chains — we try to stay at small, family owned hotels and hostels whenever possible. These small hotels tend to be more mindful about food, water and electricity waste and are usually less expensive than their corporate-owned counterparts.

We also focus on how a hotel might impact our own mindfulness.

We like to find places where we can feel completely relaxed — safe, clean, and welcome. Having a comfortable place to sleep every night helps us to roll out of bed in the morning as the best possible version of ourselves.

Finally, for us, hotels get a few extra “mindful” points for having enough space to roll out a yoga mat and practice a little Adventure Yoga.

Why Did We Write This Guide?

We write comprehensive posts about hotels in places we’ve been because we want to share the hours of hotel research we do — we know that most people just don’t have the time to explore every hotel option out there!

We also know that online reviews can be misleading but we’ve had enough experience that we can usually spot the duds a mile away!

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I hope you found our guide to Mui Ne Vietnam Hotels helpful!! If you have any questions about Mui Ne beach or any of the hotels we’ve recommended, ask them in the comments below. And if you’ve stayed in a great hotel in Mui Ne, let us know!

It’s easy to help us keep this blog going! Some of the links in this post are our personal affiliate links. If you book or buy something using one of the links in this post we’ll earn a small fee at no extra cost to you. Of course we would never recommend anything we didn’t 100% believe in! Huge thanks in advance! –S&J

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It can be a little tricky to find the best Mui Ne hotels, since both sides of the main road are lined with wall-to-wall resorts, hostels and hotels. You've got to pick your spot carefully, too, since the beach migrates, leaving some resorts beachless for much of the year. Click for your guide to the best Mui Ne hotels.


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