This Phnom Penh Boutique Hotel is a Unique Retreat in the City Centre (Review)

Ancient teahouse meets urban cool at this comfy boutique hotel

phnom penh boutique hotel

This Phnom Penh boutique hotel is perfect for couples or families who want comfort, style, and a peaceful place to retreat after exploring the bustling city.

There’s a special magic that happens when a hotel finds the right balance between comfort, design, and a welcoming atmosphere.

TeaHouse Asian Urban Hotel, a welcoming boutique hotel in Phnom Penh’s bustling city centre, struck all the right chords for me.

I loved the large, open lobby, designed to resemble a traditional Chinese teahouse. It also includes secluded pockets of seating for intimate conversations or contemplation.

phnom penh accommodation

This Phnom Penh boutique hotel has a urban teahouse vibe.

The rooms are spacious and modern, with all the amenities you might expect, like a safe, bathrobes, and a very comfortable bed. The bright red accent wall and matching lounge chairs, with little details like the traditional tea set, add to the charm.

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What I loved at TeaHouse Phnom Penh Boutique Hotel

Ancient teahouse meets modern Asia. I love a boutique hotel with character and TeaHouse has plenty of it. From the comfortable tearoom seating in the lobby, to the bright red accent walls in the rooms, TeaHouse stays true to their theme without sacrificing modern amenities.

Gorgeous furniture. Hotel furniture is usually unattractive and uncomfortable. So I was thrilled when I first sat in my desk chair at TeaHouse. Not only did it look great but it was actually comfortable!

Lots of space. I was also surprised by the size of the rooms — usually city centre hotels squeeze you into the minimum square footage they can manage. Book a Deluxe or Superior room at TeaHouse if you want a little extra space.

phnom penh boutique hotel

The furniture at TeaHouse is comfortable and beautiful.

Price list for tuk tuks. Tuk tuks are as ubiquitous to Phnom Penh as yellow cabs are to New York (though you’ll have no trouble flagging a tuk tuk in Phnom Penh). They are by far the fastest and cheapest way to get around the city. TeaHouse posts a list of “correct” prices for tuk tuks to the most popular destinations, making negotiations with the drivers much easier.

However, I do recommend PassApp, which is the Uber-for-tuk-tuks in Phnom Penh. The app calls a tuk tuk for you, tells you what the price will be, and tells the driver exactly where you want to go. The company uses small new tuk tuks, which keeps the price low and the emissions to a minimum.

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Unusual extras at TeaHouse

Gym and yoga room. It is so hard to stay fit while travelling, especially in a city like Phnom Penh, which is not great for walking and way too hot and dusty to even consider running. The TeaHouse gym provides a few treadmills and weights, plus they have yoga mats! There’s also an onsite spa if you want your wellness in a lazier package.

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Daily tea ceremony. In keeping with the theme, TeaHouse offers an afternoon tea service where you can choose from 30 teas from around the world. A classic high tea set is also available, featuring house-made pastries and biscuits.

phnom penh accommodation

A full tea set and a range of teas are provided in the room.

Environmental and Social Responsibility at TeaHouse

TeaHouse and the hotel group they belong to, Maads Asia, run training programs for their staff, in subjects such as English, management, and accounting. They also hire from within the organization whenever possible, promoting staff to more qualified positions at their various hotels.

Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in Cambodian culture and arts — Maads partners with and promotes local artists and artisans, often running art shows in their hotels.

Environmentally, the group is involved in various green initiatives at their properties and they participate in the Cleaner City trash clean-up program.

Finally, TeaHouse has a strict no visitors policy. This is important because, in Cambodia, sex tourism is a big problem. If your hotel doesn’t allow visitors, it means they are actively working against sex tourism.

What I didn’t love at TeaHouse

Buffet breakfast. I’m hardly ever thrilled by a buffet breakfast and TeaHouse breakfast was no exception. The breads and to-order eggs were fine, but the hot items, including pancakes, potatoes, rice porridge, and fried veggies were typical lacklustre buffet fare.

Kid-oriented pool area. Maybe it was just my timing but it seemed like every time I tried to use the pool, it was filled with kids jumping and splashing and generally having a wonderful time. I’m not usually averse to a little kid-friendly fun at the pool but the limited space at TeaHouse meant that the kids ran the pool.

If you have kids, the TeaHouse pool is a perfect place to spend your afternoon. If not, consider staying at Blue Lime, another wonderful Phnom Penh boutique hotel where their over-16s policy guarantees a tranquil pool experience.

phnom penh boutique hotel

The pool wasn’t busy all day – just when I went to use it!

What’s in the neighbourhood of this Phnom Penh boutique hotel?

Boeung Keng Kang. Also known as BKK1, this neighbourhood just south of the Independence monument is a 5-minute walk from TeaHouse. This is a popular quarter for foreigners and is littered with international restaurants for all budgets.

Street 240 shopping. If you’re looking for handwoven textiles, women’s clothing, and design gifts, Street 240, just a few minutes’ walk from TeaHouse, is an excellent place to start. Stop in at Elsewhere for Cambodian-made designer clothes and jewelry or visit Watthan Artisans for scarves and casual clothing made by disabled Cambodians.

phnom penh boutique hotel

Elsewhere offers a great selection of gifts and clothing made by local artisans.

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Tours in Phnom Penh

If you like to book ahead, check out these popular tours in Phnom Pehn:

Where to eat near TeaHouse

Cafe Soleil. There are plenty of budget vegetarian restaurants in Phnom Penh but unfortunately, many of them are just not very good. Cafe Soleil was my favourite, offering fresh and flavourful meals for just a few dollars. It’s about a 10-minute walk from TeaHouse, though you do have to cross the enormously busy Preah Sihanouk Boulevard.

phnom penh accommodation

The room service sticky rice with mango at TeaHouse should not be missed!

Bistrot Langka. A French fusion restaurant which twists its menu towards Italian and Asian food too, this is a casual eatery that takes their food seriously. It receives unfailingly high reviews and I wish I had made time to stop by.

BKK1 Restaurants. There are plenty of international restaurants in the BKK1 neighbourhood just south of TeaHouse. Try Mexicano, Banh Mi & Bros, or Taste Budz if you want to depart from Cambodian food for an evening.

Book your stay at TeaHouse

Check reviews, photos, and availability on and contact TeaHouse directly to negotiate the best prices.

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If you're looking for comfort, style, and a cool place to retreat from the hectic streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, this boutique hotel delivers! #boutiquehotels #cambodia #phnompenh

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