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Traditional Czech food is a real meat-fest, so we’re thrilled that the vegan scene in Prague is growing so fast. Prague vegan restaurants are still a bit hit-or-miss though – we’ve had a lot of bad meals in Prague. Use our guide to avoid the worst and taste the best of Prague vegan food.

What’s in our Guide to Vegan Food in Prague?

On our recent trip to Prague, we spent more than a week exploring the sights and sounds of this magical city.

We were shocked to see just how much tourism has grown since our last trip to Prague four years ago. The sights haven’t changed much — most of them are hundreds of years old — but the prices sure have!

What was once a cheap city break has become almost as pricey as Paris or London.

More money and more tourists means more vegan food though, so we can’t complain too much! The old standbys of Prague’s animal-friendly eateries are still around and many more are sprouting up around the city.

Lucky for us, though we were travelling with Stephen’s parents, they were very patient as we dragged them around to explore the ins and outs of Prague vegan food.

I loved having their omnivore opinions to add to our own!

Best Prague Vegan Food

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Prague Districts and City Layout

A quick note before we start in with the tasty vegan food!

Prague is divided into numbered districts (much like the Parisian arrondisements), so we’ve organized our guide to vegan food in Prague accordingly.

Here’s a quick trip through the districts of Prague that we mention:

Prague 1

The city centre, including both the west bank of the Vltava River, where Prague Castle is located, and the Old Town, on the east bank.

Prague 2

Includes the New Town, just south of the Old Town, and the trendy Vinohrady district. If you’re trying to decide where to stay in Prague, this might be a good area, since many of the best vegan restaurants are here and in Prague 3.

Prague 3

Stretches east from the city centre, non-touristy and with easy tram connections to the centre. We stayed here on our last visit, in Zizkov.

Prague 5

A huge district. The section directly south of Prague 1, on the west bank of the river, is a terrific place to walk and enjoy the view.

Prague 7

North of the river and the Old City. Tourists don’t come here very much.

Prague 8

North of Prague 3, runs along the south bank of the river.

prague district map

Our vegan guide is organized by Prague district number.

Map by Alexrk2 — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Vegan Food in Prague 1, Staré Město / Old Town Area

Country Life

Vegan cafeteria at Melantrichova 463/15, Staré Město

vegan prague

We weren’t impresed with Country Life but others love it.

Country Life is an old-school vegan cafeteria, with a buffet of hot entrees and a salad bar. They also operate a chain of small vegan-friendly grocery stores.

When we arrived, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was in a hospital canteen or the high school cafeteria, since you take a plastic tray and serve yourself from the long buffet. The indifferent staff, who didn’t seem keen to answer our questions or help us in any way, really added to the whole “institutional cafeteria” vibe.

The food was fine, but it’s the kind of place that gives plant-based food a bad reputation. I was embarrassed that it was the first vegan meal we shared with my omnivore in-laws in Prague.

We ate: I don’t really remember what we got from the buffet. Nothing exciting, that’s for sure.


Vegan burgers and salads at Veleslavínova 93/10, Staré Město

vegan prague

Forky’s in Prague has great burgers and big salad bowls.

After a few dissatisfying vegan meals in Prague, I finally decided we better go somewhere I knew would be great. I first discovered Forky‘s, a small vegan chain, when I was housesitting in Brno and was happy to go back.

Forky’s Burgers are fantastic, made with fresh ingredients and encased in perfectly toasted buns. Skip the fries though — both times I’ve had them they’ve been cold and tasteless. Forky’s also offers a range of noodle and salad bowls, plus fresh salads.

We ate: Forky’s Cheez Burger, with vegan cheddar that actually tastes like cheddar! The Buddha Broccoli Bowl, which was bland, with too many noodles and not enough toppings. The Superbowl, a huge salad bowl with toppings you get to choose, is the best value on the menu!

Lehká hlava / Clear Head

Vegetarian with vegan options at Boršov 280/2, Staré Město

vegan prague

Clear Head made us some of our favourite food in Prague.

This was the huge surprise of our trip. Somehow, I missed Clear Head in all my foodie research — Stephen’s dad was the one to suggest it. The restaurant was so busy, we had to sit in a little annex, which ended up feeling like a private dining experience for four.

We all agreed that the food at Clear Head was some of the best we had in Prague. If you’re planning on going for dinner, make a reservation!

We ate: The burger, which was a little bun-heavy, but otherwise very good. The pasta with meatballs, which were plump and chewy, if not particularly flavourful.

Loving Hut

Vegan chain at Spálená 2121/22, Nové Město & 4 other locations in Prague

vegan prague

This Loving Hut in Prague is bright and friendly.

If you’re a frequent reader of my vegan guides, you’ll know that I’ve never found a Loving Hut I liked very much.

This branch, near Wenceslas Square, is one of the better ones. It is bright and modern inside, with friendly staff who were happy to answer our questions. They have a small buffet, which looked tasty, plus a range of Vietnamese-influenced items you can order off the menu.

We ate: Big plates of Vietnamese noodles (bun chay) with tofu skin. It was filling but lacked the flavourful sauce that you get on bun chay in Vietnam. We also had deep-fried spring rolls from the buffet which looked better than they tasted.

Creme de la Creme

Omnivore ice cream shop at Husova 231/12, Staré Město & Národní 23, Staré Město

vegan prague

Grab the vegan ice cream at Creme de la Creme in Prague. So good!

This seems to be the year that vegan ice cream comes into its own. Lately, there are a few scoops of vegan deliciousness in almost every ice cream freezer we peer into.

I’m pretty picky about my vegan ice cream though – I can honestly say the vegan options at Creme de la Creme were fantastic. A welcoming ice cream shop just a few steps from the old town square, it’s a great place to escape Prague’s crowds and cool off.

We ate: The vegan salted peanut butter ice cream, which was a celebration of caramelly yum. The chocolate was creamy, dark, and dreamy.

Vegan Food in Prague 1, Malá Strana / Prague Castle Area

Vegan’s Prague

Vegan restaurant at Nerudova 221/36, Malá Strana

vegan prague

Vegan’s Prague is the best place to sample traditional Czech food made vegan.

vegan prague

The Czech food at vegan’s Prague was very good.

If you look south from the Prague Castle gardens, you can spot Vegan’s Prague hiding in the rooftops below. They serve veganized versions of Czech specialities, plus salads, burgers and a few international dishes. It’s the perfect place to eat after your morning visit to the castle.

We ate: The cabbage rolls, which were almost as good as my Russian grandmother used to make. A special, which was two nut- and seed-based patties accompanied by heaps of creamy mashed potatoes.

An outstanding salad bowl, chock full of whole peeled almonds, avocados, peppers and other tasty vegetables. Traditional Svíčková with dumplings and smoked tempeh. Also, the raspberry lemonade was full of fresh crushed raspberries. Yum.

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Vegan Food in Prague 2

Cafe Moment

Vegan cafe at Slezská 62

vegan prague

Cafe Moment in Prague is really cute and has great food.

vegan prague

Try the chocolate cake at Moment. You won’t regret it!

Cafe Moment is a homey little eatery with friendly staff and cute decor.

My memory of Cafe Moment from our first visit to Prague a few years ago was hazy — I dreamily recalled a slice of heavenly hazelnut cake. Our second visit, after drinking many beers at the Prague Beer Festival, has created new tasty memories for us to take home.

We ate: The Shawarma, a fresh pita stuffed with juicy fake meat called “robi” and drizzled with a garlicky soyannaise. The chocolate cake, which was rich, crumbly, and filling.

The other desserts we had, a cookie and a slice of apple pie, were OK, but nowhere near as great as the cake.

Vegan Food in Prague 3

Donut Shop

Donut shop with lots of vegan options at nám. J. z Poděbrad 1658/11, Vinohrady

vegan prague donuts

If there’s only one place you eat in Prague, make it Donut Shop!!!

Don’t miss! Great news! There is such a thing as to-die-for-vegan donuts — and they live in Prague.

We are vegan donut snobs, trying them all and being repeatedly disappointed. They’re never as good as the omnivore donuts we ate BV (before veganism).

At the aptly named Donut Shop, we ordered one donut, expecting to be disappointed yet again. Instead, we gobbled it down and immediately came back for a box of four more.

Stephen’s sweet-toothed father approved of the donuts, so get ready to impress your omni friends!

We ate: All the vegan donuts! Then we went back the next morning to try the chocolate-drenched cinnamon bun, which was, arguably, even better. God, I want one now!


Vegan lunch restaurant at Šrobárova 2159/9, Šrobárova

vegan prague

Incruenti might have been our favourite vegan restaurant in Prague.

vegan prague

Incruenti made some of our fav vegan food in Prague!

Don’t miss! This independent vegan restaurant, near the Flora shopping centre, is totally worth the tram ride!

Incruenti is hidden on a residential street and caters mainly to locals. They have a changing daily menu with just three items, so you get what you get. But, if your experience is anything like ours was, what you get will be great.

Note that Incruenti is only open from 11am–3pm except on Wednesday, when they open for dinner as well, from 6pm–11pm.

We ate: What we were given! Stephen had a creamy plate of risotto. I ate a classic Czech meal made vegan — beet patties with perfect mashed potatoes.

Vegg Go

Vegan chain in the food court at Flora Mall at Vinohradská 2828/151
Also at 5, Náměstí Míru 1220/3, Praha 2 & Plzeňská 8, Anděl, Prague 5

vegan prague

The burger at Vegg Go was pretty good and it’s nice to see a food court vegan stall.

We spotted this little vegan stand in the Flora shopping centre food court and were happy to see a vegan option for hungry shoppers. There are a few other Vegg Go locations around Prague, too. They offer fresh salads, burgers, soups, snacks, and desserts.

We ate: The Vegg Burger Protein, which was a perfectly fine burger, if not terribly exciting.

Vegan Pizza in Prague 7

Pizza Letná

Omnivore take-away pizza with vegan cheese option at Haškova 3

vegan prague

If you’re craving vegan pizza in Prague, try Pizza Letna.

Pizza Letna is an omnivore take-away pizza joint — grab your pie and walk to nearby Letna Park for a picnic.

The only speciality vegan topping they have is vegan cheese, which we didn’t order, because we’ve never had a vegan pizza cheese we liked. The crust was great, but unless you love vegan cheese or are a pizza die-hard, it’s not really worth the trek.

Vegan Pizza in Prague 8

Pizzeria Manna

Omnivore traditional pizza with vegan cheese option at Urxova 483/5, Karlín

It is an unfussy old neighbourhood restaurant that, to be honest, we really didn’t like! Pizzeria Manna still gets rave reviews from vegans online though.

On our visit a couple of years ago, we ordered a vegan pizza and were delivered a pizza with ham on it. Granted, they happily fixed the mistake. Sadly, their vegan pizza smothered in sticky oily vegan “cheese” wasn’t very good.

Still, vegans keep going back and raving about it, so maybe we just had a bad experience. Let us know if you’ve been there recently!

Vegan Hot Chocolate in Prague 5

Cafe Savoy

Omnivore old world cafe at Vítězná 124/5, Malá Strana, Smíchov

prague vegan

If you like chocolate and old world glamour, make the time to go to Cafe Savoy.

If you want to experience the atmosphere of an old world Prague café, where philosophers, poets, and revolutionaries would gather to discuss their world-changing ideas, Cafe Savoy is a great place to do it. The only problem is, they have next-to-nothing for vegans.

I only included them in this vegan guide to Prague because of their incredible traditional Czech hot chocolate, which can be made vegan.

To get it, order the mocha with almond milk. This is a combination of melted Valhrona 70% dark chocolate, almond milk, and strong espresso. If you’ve never had hot chocolate like this before, prepare to be blown away!

We hope this guide to vegan food in Prague helps you fill your belly with delicious meals! Let us know in the comments if you have questions, updates, or thoughts on anything vegan in Prague!

  Happy mindful adventures, Jane & Stephen

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Traditional Czech food is a real meat-fest, so we're thrilled that the vegan scene in Prague is growing so fast. Prague vegan restaurants are still a bit hit-or-miss so though – we've had a lot of bad meals in Prague. Use our guide to avoid the worst and find the best of Prague vegan food. #vegan #vegetarian #prague #travel

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