9 Transformational Things to Do In Sechelt, BC on the Sunshine Coast

These Sechelt activities can take your trip from typical to transformational!

kayaks on the water in sechelt bc

Looking for things to do in Sechelt, BC? In this post, we share our favourite activities in Sechelt, from high-adrenalin to deeply relaxing. Each one has the power to take your trip from typical to transformational. Read on to plan your Sechelt adventure!

What’s in our guide to Sechelt, BC?

It only takes a couple of hours to get from Vancouver to Sechelt where the small-town welcome will make you wonder why you never visited before. Named for the indigenous Shíshálh people and said to mean “land between two waters”, Sechelt is uniquely situated on what amounts to a giant sandbar between the Salish Sea and Sechelt Inlet.

This unique position gives visitors access to the best of both watery worlds.

The Salish Sea side is a great place to stroll the beach, go for a salty swim, watch the spectacular pink and blue sunsets, or just enjoy the waves rolling onto shore. The Sechelt Inlet side offers calm protected waters, ideal for kayaking and other boating activities amid some of the most spectacular landscape you’re ever likely to see.

view of sechelt inlet and rolling hills
The landscape around Sechelt Inlet is some of the most extraordinary in the world.

The town of Sechelt offers a huge selection of accommodation, restaurants, and other facilities, like pubs and grocery stores. It’s also a great place to base yourself for day trips up and down the Sunshine Coast, from nearby Robert’s Creek to far-flung Lund and all stops in between.

We spent almost a week in Sechelt, getting to know the locals, enjoying the laid-back vibe, and exploring nature in and out of the water.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Sechelt, from high-adrenalin sports to immersions in nature, from the taste bud tantalizing to the deeply relaxing, read on for our guide to…

9 Transformational Things to do in Sechelt, BC

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Get Wet on Sechelt Inlet

woman in a kayak under a blue sky
Kayaking on Sechelt Inlet will change the way you see the world.

Because of its position on the Sechelt Inlet, Sechelt offers some of the most protected waters on the British Columbia coastline. During our day kayaking the inlet, we saw about a million different kinds of starfish, watched bald eagles dive for their dinner, and were even followed by two baby seals for a while!

At Pedals and Paddles in Sechelt, you can rent a kayak or SUP to experience the marvellously calm waters of Sechelt Inlet.

If you’re new to kayaking or want to learn about the sea life and history of BC while you paddle, sign up for their 2-hour guided kayak tours.

For a truly transformational adventure, rent a kayak for a few days and take a self-guided tour of Sechelt Inlet. There are plenty of marine campgrounds on the inlet where you’ll get to experience complete solitude.

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or brand new to the sport, gliding silently through the water and observing nature without disturbing it has the power to transform the way you perceive the world around you.

Go Wild at Tzoonie Wilderness Retreat

camping tent with blue chairs outside
Camping at Tzoonie Wilderness Resort will take you back to the 1970s.

Want to know what it was like to be a kid in 1970, before we were all hooked on the smart phones in our pockets?

If so, book a stay at Tzoonie Wilderness Resort, where there’s no WiFi, only a dash of electricity, and no cell reception whatsoever. The resort is a 60-minute boat ride from Sechelt, on Narrows Inlet, where roads don’t go — so there’s no traffic noise there either!

cabin on a dock with a mountain in the background
An hour outside of Sechelt, Tzoonie Wilderness Resort will take you far away from our always-on modern world.

Art, the owner, has had a place on the inlet for 40 years, and the area was inhabited by First Nations people for thousands of years before that.

It only took about 2 hours at Tzoonie before we felt the magic of the surroundings and the storied history seeping into our bones.

Here, we had the most magical night of the summer, sitting on the beach as the sun went down and the stars came into existence, one twinkling point in the timeless distance after another.

Tzoonie makes the perfect escape from the constant go go go of our always-online world. It gave us a chance to reconnect to the things that matter most to us, heal old wounds, and open to whatever comes next.

Camp at Gorgeous Porpoise Bay

The golden beach at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park.

One of our favourite campgrounds on the Sunshine Coast, Porpoise Bay Provincial Park has an outstanding location on the outskirts of the city, looking out over Sechelt Inlet. Not only is the campground well maintained and fully equipped, but the swimming is sensational and the sunsets are inspirational.

There’s nothing like a few days sleeping in a tent to transform your perspective on what constitutes a necessity in life. Electricity? Who needs it? Heating and air conditioning? Pah? Television? What for?

It’s amazing how quickly these things can go from seeming essential to irrelevant. Hopefully you’ll be able to retain this new way of thinking when you return home.

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Take a Cider Flight

taster size glasses of cider
Fans of artisanal cider should make time for a tasting at Bricker’s Cider in Sechelt.

If you love artisanal booze as much as we do, stop in at Bricker’s Cider for a tasting flight or a jar of cider made from locally sourced ingredients. Bricker’s has their own orchards in Sechelt, but also takes apple donations from the locals, many of whom have over-producing apple trees on their properties.

Bricker’s is a great place to bring kids, too, as you can all sit out in the big garden and enjoy a cider or apple juice while munching on whatever delights the on-site food truck is serving that day.

My pick from our tasting flights was the Sun Coaster while Stephen liked the Brickers Hopped. However, I really want to go back to try the new Brickers Frambo, a dry cider flavoured with BC Raspberries.

Their flavours change throughout the year as seasonally available ingredients come and go, so there’s always something new and adventurous to try.

Plus, we love that Bricker’s is a true family business, involving (at least) three generations. The story of how the Bricker’s team got their start, spending every weekend commuting from Vancouver to work the land from dawn until dusk, is truly inspirational to anyone who is working towards transforming their lives!

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Get High on Two Wheels

Want to try your skills at Canada’s first low elevation mountain bike park? Then bring your mountain bike (or rent one) to Coast Gravity Park, where 12 trails in the forest above Porpoise Bay await all levels of riders. Trails range from beginner to pro-line double black diamond, so there’s something to challenge everyone.

The entire trail system was built by The Coastal Crew, a gang of world-renowned riders and builders. If you’re new to mountain biking or want to improve your already considerable skills, book a pro coach to keep you safe or get you cornering faster, jumping higher, and tackling drops fearlessly.

Treat Yourself to a Cupcake at Cheeky Monkey

chocolate and coconut cupcake on a wooden table
The cupcakes at Cheeky Monkey in Sechelt, BC may well transform your day!

With a huge selection of seasonal flavours, like Vanilla Salted Caramel, Earl Grey Tea, and Pumpkin Spice, this little bakery tucked away down a blind alley in Sechelt has something for almost any sweet tooth.

Plus, if you’re vegan or gluten free, don’t worry, Cheeky Monkey has lots of options for you, too.

We had one vegan double chocolate and one vegan chocolate coconut cupcake on our visit — both about as delicious as a cupcake can be!

While I am aware that cake is not necessarily transformational, I do believe that the small pleasures in life can really add up. So go ahead and treat yourself.

Stroll Along the Sechelt Waterfront

sunset in sechelt bc
There’s nothing like sitting and watching the sunset to recharge and relax at the end of the day.

If high-adrenalin isn’t your style, take a leisurely stroll along the Sechelt waterfront instead. The wide sandy beach on Sechelt’s coast is the perfect place to watch the sunset, take a walk, or just lie in the sun.

Studies have shown that sitting by the ocean has a calming effect on our minds, helping us into an almost meditative state. Because of that, what might seem like a simple stroll along the seashore in Sechelt can be a truly transformational experience.

Learn About Local Culture

People often say that Canada has a short history compared to Europe or Asia. While it’s true that our official status is relatively short, we often forget that there have been people living in Canada for more than 10,000 years.

At the shíshálh Nation tems swiya Museum in Sechelt, you can learn about the culture of the people who lived in coastal BC long before Europeans ever set sail to the new world.

They have a large collection of cedar baskets, stone tools, and even one artifact that dates back more than 3,000 years. The museum has recently unveiled a digital facial reconstruction of a high-profile shíshálh family who lived on the coast 4,000 years ago.

Seeing the faces of the original settlers of this land might just transform the way you look at our modern-day world and your place in it.

Just Relax

sun shining through clouds in british columbia
There’s nothing wrong with sitting, relaxing, and drinking in the views.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sitting and relaxing, especially if you’re on holiday or a weekend away. Fortunately, Sechelt is a great place for that, too. If you need assistance in your relaxation efforts, stop in at Lily Peace, one of Sechelt’s highly rated day spas, for a massage or facial.

Or visit Sunshine Float, which is the only place on the Sunshine Coast where you can experience floatation therapy. Get ready to shed your stress and reconnect to yourself in one of their specially designed floatation units, where you’ll float in a shallow bath of Epsom salts while the sounds and sights of the external world drift away.

How to Get to Sechelt, BC

Getting from Vancouver to Sechelt

The easiest and most eco-friendly way to get to Sechelt from Vancouver is on BC Ferries. From Vancouver, drive or take the 257 Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver Express bus to Horseshoe Bay. The Sechelt ferry leaves Horseshoe Bay every couple of hours on most days and takes 40 minutes to get to Langdale, just outside of Gibsons. You can check the schedule here.

From Langdale, it’s an easy 30-minute drive to Sechelt. Or you can take the route 90 Sechelt-Gibsons/Landale Ferry Express bus which takes 40 minutes to reach Sechelt city centre.

Alternatively, you can get to Sechelt on a small Harbour Air plane right from Vancouver Harbour. Flights leave several times per day and take one hour. However, we don’t recommend this route because it’s less eco-friendly and you’ll miss all the beautiful scenery in between!

Getting from Vancouver Island to Sechelt

The best way to get to Sechelt from Vancouver Island is via BC Ferries, leaving from Departure Bay in Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay which takes about 2 hours. From there, change to the Langdale ferry, which takes another 40 minutes. Then follow the directions above to reach Sechelt.

Getting Around Sechelt, BC

By far the easiest way to see the Sunshine Coast is with your own car.

However, if you don’t want to drive or don’t have a car, you can still visit. Here’s how to get around without a car in Sechelt.

Sechelt bus — There are several bus lines that operate in and around Sechelt and will help you visit most attractions that are not in walking distance.

On foot — Downtown Sechelt is small and walkable, so bring your comfy walking shoes.

By bicycle — Sechelt can be busy but we found cycling around Sechelt to be easy and convenient (despite a couple of big hills). You can rent a bike from Off the Edge Bike Shop in Sechelt city centre.

Sunshine Shuttle — Harbour Air runs a shuttle bus from Sechelt to Pender Harbour, stopping at various places along the route. The shuttle costs $5 and you don’t have to be a Harbour Air passenger to use it.

Final Thoughts About Transformational Things to do in Sechelt, BC

Summer is the high season in Sechelt and things get busy and more expensive during the July and August rush.

If you’re planning a relaxing getaway where spas and quiet evenings are your ideal, head to Sechelt in late May and June, or September and October. You’ll still get to experience the best of Sechelt but there will be less traffic and fewer tourists around.

jane at the beach in sechelt
I camped in Sechelt in late May and though it was still a little cool, I had a fantastic time.

The Sunshine Coast also makes a perfect destination for a Christmas break. Sechelt and other towns are dotted with small boutiques and artisan galleries, where you’ll find unique gifts for family and friends.

If you’re planning a big outdoor adventure, like a multi-day kayaking tour or camping trip, then the summer months are best. Otherwise, pack your rain gear and some warm layers, just in case!

Finally, make sure to build in time in your itinerary for doing nothing. Giving yourself time to absorb the experiences of travel is the key to making your next trip transformational!

We hope this guide to transformational things to do in Sechelt, BC is helpful. Our goal is to help you break out of your comfort zone, expand your world view, and have an unforgettable and truly transformational trip! Email or message us on Instagram if you need any more advice about the Sunshine Coast.

♥  Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

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Looking for things to do in Sechelt, BC? In this post, we share our favourite activities in Sechelt, from high-adrenalin to deeply relaxing. Each one has the power to take your trip from typical to transformational. Click to plan your Sechelt adventure! #sechelt #britishcolumbia #canada #travel #mindfultravel #myfiveacres
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