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Planning a trip to Thailand? This is the perfect place to start. With 2 weeks in Thailand, you can island hop, sunbathe, jungle trek, visit ancient wats, and try all the amazing food! Read this post to plan your perfect Thailand 2-week itinerary.

There are so many ways to experience Thailand that in two weeks you will not have enough time to see the whole country. If time is not an issue, take at least 6 weeks to explore Thailand from top to bottom.

But, if you only have two weeks to play with, you can still see a few big sights and pack in a lot of adventure between beach days.

Also, don’t miss our mega guide to travelling in Thailand, covering all the travel advice you need before you go.

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Choose From Three Incredible Thailand Itineraries

We’ve created three distinct itineraries based on three travel styles.

If you’re like us, 2 weeks in Thailand just won’t be enough, and you’ll want a little bit of all three! In that case, link these three itineraries together to create a magnificent 6-week Thailand adventure.

  1. Adventure Itinerary – 2 Weeks in Northern Thailand
  2. History & Culture Itinerary – 2 Weeks in Central Thailand
  3. Beaches & Islands Itinerary – 2 Weeks in Southern Thailand
2 weeks thailand itinerary beach and palm trees
Whether you like beaches, temples, or adventure, we’ve got the right 2-week Thailand itinerary for you.

Thailand Itinerary Notes

  • The central and southern itineraries assume you will be flying in and out of Bangkok. For the northern itinerary, Chiang Mai is where you start and end.
  • These itineraries are pretty packed. If you only have two weeks in Thailand, we advise you skip at least one of the recommended destinations and extend your stay elsewhere. Slow travel is always more satisfying!
  • Look for the airplane symbol ✈ for travel details and time between destinations.
  • We have tried to keep travel times to 1/2 day or less, so you get to spend more time enjoying and less time on busses and trains.
  • Prices in high season are higher and prices in the south are higher, so to keep your Thailand trip cost low, go north in low season.
  • Cost of 2 weeks in Thailand: for a tight-budget trip, plan for $30–40 per day. Prices can rise indefinitely from there, depending on your choice of accommodation, restaurants, and activities.
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Adventure Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Northern Thailand

2 weeks in thailand
The north of Thailand offers the chance to help rescue elephants.

This two-week Thailand itinerary is for the adventurers who want excitement and adventure during their stay.

You’ll start your journey in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s expat-friendly city, where hundreds of digital nomads make their temporary homes. But this itinerary will also take you far off the tourist trail, where it’s just you and the immense beauty of Thailand’s untouched nature.

You can do this itinerary by public transport but, if you know how to drive one, we highly recommend renting a motorbike and driving yourself.

  • Day 1–3: Chiang Mai
  • Day 4–5: Lampang (Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat)
  • Day 6–8: Phu Lang Ka (Phayao)
  • Day 9–10: Chiang Rai
  • Day 11–13: Pai
  • Day 14: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – 3 Days

This northern city is a great attraction in its own right, which explains why so many expats decide to call it home. Spend some time wandering the narrow alleys and streets and be amazed by what you find. But don’t miss these Chiang Mai attractions too.

Things to do in Chiang Mai in 3 Days

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Things to avoid in Chiang Mai

Elephant rides and camps. Please never ride elephants or pay to see them perform tricks — elephants are wild animals, not diversions for your holiday. To see elephants in Chiang Mai, visit Elephant Nature Park which is a real elephant sanctuary. Or, wait until you get to Chiang Rai — we recommend an even better elephant experience in that section.

Tiger parks and zoos. It might seem like a fun time to get to cuddle a tiger but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a history of cruelty, illegal breeding and poaching. Tiger Kingdom is nothing but a cruel entertainment for uninformed or uncaring humans.

Karen hill tribes. What used to be a cultural experience has now been described as a human zoo, with hill tribe members on display for hordes of staring tourists. But it’s not a black and white issue, so inform yourself before you go.

Where to stay in Chiang Mai

Find more Chiang Mai hotels on

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Chiang Mai to Lampang by bus, train, or motorcycle

Lampang – 2 Days

The main attraction in Lampang, other than experiencing a Thai town relatively free of tourists, is Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat. Take a wild ride on a songtaew up the mountain, then climb another 300 steps, and emerge into a incomparable karst-top temple.

Find your perfect accommodation in Lampang

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Lampang to Phayao (via Chiang Mai) by bus, or direct by motorbike

Phayao – 3 Days

If you’re short on time, you could skip Phayao, but then you would miss out on one of Thailand’s most beautiful, and most remote corners. Stay in a home stay in Phu Lang Ka for one of those “authentic” travel experiences you won’t soon forget.

Find your perfect accommodation in Phayao

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Phayao to Chiang Rai by bus or motorbike

wat rong khun the white temple
Don’t miss The White Temple on your northern Thailand itinerary.

Chiang Rai – 2 Days

Once you’re down from the mountains, Chiang Rai will seem like a noisy, bustling town in comparison. There are two attractions here that can’t be missed, and plenty more for those who have time and energy.

Things to do in Chiang Rai in two days

Where to stay in Chiang Rai

  • Hostel: Mercy Hostel, spacious bright hostel with pool, $6 dorm bed, $20 double room
  • Mid-range: Nak Nakara Hotel, hotel with poolside Lanna style rooms, rating 9.0/10, $52 double room
  • Luxury: Mora Boutique Hotel, 4-star boutique hotel, rating 9.6/10, $77 double room

Find more Chiang Rai Hotels on

✈ Travel Full Day: Chiang Rai to Pai by bus (via Chiang Mai) or motorbike (direct)

Pai – 3 Days

After all that adventure, it’s time to come back down to Earth – or push your head even further in the clouds. Pai is an excellent place to space out or explore your inner world.

Things to do in Pai in 3 days

Where to stay in Pai

Here are our hotel picks in Pai:

  • Hostel: Jikko Harem, Moroccan-design hostel with comfy beds, rating 8.7/10, $7 dorm bed
  • Budget: Kirina Retro House, colourful and quirky guesthouse with yoga, rating 9.3/10, $24 king room
  • Mid-range: Pura Vida Resort, peaceful retreat in a former orange orchard, rating 9.3/10, $63 double room
  • Mid-range: Family House Zen, centrally located modern comfort, rating 9.2/10, $65 double room
  • Mid-range: Oia Pai Resort, quirky hotel where you can kayak to your room, rating 9.1/10, $65
  • Luxury: Pai Island Resort, luxe boutique hotel in lush garden setting, rating 9.4/10, $250 double villa

Find more Pai Hotels on

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Pai to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – 1 Day

After Pai, it’s back to Chiang Mai where you can catch a flight back home or an overnight train to Bangkok.

If you have 3 weeks in Thailand, combine this itinerary with the first half of our Southern Thailand Itinerary.

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History & Culture Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Central Thailand

thailand 2 weeks itinerary sukhothai buddha
For fans of temples and ruins, Central Thailand provides an abundance.

For history buffs and culture vultures, central Thailand can’t be beat. This Thailand travel route takes you to some of Thailand’s most important historical sights. But it’s not all temples and wats – you’ll also get close to Thailand’s expansive nature.

  • Day 1–4: Bangkok
  • Day 5: Kachanburi (River Kwai)
  • Day 6–7: Ayutthaya
  • Day 8: Lopburi
  • Day 9–10: Sukhothai
  • Day 11–13: Kamphaeng Phet
  • Day 14: Bangkok

Bangkok – 4 Days

One of the world’s most vibrant cities, Bangkok is a must for anyone who loves the sights, scents, and sounds of big city life.

From jam-packed streets, to glittering shopping malls, incredible temples, and narrow cappuccino-coloured canals, Bangkok delivers an eye-opening experience.

With 4 days in Bangkok, you’ll get to take a big bite out of the city — and be very ready to leave on day 5!

Things to do in Bangkok for 4 days

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Where to stay in Bangkok

  • Hostel: Plubpla Hostel, modern hostel with great common areas, rating 9.4/10, $10 dorm bed, $24 double room
  • Hostel: The Printing House Poshtel, upscale hostel with lots of privacy, 9.4/10, $13 dorm bed, $55 deluxe double room
  • Mid-range: Thanabhumi, spotless, modern aparthotel, 9.5/10, $47 double apartment
  • Mid-range: Varmtel, boutique hotel with bright white rooms and huge windows, 9.2/10, $44 double room
  • Luxury: Siamotif Boutique Hotel, canalside boutique hotel in traditional wooden house, 9.3/10, $88 double room
  • Luxury: Volve Hotel, homey family run design hotel (we loved it – read our review), rating 9.3/10, $113 deluxe king room

Find more Bangkok Hotels on

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Bangkok to Kachanburi by bus

Kanchanburi – 1 Day

Home to the famous bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanburi is a must visit for anyone interested in World War 2 history.

You can do this as a day trip from Bangkok or spend a little more time to see Kanchanburi’s other war-related sights, like JEATH War Museum, the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, and Hellfire Pass. Either way, you’ll have to pass back through Bangkok to get to the next stop on our route.

Find your perfect accommodation in Kanchanaburi

✈ Travel Full Day: Kachanburi to Ayutthaya by train (with changes in Nakhon Pathom and Bangkok)

Ayutthaya – 2 Days

If you’re interested in fallen empires and ancient temples, then Ayutthaya will be one of your favourite stops in Thailand.

Ayutthaya Historical Park is a UNESCO-listed site, housing more than 67 temples, some dating back to the 1300s. If you want to explore on your own, we suggest doing some research beforehand and renting a bicycle.

(Don’t miss: Our complete guide to visiting the Ayutthaya Temples)

Things to avoid in Ayutthaya

Elephant rides. It’s hard for us to understand how elephant rides can still be a thing that happens in the world — but they are. We have seen lots of irresponsible travel sites recommending elephant rides around Ayutthaya. Please don’t. There isn’t a single respected wildlife organization that says elephant rides are anything but bad for elephants.

Where to stay in Ayutthaya

  • Hostel: Nakara Hostel Ayutthaya, clean & well-equipped hostel, rating 9.3, $6 dorm bed, $16 double room
  • Budget: Baan Bussara, guesthouse with simple, clean rooms, rating 9.1, $19 double room
  • Mid-range: Baan Luang Harn, cozy bungalows in a water garden, rating 9.2, $33 double bungalow
  • Mid-range: Luang Chumni Village, charming rooms in traditional Thai house, rating 8.7, $30 double room
  • Luxury: Baan Thai House, relaxing garden hideaway, rating 9.2, $66 garden view villa

✈ Travel 1 Hour: Ayutthaya to Lopburi by train

thailand two weeks monkeys in lopburi
Lopburi is undoubtedly run by the monkeys.

Lopburi – 1 Day

On your way between Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, it’s worth passing through Lopburi for a few hours. In Lopburi, monkeys run the show, and humans are just doing their best to eke out a small space for themselves.

Wandering the city centre with gangs of monkeys loitering on the streets is a little creepy, slightly scary, and totally fascinating. These monkeys are mischievous too, so keep a tight grip on your possessions, or you’ll become one more victim of the monkey kings.

Find your perfect accommodation in Lopburi

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Lopburi to Phitsanulok by train, Phitsanulok to Sukhothai by bus or taxi

Sukhothai – 2 Days

Though Ayutthaya is more famous, we much preferred the ancient city of Sukhothai. For a start, it’s further from Bangkok, so far fewer tourists make it there. It’s also more beautiful, with many of the best temples enclosed in a park-like area, surrounded by a deep moat.

The central zone is easy to walk around, but if you want to explore more of the temples, hidden in out-of-the-way forests around the town, hire a tuk tuk or rent a bike for the day.

Find your perfect accommodation in Sukhothai

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Sukhothai to Kamphaeng Phet by bus or songthaew

Kamphaeng Phet – 2 Days

We think there should always be one place on your itinerary that will make the folks back home go “You’re where?!? Never heard of it!” For this purpose, we offer Kamphaeng Phet, where you’ll get to experience the friendly and welcoming side of Thai culture far from the tourist trail.

Things to do in Kamphaeng Phet in 2 days

  • Visit the historical park, if you aren’t already tired of ancient temples
  • Hike to Phra Ruang Hot Springs
  • Explore the nearby national parks, Khlong Lan and Mae Wong National

Find your perfect accommodation in Kamphaeng Phet

✈ Travel 3/4 Day: Kamphaeng Phet to Bangkok by bus

Bangkok – 1 Day

After Kamphaeng Phet, it’s back to Bangkok for a final night and to catch your flight home!

Beaches & Islands Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Southern Thailand

2 weeks in thailand itinerary beah scene
If this is the view you want to see day after day, head to southern Thailand.

This South Thailand itinerary is for those of us who need a good dose of sunshine, cocktails, and beach therapy. It is also a good first time in Thailand itinerary because it gives you the chance to see the most picturesque Thailand tourist attractions.

We’ve left you lots of “doing nothing” time because Thailand’s sand and sea has its own gravitational pull. So keep your itinerary as flexible as you can. You never know where you’ll find your version of paradise — and when you do, you’ll want to stay until the very last minute.

  • Day 1: Bangkok
  • Day 2–4: Ban Krut
  • Day 5–7: Khao Sok National Park
  • Day 8: Krabi
  • Day 9–11: Koh Lanta
  • Day 12–13: Koh Lipe
  • Day 14: Return to Bangkok

Bangkok – 1 Day

If you’re in need of some serious rest and relaxation, Bangkok is not the place to find it. The city is busy, noisy, hot and hectic. Unless you’re a city fanatic, minimize your time here, as we’ve suggested in this itinerary. If you do end up staying in Bangkok for a few days, here’s what to do.

Things to do in Bangkok in 2 Days

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Where to stay in Bangkok

  • Hostel: Plubpla Hostel, modern hostel with great common areas, rating 9.4/10, $10 dorm bed, $24 double room
  • Hostel: The Printing House Poshtel, upscale hostel with lots of privacy, 9.4/10, $13 dorm bed, $55 deluxe double room
  • Mid-range: Thanabhumi, spotless, modern aparthotel, 9.5/10, $47 double apartment
  • Mid-range: Varmtel, boutique hotel with bright white rooms and huge windows, 9.2/10, $44 double room
  • Luxury: Siamotif Boutique Hotel, canalside boutique hotel in traditional wooden house, 9.3/10, $88 double room
  • Luxury: Volve Hotel, homey family run design hotel (we loved it – read our review), rating 9.3/10, $113 deluxe king room

Find more Bangkok Hotels on

✈ Travel 3/4 Day: Bangkok to Ban Krut by train

Ban Krut – 3 Days

There’s not much to do in Ban Krut besides alternate between lying on the beach and sitting by the pool. But isn’t that the whole point of this relaxing Thai beach vacation? If you do get itchy feet, here are a couple of diversions for your Ban Krut stay.

Things to do in Ban Krut in 3 Days

Active alternative: If you love the water but can’t stand the thought of sitting still, stop in Pranburi instead. It’s the gateway to Khao Sam Rai Yot National Park. You’ll find excellent opportunities for all sorts of adventure sports, like SUP, kite surfing, hiking and biking.

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Find your perfect accommodation in Ban Krut

✈ Travel Full Day: Ban Krut to Chumphon by train, Chumphon to Khao Sok by minivan or private transfer

Travel tip: If you’re staying at Anurak Community Lodge, contact them for help getting there.

thailand 2 weeks jungle khao sok
Khao Sok National Park provides an active diversion from your Thai beach holiday.

Khao Sok National Park – 2 Days

This is the only stop on our itinerary that is not within spitting distance of a beautiful beach. Khao Sok National Park is smack dab in the middle of Thailand’s southern peninsula – a place where thick jungle (well, technically rainforest) envelopes glassy turquoise lakes studded with jagged karst formations.

You can do boat trips, jungle treks, cooking classes, and more from Anurak Community Lodge. We loved it there, so if you want more jungle time, add an extra night or two to your stay here.

Where to stay in Khao Sok National Park

We loved Anurak Community Lodge and can recommend it fully! Look no further.

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Khao Sok to Krabi by shared minivan

Krabi – 1 Day

Depending on what you’re into, Phuket and Krabi are the perfect Thailand destination — or hell on Earth. Both have a reputation for being ultra-touristy haunts for wasted backpackers and families on package holidays. But both are also home to those preposterously blue seas with karst islands rising out of them like dragons cooling off in the sea.

We’re using Krabi as a stopover in this itinerary, just because the trip from Khao Sok to Koh Lanta is too long for one day. But if you feel the need to add nightlife and tourist activities to your itinerary, Krabi is the place to do it.

Find your perfect accommodation in Krabi

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Krabi to Koh Lanta by public ferry

Koh Lanta – 3 Days

If you’re dreaming of spending every day in Thailand in flip-flops and a bikini (or shorts), with nothing to do but hang out on various beaches and beachside cafes, then Koh Lanta might be your Thai paradise.

We recently spent five days there, sleeping in a cheap bamboo hut and wandering the beach from dawn til dusk. Of course, there are more upscale accommodations too, but overall, Koh Lanta has an inescapable hippie vibe.

Things to do in Koh Lanta

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Where to Stay in Koh Lanta

  • Hostel: Hub of Joys Hostel, comfy social hostel close to Long Beach, rating 9.2/10, $7 dorm bed
  • Budget: Lemonade Boutique Inn, homey hostel & hotel 2 mins from beach, 9.1/10, $7 dorm bed, $12 double room
  • Budget: Lanta Private Bungalow, stylish bungalow rooms next to the beach, 9.3/10, $19 bungalow
  • Mid-range: Long Beach Chalet, resort with beach bungalows & loft rooms, 9.1/10, $34 standard bungalow, $71 sea view villa
  • Luxury: Layana Resort & Spa, adults only luxe resort on the beach, 9.5/10, $174 garden pavilion, $338 beach villa

Find more Koh Lanta Hotels on

✈ Travel 1/2 Day: Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe by speedboat

itinerary 2 weeks thailand koh lipe boats
Koh Lipe will fulfill your dreams of a tropical Thai island.

Koh Lipe – 2 Days

If you only have 10 days in Thailand, then you can safely skip Koh Lipe, as it puts you farther away from Bangkok and is, in essence, just another gorgeous Thai island. However, to really say you island hopped, hop on the ferry from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe.

(As an alternative, you could visit Koh Kradan, even more secluded than Koh Lipe!)

This tiny island is within spitting distance of Malaysia’s Koh Langkawi and will deliver the promise of all your tropical island dreams.

Koh Lipe is essentially a ring of incredible beaches with a small town in the middle. There are plenty of affordable bungalow-style resorts on the island (though some have seen better days) and almost all are between a 1-minute and 10-minute walk from the beach.

Things to do in Koh Lipe

  • Watch the spectacular sunset
  • Take a boat and snorkelling trip
  • Go diving
  • Snorkel from shore
  • Circumnavigate the island on foot

Find your perfect accommodation in Koh Lipe

✈ Travel full day: Travel from Koh Lipe to Pak Bara pier by ferry, then take the shuttle to Hat Yai. You can fly from Hat Yai to Bangkok, or continue your adventure by taking the overnight train.

Bangkok – 1 Day

After all this beach-bumming, we know it will be hard to return to reality! It will take a full day to get back to Bangkok, so prepare for an early start.

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The Best Tools & Companies for Your Trip

These are our favourite tools and companies for planning and booking your travels in Thailand. We have used all of them and recommend them for their dedication to providing you great travel experiences.

These are our favourite tools and companies for planning and booking your travels in Asia. We have used all of them and recommend them for their dedication to providing you great travel experiences.

  1. Best travel gear: Minimalist Packing Guide
  2. Cheap flights:
  3. Hotel savings:
  4. Small group adventures: Intrepid Travel
  5. Incredible bike tours: Grasshopper Adventures
  6. Best cooking classes: Cookly
  7. Bus & train:
  8. Tours, tickets & transfers: Get Your Guide
  9. Mindful journeys: BookYogaRetreats & BookMeditationRetreats
  10. Convenient travel insurance: World Nomads

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