The 3 Steps To Turn “I Want” Into “I Will”

Take these steps to get moving on your dreams.

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You have a huge, awesome dream. It’s been lurking in the back of your mind for months, years, maybe even decades.

Wait, let me guess.

Does it involve quitting your job and heading out into the world for a long-term travel break?

Even if it doesn’t involve travel – even if you want to write a novel or learn Spanish or become a rodeo clown – there are three steps you need to take to make the leap from “I want…” to “I will…”.

You have a huge, awesome dream. It’s been lurking in the back of your mind for months, years, maybe even decades. Let's turn that dream into a reality.

Step 1: Pin It Down

If your dream is still floating out among the clouds – something you only turn to when your boss is ragging on you or your neighbour is blasting Katy Perry at 4am – you need to pin it down. Yes, you can still use it as your happy place, but give it some depth by adding detail.

Beautiful, but vague, dreamscape.

Beautiful, but vague, dreamscape.

Where are you going to go? For how long? Who’s going to go with you, if anyone? How will you get there? How will you travel? Why do you want to go? What do you want to learn while you’re gone?

Filling in a few details will turn your goal from wispy dream into a substantial idea that carries weight. In other words, it will be a little more real.

Step 2: Take A Reality Break

This part is a little harder, but it is crucial. Exactly how are you going to make your travel dreams happen? What are the steps to get from fantasizing to actually doing it?

Make a list. It might look something like this:

  • Sell car.
  • Quit job.
  • Give away stuff.
  • Find storage space for other stuff.
  • Buy backpack.
  • Give notice on apartment.

The list doesn’t have to be in any kind of order, and you don’t need a lot of detail at this stage. It’s more a proof of concept.

Is there anything insurmountable on the list?

If not, then the dream is do-able, and the only thing holding you back is you.

Step 3: Tell Your Enemies

The standard advice for achieving a goal is to share it with a confidante – someone who will support you when things get tough and will love you through thick and thin.

The problem is, such a person will love you even if you’re stuck in your same crappy job and the same crappy apartment (or your 6-figure soul-destroying law career and your 3,000 sq ft penthouse) five years from now.

They won’t judge you; they love you.

(And, at least subconsciously, they probably don’t really want you to go away.)

If you really want a kick up the backside, tell your arch enemy that you’re going to leave it all behind and travel the world. We all have someone in our lives who is a bit judgey, not very supportive, and will be jealous as hell when our dream comes true.

Stone carving, Ubud, Bali.

A sneering face is a great motivator.

Tell that person everything you hope to do. Then, every time you think it’s too hard to accomplish your mission, you’ll have their sneering face in your head, egging you on.

3 Steps to Turn I Want Into I Will

Feeling motivated? Then it’s time to stop reading advice on the internet.

Go and change your “I Want” into an “I Will”.  

Hi, I’m Jane, founder and chief blogger on My Five Acres. I’ve lived in six countries and have camped, biked, trekked, kayaked, and explored in 50! At My Five Acres, our mission is to inspire you to live your most adventurous life and help you to travel more and more mindfully.


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