Best 11 Things To Do in Kampot for a Perfect Visit

What to do in Kampot for adventurers and mindful travellers alike

things to do in Kampot

Kampot is a quiet riverside town near the south coast of Cambodia – and it’s also one of our favourite places in the world. Here’s your guide to the best things to do in Kampot, Cambodia, from tours, to yoga, to water sports.

Kampot is quickly climbing the list of must-visit destinations in Cambodia but it’s not yet as overrun as Angkor Wat or Sihanoukville. This little town has managed to retain its cool, laid-back atmosphere while still growing enough to provide plenty of restaurants, hotels, and amazing things to do for travellers.

In fact, Kampot is so appealing, that it would be our number one choice for expat living in Southeast Asia – if only they could get the WiFi going a little faster!

Without further delay, here is your guide to…

11 of the Best Things to do in Kampot

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If you’re heading to Cambodia, don’t miss a trip to Kampot, which is a key part of our 2-Week Cambodia Beaches and Islands Itinerary.

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Read on for our recommendations of what to do in Kampot.

Adventurous Things To Do in Kampot

Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Climbodia Discovery Tour qualifies as one of my favourite tours ever, so naturally it’s my number one recommendation! The tour is a great way for beginners to become comfortable rock climbing. It’s challenging enough to slide you out of your comfort zone, while being safe enough to guarantee you’ll have a great time.

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abseiling with climbodia

The abseil with Climbodia made my day! I can’t wait to do it again.

Pedal to the Pepper

One of my favourite things to do anywhere is to get out on a bicycle and see the countryside. In Kampot, you can usually rent or borrow a bike from your hotel or hostel. Or if you prefer not just to ride randomly, join a full-day bike tour which will will take you to the Kampot pepper farm and Kampot salt fields, as well as the secret lake.

bikes under a stilt house

Bikes under our cabin at Samon Village, Kampot.

Fly on the Waves

If you’re in town between May and October, it’s the perfect time to learn kiteboarding. Cambodia Kiteboarding holds lessons on the Kampong Estuary at the mouth of the Kampot river. Their instructors are all certified and they follow the standards and guidelines set by the International Kiteboarding Organisation. This is number one on my list of what to do in Kampot next time we go back.

Where to Chill Out

Chill Time at Riverside Resort

The lazy Kampot River is one of the city’s great attractions. When you visit, you must leave at least one day just to lie around at a riverside resort, enjoying the view and jumping in for the occasional cooling swim.

While there is no real Kampot beach, we highly recommend Sabay Beach Resort as the perfect place to tick “chillin’ by the river” off your list.

beach resort in Kampot Cambodia

Just one of the many places to chill at Sabay Beach.

Splash Down in the Waterpark

What?!? There’s a waterpark in Kampot? Before you start picturing a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor style experience, let me stop you right there. The Arcadia waterpark is a little more humble, but they do offer a rickety slide, a rock climbing wall, a zipline, a rope swing and more.

Best Kampot Tours

SUP on the River

I didn’t spend enough time in Kampot on my recent trip to fit in a SUP tour — and I totally regret missing out. You shouldn’t make the same mistake.

Try their 2.5 hour SUP lesson and tour, or take a half-day tour through the mangroves, hidden coves, and a local fishing village. They also have several multi-day tours which sound like an amazing way to see a different side of Cambodia.

Take a Lazy River Tour

If you want to get out on the water but just can’t muster the energy for kiteboards or SUPs, book a private boat tour. LoveTheRiver provides tours on a traditional wooden long-tail boat, letting you sit back and relax while enjoying views of the Bokor Mountains, mangrove forests, birds and other animals along the shore.

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You can also book a big group boat tour by the riverside but you won’t get the quiet, personal experience you get on this small tour.

taking a boat ride in Kampot

Getting out on the river is a required activity in Kampot.

Feel the Wind in Your Hair

Two of the major attractions in Kampot are the pepper plantation and the salt fields. A motorbike tour is great way to visit both, while also seeing a bit of the extraordinary Cambodian countryside.

You can choose a tour where you get to drive the bike or take the “easy rider” option, where you ride behind an experienced local driver. If you’re feeling adventurous, just rent a motorbike and lead your own tour!

Best Places to Eat

Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Town

If you’ve been travelling off the beaten path in Southeast Asia for a while, Kampot’s excellent selection of restaurants will definitely be a highlight! I loved my vegetarian Cambodia curry at Rikitikitavi, one of the town’smost popular restaurants.

For delicious vegetarian fare, head over to Simple Things where I ate three meals in two days! My best budget meal in town was a $2.50 plate of Chinese vegetarian dumplings at Ecran Noodles. Finally, Epic Arts Cafe has fabulous food and a great social program supporting people with disabilities.

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brownie from epic arts Kampot

Gratuitous brownie shot, Epic Arts Cafe, Kampot.

Go Om: Yoga in Kampot

There’s nothing like attending a yoga class to feel a part of a community when you’re travelling. Upstairs at Simple Things, they offer hatha yoga at 9am and 5pm every day, except Wednesdays. If you want to try something a little different, get in on their hula hoop class every Monday at 4pm.

Get Crabby in Kep

There’s no need to choose between Kep or Kampot. Kep is just 25km down a well-paved road, which makes it an excellent day trip destination. Of course, there are so many fun things to do in Kep, like visiting the crab market and hanging out on the beach, that you might just want to stay for a few days.

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Where to Stay in Kampot

If you’re looking for a hotel in the city centre with a pool, Hotel Five.S is a modern and clean property around the corner from the Durian Roundabout and the night market.

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treehouse room at sabay beach resort kampot

My super-sweet treehouse room at Sabay Beach resort.

For a sweet riverside Kampot resort, our pick is Sabay Beach Resort, which is a great place to escape for a few days of peace (and amazing cocktails).

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Check out prices and pictures for other hotels in Kampot →

How to Get to Kampot

How to Get from Kep to Kampot

Getting between Kampot and Kep is easy. Rent a motorbike or hire a moto driver to feel the wind in your hair. If you prefer more shelter, hire a tuk tuk or a private taxi. Ask around at your hotel or hostel to find people to share with and reduce the cost.

For the most scenic option to go between Kampot and Kep, try the Crab Shuttle, a small boat that runs you down the river to Kep.

How to Get from Phnom Penh to Kampot

There are lots of ways to go from Phnom Penh to Kampot but I highly recommend taking a minibus, which hits the sweet spot between comfort, speed, and convenience. It takes about three hours.

I did the Kampot to Phnom Penh route with Giant Ibis and was very impressed with their service. Unlike most of the busses and mini busses I took in Cambodia, it was on time, very comfortable, and clean! The Giant Ibis service from Phnom Penh to Kampot runs at 8am and 2:45pm daily while the Kampot to Phnom Penh bus leaves at 8:30am and 2:45pm daily.

You can take a larger bus from Phnom Penh to Kampot but many stop in Kep first, extending the trip to five hours.

If you have a lot more money than time, hop into a private taxi which will make the trip more quickly but cost you around $50.

Use the tool below to check bus times and tickets on

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Kampot isn’t just a quiet riverside town near the south coast of Cambodia – and it’s also one of our favourite places in the world. We hope our guide helps you figure out what to do in Kampot so that you have a great visit.

  Happy mindful adventures, Jane & Stephen

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Kampot, a quiet riverside town near the south coast of Cambodia is one of our favourite places in the world. Here's your guide to our favourite things to do in Kampot, Cambodia. #cambodia #kampot #southeastasia

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