Your Complete Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Lisbon

Includes printable map and our recommendations of the must-eat meals!

vegetarian restaurants lisbon

If you’re looking for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon, you’re in luck. There are so many to choose from — vegan Lisbon is thriving! Here’s your complete guide to our favourite vegetarian and vegan food in Lisbon.

Food in Portugal can be a bit tricky for vegans and vegetarians. Portuguese cuisine tends to lean heavily on fish and meat, so trying to eat animal-friendly meals in Portugal can be a challenge. We travelled in the south first, having to survive mostly on grilled veggies with french fries!

When we got to Lisbon, I had no idea that we were arriving in one of Europe’s best cities for vegetarians and vegans. I soon discovered that vegetarian and vegan Lisbon had so much to offer that our 10 days in the city would never be enough to try it all!

But we did our best!

Before you go any further, grab your free printable guide to vegetarian and vegan Lisbon. It includes a map and the addresses of the 27 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon that I mention in this post!

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Here’s our guide to the best (and all the rest)…

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

We spent 10 days discovering the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon. There are so many!!! Here's your complete guide with free printable map...

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The Best Lisbon Vegan Restaurants

AO 26 Vegan Food Project

R. Vítor Cordon 26
Make a reservation for dinner

We loved it! Turns out that the best vegetarian Lisbon restaurant is the best vegan Lisbon restaurant, too. Actually, it’s one of the best restaurants in Lisbon period and one of the best places we ate all year. Immediately after our first lunch there, we made a dinner reservation for the next night. We would have gone back again the next day but it was Sunday and they were closed. Sad face.

vegan lisbon

Amazing plate of food at AO 26 in Lisbon.

AO 26’s open kitchen gave us a great view of the care that goes into every plate. The casual atmosphere belies the complex flavours and the expertise behind the dishes they serve. With gourmet burgers and salads on the menu, plus a different special at both lunch and dinner, you could come here every day and not eat the same thing twice.

Plus, the vegan cakes are tremendous.

vegan lisbon

This was how good our desert at AO26 vegan restaurant in Lisbon was!

The chefs and the wait staff were exceptional here as well, providing an all-round great experience. If you only eat at one restaurant in Lisbon, let it be AO 26!

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Tweny Pancake / Tweny Leaf

*Avenida João XXI, 22C

Further update: Sadly, it looks as though Tweny Leaf has now permanently closed. It’s still on our map, so we left this here so you don’t get confused!.

Update: Tweny Pancake has now become Tweny Leaf. They still serve the same delicious pancakes but now also serve a range of yummy-looking vegan wraps. Guess we’ll have to go back soon!

We liked it a lot! If you love pancakes then don’t miss Tweny Pancake. If you’re a vegan traveller who finds vegan breakfasts as disappointing as I usually do, then you will think you’ve gone to breakfast heaven. They don’t make a big fuss of it but everything they serve in this cool pancake diner is vegan. Huzzah!

vegan lisbon

Hell yeah! Vegan pancakes in Lisbon at Tweny Pancake (and no, that’s not a typo).

They have four basic pancake combos — blueberry, strawberry and banana, pear and chocolate, or maple syrup. We tried all four (on a few different visits — we’re not total gluttons!) and our favourites were the blueberry and the maple syrup.

Service is super-friendly and the guys who run the place are great.

Pro pancake tip: Sub in a blueberry pancake to a stack of plain pancakes for added superfoodie yuminess.

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Before you go any further, grab your free printable guide to vegetarian and vegan Lisbon. It shows all of these Lisbon vegetarian restaurants on an easy-to-read map, so you’ll always be able to find veggie noms in Lisbon!

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon (with lots of Vegan Options)

PSI Vegetarian

Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos
Make a reservation for dinner

We liked it a lot. At PSI Vegetarian, most of the tables are inside a glass gazebo looking out over a pleasant city park. We were the first to arrive the night we went, but unfortunately, the welcome was not very warm. The indifferent staff were almost enough to put us off our food.

However, the evening was saved by the exceptional meals! Everything was carefully seasoned and garden fresh, putting PSI a notch above most of the other vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon.

After we had eaten, a different staff member, who we took to be the manager or owner, came out to chat with us and check if we’d had a good meal. He was friendly and welcoming, so perhaps the cold reception was just an anomaly? Either way, it’s worth a visit to PSI for upscale food at reasonable prices.

Os Tibetanos

Rua do Salitre 117

If you’re in the neighbourhood already, Os Tibetanos is a bright, peaceful place to grab a mid-priced lunch. They serve momos (Tibetan dumplings) and a range of decent, healthy vegan and vegetarian food. Very nice service too! We liked it but not enough to go out of our way to get there.

lisbon vegetarian restaurants

Nice momos from Os Tibetanos vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon.

Buffet-Style Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

The vegetarian buffet is a popular concept in Lisbon. Many of the restaurants we visited either had a buffet where we could serve ourselves or a set menu from which to choose two or three entrees. Average cost of all of the buffets we visited (listed below) was around 10 Euros per person.

They all have plenty of vegan options and most of them serve fresh (delicious) juice for about the price of a cheap beer.

Pro vegetarian buffet tip: Arrive near opening time. That way you don’t need a reservation and you’ll get the best selection of food. Most Lisbon restaurants don’t open until 7pm or 7:30pm, so you won’t be stuck with an early dinner either.


1100 026, R. dos Douradores 10

Budget friendly! Though the opening hours were unclear, we managed to wander by Tao on a day when they were open for lunch. They have a set selection of hot dishes (mostly vegan) and diners choose how many entrees they would like. Everything is behind glass and served by the staff so if you’re concerned about buffet germs (yucky!), you’ll be OK here.

For 4 Euros we got a heaping plate of food, plus a side salad and tea or water. Our options included vegetable risotto, fried seitan with potatoes and steamed veggies. While it’s not the most outstanding cuisine, Tao is the most budget-friendly vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon.

Jardim das Cerejas

Calçada Sacramento 36

There was nothing outstanding — neither good nor bad — about Jardim das Cerejas. The staff were friendly but not overly so. The buffet was good but not great. The atmosphere was nice. Only 2 of the 4 hot entrees on the buffet were vegan but with a large fresh salad bar there was plenty for us to eat. It’s a decent place for a quick meal but not somewhere we would rush to visit again.

Bio Restaurante Vegetariano

R. Francisco Sanches 39

Bio Vegetarian has an ever-changing set menu from which you can choose 1, 2, or 3 dishes. The 3-dish plate is huge (it was just right for Stephen for dinner) while the 2-dish plate was plenty for me. The entrees come served with two kinds of salad. Everything was very tasty here but, like Jardim das Cerejas, nothing stood out and there was nothing we couldn’t have made just as well at home.

Espaco da Rosa

R. Acácio de Paiva 11A

Espaco da Rosa is a quiet neighbourhood restaurant with a slightly more upscale vegetarian buffet than the others we tried. Dishes include expensive ingredients, like goji berries and almonds, which is rare to find at a buffet. On the whole, the dishes were more expertly prepared and delicately flavoured than at the average Lisbon vegetarian restaurant.

Many of the buffet items were not vegan, so we did feel a little limited in our selection (though of course we still managed to stuff our faces!).

It’s probably not worth the trek unless you’re staying in the neighbourhood (we stayed nearby at 4u Lisbon IV, which was pretty cool.), but Espaco da Rosa stood out among the crowds of vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon.

Vegan- and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Lisbon (Meat Served)

Despite the plethora of vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon, we still managed to try a few of the popular omnivore restaurants that also offer vegetarian food. We like to support restaurants who make an effort to bring people together by serving food to suit a variety of dietary needs.

Primo Basilico

R. dos Remédios 37

Cheap eats. We liked it a lot! After you’ve spent the morning trekking up and down the hills of Alfama, a few slices of traditional Italian pizza makes the perfect lunch. At Primo Basilico, a very friendly staff serves square slices of pizza from giant trays (just like they do in Northern Italy).

Half of the pizzas on rotation are always vegetarian and both times we visited they had four vegan options! The vegan pizzas are served with a tasty soy cream while the vegan focaccia comes topped with veggies and spices. They even had a vegan calzone available on one of our visits. Order a glass of (very inexpensive) house red wine to complete the illusion of being at a pizza counter in Torino, Italy. Primo Basilico wins our award for “Best Budget Vegetarian Restaurant Lisbon”!

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Casa Nepalesa

Av. Elias Garcia 172A
Reservation recommended

We liked it a lot! After seeing a movie at El Corte Inglés, we were looking for a place for a late dinner. Enter Casa Nepalesa which is hidden on a quiet street a few minutes’ walk away. Arriving at 9 pm, we were stunned to see that the place was packed — we were lucky to snag a table for two in the back. The service here was outstanding as was the buzzy atmosphere and the beautiful Nepalese-inspired decor.

The food at Casa Nepalesa is very similar to northern India food — rich saucy curries and puffy slabs of naan. Our selections had a nice depth of flavour (but were not oily) and we hoovered up every last crumb, despite having polished off a giant tub of popcorn just an hour earlier. It’s well worth going out of your way to experience Casa Nepalesa if you’re vegetarian (or even if you’re not).

Vegans may want to call ahead and ask about details about food preparation, use of ghee etc.


Rua do Zaire 17C

As one of =top-rated restaurants in Lisbon on Trip Advisor, we felt we had to stop in at Leo. If you’re craving authentic northern Indian food, Leo does do it well — but not so well that they deserve all the accolades. The selection of vegan items was very limited and we assume that everything was prepared with ghee (so not vegan at all!).

We’ve eaten similar Indian meals all over Europe (and even in Vietnam). Probably not worth the trip unless you’re dying for a curry.

Hamburgeria do Barrio

R. Ramalho Ortigão 47A

We didn’t like it. Since we do our research, it’s rare that Stephen and I end up eating in a place we don’t really like. Hambugeria do Barrio was that rare experience. Ostensibly a “gourmet” burger place, we were impressed that they include four vegetarian burgers on their menu.

Our burgers took a very long time to come out and, before they were served, Stephen watched the waitress poke at his burger bun with her fingers as she discussed the meal with one of the cooks.

vegan lisbon

Not a very good vegan tempeh burger in Lisbon.

By the time our food made it to our table, it was cold. We both ordered the tempeh burger which was a dry and bland slab of tempeh on an extremely dry floury bun. There was really nothing good about our trip to Hamburgeria do Barrio. Avoid.

TimeOut Market

Av. 24 de Julho 49

It’s cool, but not great for vegetarians. I am a huge fan of the new wave of gourmet food courts that are popping up around Europe. When I read about the TimeOut Market in my inflight magazine, I couldn’t wait to check it out. The cavernous food hall is a collection of carefully curated restaurants from around Lisbon.

vegetarian restaurants in lisbon

TimeOut market in Lisbon is impressive but not very vegetarian friendly.

Unfortunately, the choices do little to represent the cuisine of vegetarian and vegan Lisbon. as is typical with Portuguese cuisine, the selection is very meat- and fish-heavy. There’s very little in the TimeOut Market to excite or entice a hungry vegetarian or vegan.

The best option for vegans is at Asian Lab, where you can order vegan versions of their curries and the pad thai — They will skip the fish sauce if you ask. I had the Penang Curry which was flavourful but not very filling, since it consisted of just a few vegetables in sauce. They really should add tofu! The pad thai is very good and far more satisfying. Make sure you specify no egg and no fish sauce if you want a vegan meal.

vegan lisbon

The one vegan food we could find at TimeOut Market in Lisbon.

Vegetarians can also get northern Italian-style pizza by the slice at Pizza a Pezzi but regrettably, they do not offer any vegan varieties (even though no-cheese pizzas are common in Italy). The highlight of our visit to the TimeOut Market was the decidedly non-vegan cake from Nos E Maos Bolos, which was one of the best slices of cake I’ve ever eaten.

In general, the TimeOut Market seems overpriced and a bit disappointing. Visit for the buzz and the sights and sounds and then head to nearby AO 26 Vegan Food Project for your meal.

Come Prima

R. Olival 258
Reservation recommended

When you tire of Portuguese food, this charming little osteria west of Barrio Alto offers exceptional service and outstanding Italian cuisine. It’s a great place for a romantic meal with your sweetheart! Sadly, there is nothing vegan here (unless you order pizza without cheese) but vegetarians will have a great time dining on the delicious pizzas and pastas. It’s worth a visit for the wine list alone.

Pasteis de Belem

R. Belém 84-92

As I usually tell my friends, I’m 98% vegan and 2% veg-curious. One dish that always piques my curiosity is egg tarts. While the Hong Kong variety doesn’t really thrill me, the Portuguese version is basically kryptonite to my best vegan intentions. Being in Lisbon, birthplace of the Pasteis de Nata, Stephen and I couldn’t resist trying and re-trying these delicate custard tarts.

lisbon vegetarian restaurants

Pasteis do Belem is a must-visit for vegetarians in Lisbon.

The best version we found (after extensive gustatory research) comes from the original purveyors of Nata, Pasteis de Belem. At this buzzing Lisbon cafe, you can watch the pastries being made by the hundreds from behind huge plate-glass windows. A highly recommended stop when you visit the Belem Tower.

Third Wave Coffee & Craft Beer in Lisbon

When we travel, approximately half our time is spent seeking out the best vegan food in town and the other half is spent sipping coffee in third-wave cafes and craft beer in local breweries or pubs. Lisbon provides well on both fronts. If you’re looking for great speciality coffee and craft beer in Lisbon, you’ll find them here.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

R. Nova da Piedade 10

Stylish place to sit and work. Popular with expats. Coffee comes from the Copenhagen roasters of the same name. Soy, almond, and oat milk available.

Fabrica Coffee Roasters

R. das Portas de Santo Antão 136 & Rua das Flores 63

Cozy place in two fairly central locations for coffee and conversation, but no WiFi means no nomadic work culture. Excellent locally roasted coffee. Soy and almond milk available.

lisbon vegetarian restaurants

Vegan latte at Fabrica Coffee Roasters in Lisbon. No WiFi and no laptops allowed though!

Duque Brewpub

Calçada do Duque 51

The ideal spot to have a few pre-dinner beers (the Portuguese don’t eat until late!). Has around 10 craft beers on tap, plus an extensive menu of bottles. Serves light snacks, three of which are vegan.

Cerveteca Lisboa

Praça das Flores 62

Warm and friendly spot with plenty of craft beers on tap and in bottles. Serves bar snacks and tapas, a few of which are vegetarian. Great place to work when you’ve overstayed your welcome at nearby Copenhagen Coffee Collective.

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon we Missed

As we said, there are SO MANY vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon, we couldn’t possibly try them all in a week. These places were all on our list but we never managed to visit.

Farm Food Ink, R. Mal. Saldanha
A Colmeia, Rua da Emenda 110
Restaurante Terre, R. da Palmeira 15
The Food Temple, Beco do Jasmim 18
Princesa do Castelo, Rua do Salvador 64A
Oasis Vegetarian, R. Marquês Sá da Bandeira 76
Gelato Fragoleto, Rua da Prata 61
Amorino Baixa Sorbet, R. Augusta 209

Don’t Forget to Print the Guide

Before you go any further, grab your free printable guide to vegetarian and vegan Lisbon. It shows all of these Lisbon vegetarian restaurants on an easy-to-read map, so you’ll always be able to find veggie noms in Lisbon!

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  Happy eating! Stephen & Jane

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We spent 10 days discovering the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon. There are so many!!! Here's your complete guide with free printable map...

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