Yoga Retreats in Bali – Our Picks for 2020

Here's help choosing the right retreat from the hundreds of options available

yoga retreats in bali

There are so many yoga retreats in Bali, finding the perfect one is not easy! We put together this guide to help you figure out exactly what you want from a retreat and make finding the right a little less painful.

There’s no doubt about it, Bali is one of the best wellness travel destinations in the world.

For a start, Bali has a deeply spiritual culture, meaning you are practically immersed in mindfulness as soon as you arrive. Because of that, Bali has become a gathering place for yogis and other spiritual seekers from all corners of the globe.

Whatever you’re looking for it is almost surely available. You can find all kinds of wellness retreats, including:

  • Dedicated yoga retreats
  • Health and nutrition retreats
  • Meditation retreats
  • Surf and yoga retreats
  • Cultural retreats
  • And so many more

The trick is in finding the retreat that will deliver what you’re hoping to get out of it.

Among the retreats in Bali, how do you find the right one for you?

Well, start by reading this post! Here will help you decide what kind of retreat is right for you and then share some of our favourites.

So read on to find…

The Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

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What Do You Want from a Bali Retreat?

Before you start gazing longingly at all the tempting retreats in Bali, spend a little time gazing inward.

It’s important to remember that the definition of “best” is different for every person.

The best Bali retreat for you might be completely wrong for me.

So your first step in choosing a retreat should be to decide what you want to get out of it.

Grab a pen and paper and spend a little time writing your answers to the following questions before you get caught up in the excitement of looking and booking.

yoga in canggu bali
Do you want to retreat to the jungle or be near the beach? You get the choice when going on retreat in Bali.

Why do you want to go on a retreat in Bali?

It seems like an obvious first question, but it can take some thought to answer. Before you go any further, spend a few minutes thinking about what you want from a retreat.

  • Are you looking for a way to escape from your busy life? Are you stressed out and need a way to relax deeply?
  • Have you lost your sense of self and purpose and want to spend time away to reconnect with who you really are?
  • Is your yoga practice in need of an upgrade? Are you looking for a retreat that will take you deeper into yoga, learning new ways to move your body?
  • Would you like to learn new wellness practices that will help you lead a healthier more energetic life overall?

Different retreats can address each of these needs, but you’ll rarely find them completely satisfied all in one package!

Deciding on your priority — your biggest hope for your retreat — will really help when choosing your perfect Bali yoga retreat.

sunset over the beach in uluwatu
It’s important to decide exactly what you want from a yoga retreat.

Do you want an intense retreat, a holiday with yoga, or something in between?

The word “retreat” is used to describe lots of different experiences these days.

A retreat can be an intensive inward-focussed experience where you completely remove yourself from the world for a period of time. But it can also describe a relaxing holiday, where you sightsee, explore, and spend a few hours a day on wellness activities.

If you’re a yoga beginner and want to see Bali while also learning about yoga and wellness, then you’re probably best off booking a holiday-style retreat that includes sightseeing and plenty of free time.

If you want a true retreat from the world, then choose an option with a more structured schedule, where you will be secluded from the outside craziness of Bali!

How much time and money do you have for a retreat?

If only we had all the time and money in the world!

Alas, time and money are important deciding factors in your choice of wellness retreat. Decide how many days you want to spend on retreat and how far your budget can stretch per day.

More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean more spiritual (it can mean quite the opposite!) — but amenities, services, and inclusions do get more luxurious as the price rises.

Likewise, just because you spend 10 days on retreat doesn’t mean you’ll be twice as transformed as on a 5-day retreat. If this is your first retreat, a shorter time-span might be the better choice!

The retreats we’ve chosen for this list range from $42 per day to more than $600 per day. They last from 3 to 10 days.

With all that in mind, we’ve put together a list of retreats in Bali that offer a variety of yoga styles, spiritual activities, and other wellness options.

All of our chosen retreats offer vegan and vegetarian food options, while most also offer gluten free, raw, and organic food.

Prices may fluctuate based on time of year, so please consider our published prices a guideline only!

Budget Retreats in Bali

7 Day Serene Yoga and Wellness Retreat near Ubud, Bali

Best Bali retreat for yogis on a budget

bali shanti toya ashram retreat

Price: from $295 ($42 per day)
Location: Penarungan (village near Ubud), Bali
Activities: Yoga, meditation, pranayama
Yoga Style: Hatha, vinyasa, yin
Included Meals: Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner


Nestled in a jungle ravine outside of Ubud, Shanti Toya Ashram is a true escape. The simple, comfortable rooms are arranged around a small pool and look out over abundant gardens.

The open-air bamboo yoga shala is the perfect place to get deeper into your practice in natural surroundings.


Breakfast features a selection of vegan and vegetarian options, lunch allows you to explore the world of Indonesia flavours, while dinner is based on international favourites. The chef can cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic, and raw diets.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

This is a chance to truly focus on yoga, with experienced and knowledgable teachers. Since the retreat is based on a 7-day, set schedule, you’ll also have the chance to get to share your retreat with fellow yogis from around the globe.


4.5/5 based on 54 reviews

“I stumbled upon Shanti Toya by chance and feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a paradise! Everything about my stay was incredible. The yoga classes themselves were great for all levels and the teachers offered diverse classes and opportunities to learn new techniques.” –Taylorsun

7 Day Surf and Yoga Retreat in Canggu, Bali

Best Bali retreat for aspiring surfers & photographers

people doing sup yoga at mondo surf bali

Price: from $633 ($90 per day)
Location: Canggu, Bali
Activities: Yoga, surfing, photography, martial arts
Yoga Style: Ashtanga, yin, general
Included Meals: Breakfast only


Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village is set in lush surroundings not far from the beach in Canggu, Bali. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, comfortable rooms with Balinese decoration, and the oversize swimming pool.


Breakfasts are healthy and fresh, featuring lots of local fruits. Lunch and dinner are not included in the package, but you can eat international and Indonesian food at the in-house restaurant. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dishes are available.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Part of the magic of Bali is the beautiful beaches and sea. This retreat lets you spend half of your time in and around the water, learning to surf. We love the inclusion of photography trips, led by pro photographers, who will help make sure you capture your Bali memories on camera.


5/5 based on 115 reviews

“I have travelled 2 months in Indonesia and this is by far the best place where I stayed. I had the Surf Package and it was amazing! Great surf instructors, great yoga and awesome breakfast.” –Jonathan L

Need a Budget Retreat?
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly retreat in Bali, you’ll find many more right here.

Mid-Price Retreats

10-Day Nurturing Yoga and Massage Holiday in North Bali

Best Bali retreat to get far away from it all

pool overlooking the ocean at puri bagus lovina

Price: from $1096 ($110 per day)
Location: Lovina (north Bali)
Activities: Yoga, spa treatments, temple visits
Yoga Style: Hatha, vinyasa
Included Meals: Daily breakfast, your choice of daily lunch or dinner


You’ll be staying at Puri Bagus in Lovina, a Balinese-style resort on the beaches of the north coast of Bali. A private thatch-roofed villa will give you lots of space and privacy to relax. The gorgeous pool is shaded by palm trees and looks over the beach and the Bali sea.


The open-air restaurant, which has views of the surrounding gardens and the sea, offers both Western and Indonesian meals. Caters for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic, and raw options.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Location location location! This retreat will really take you away from the buzz and clatter of Bali’s busy south. The holiday-style retreat includes cultural and nature activities in the area, like waterfall trekking, a purification ceremony at a holy fountain, and snorkelling at Lovina beach.


4/5 based on 616 reviews

“Cannot fault this beautiful place! The huts are as big as apartments, the food is delicious, the people are the nicest I’ve met and the views are incredible. The most peaceful place I’ve ever been, can’t thank them enough.” –Kat

8 Day Reflect, Reconnect & Transform Yoga Retreat in Amed Beach, West Bali

Best retreat in Bali for self-discovery on the beach

amed beach resort pool

Price: from $925 ($116 per day)
Location: Amed Beach, Bali
Activities: Yoga, self-discovery workshops, daily excursions
Yoga Style: Hatha
Included Meals: Daily breakfast & dinner


You’ll sleep in a boutique thatched-roof cottage at Life in Amed resort. These welcoming cottages feature outdoor showers and have views of the sea, pool, or garden.


Indonesian and Western meals are available at the Life in Amed restaurants. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

If you’re looking for a true escape, then getting out of Ubud and southern Bali is a must. Located in a small fishing village on the Amed coast, this retreat will allow you to immerse yourself in nature and the true Balinese lifestyle, far away from the buzz of tourists in the south.


5/5 based on 52 reviews

“What I enjoyed the most at the place apart from the quality of the yoga practice is the space and the view on the ocean. Sunrise and sunset are magical. You can practice yoga and hear the wind in the palm trees and see the boats sailing on the ocean in the morning.” –Delphine A

4-Day Ancient Sound Healing Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Best retreat in Bali for finding your bliss

group doing sound healing in an open air yoga room

Price: from $585 ($146 per day)
Location: Ubud
Activities: Yoga, sound healing
Yoga Style: Hatha, vinyasa
Included Meals: Daily breakfast


You’ll stay at Blue Karma resort, an eco-lodge in the beautiful Balinese rice fields. Traditional Javanese huts have been updated for modern comforts, while outdoor showers let you cleanse yourself while immersed in nature.


The daily breakfast buffet offers a range of fresh local and international favourites. Lunch and dinner, a mix of international and Balinese cuisine, can be ordered at the resort restaurant. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, organic, and raw options are available.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

The art of sound healing can be a powerful way to calm your mind and reconnect to your hidden self. The sessions might just leave you in a state of complete bliss.


5/5 based on 330 reviews

“I had a wonderful 4 days here. The rooms, grounds and common areas are seriously stunning and feature stylish decor and details. The pool is fantastic and the location serene and well suited to a good yoga retreat.” –Jambiani Neil

Need More Ideas?
Check out the many other options for exceptional mid-price wellness and yoga retreats.

Luxury Retreats in Bali

3 Day Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Best retreat for the ultimate in relaxation

pool and villa at svarga loka retreat

Price: from $1215 ($405 per day)
Location: Ubud, Bali
Activities: Yoga, Balinese healing, spa treatments
Yoga Style: Various yoga styles
Included Meals: Your choice of half– or full–board


You’ll stay in a spacious room or suite at the luxe Svarga Loka Resort, amid lush vegetation overlooking the Campuhan river. The resort has several yoga and meditation spaces, plus a modern wellness clinic and Balinese spa.


The resort creates plant-based meals with a focus on organic food from their own garden. Other items are sourced locally from organic farms where possible. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, organic, and gluten free options are available.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Your retreat is completely personalized, from the initial wellness consultation to the private yoga sessions. It is designed to help you reconnect to your true nature and to re-energize your body.


4.5/5 based on 168 reviews

“Svarga Loka is not only a luxurious site, but also a magical sacred place, where you can find peace and get in touch with your inner soul. The best thing is that you can attend yoga classes, kung-fu classes and also learn how to make the Balinese offerings. It is a true cultural experience and we couldn’t be more pleased with our stay.” –Freeoversea

5 Day Anti-Ageing and Longevity Wellness Retreat in Nusa Dua, Bali

Best retreat to rejuvenate and relax

woman relaxing in the pool at bali revivo

Price: from $2610 ($653 per day)
Location: Nusa Dua, Bali
Activities: Daily spa treatments, daily yoga, aquasculpt and more
Yoga Style: Ashtanga, hatha, restorative
Included Meals: Daily breakfast, lunch, & dinner


You’ll be staying at the boutique luxury REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort in Nusa Dua, on the southwest tip of Bali. Each suite has a voile-draped four-poster bed, sunken bath and shower with outdoor views, and a private courtyard, garden or pool. The resort also has a luxurious spa, gym, and several dining options.


The REVĪVŌ kitchen features Ayurvedic as well as Western options, with a focus on organic, seasonal, and local ingredients. The food-as-medicine principle is in full effect here, but there’s no sacrifice on taste! The kitchen offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic, and raw options.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Private consultations with your wellness coach ensure that you will get the right fitness and wellness program for your body. The luxe and peaceful surroundings are just a bonus!


5/5 based on 16 reviews

“I had never taken a solo vacation or been to a Wellness Retreat before, so I wanted to make sure it was everything I needed it to be. Ultimately, it was the best gift I could have ever given myself!” –Mariam H

Need More Luxury in Your Life?
Find even more ideas for your perfect luxury retreat.

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I hope you found this guide to choosing your next yoga retreat in Bali useful. If you have any questions for us about yoga in Bali, feel free to email or Insta message us!

♥  Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

Finding the best yoga retreat in Bali for you can be tough – there are so many choices! We've put together this guide to help you figure out exactly what you want from a retreat and make the choice easy for you. #yoga #travel #bali
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