11 Burning Questions About Online Yoga Marketing… Answered

By Stephen Ewashkiw | March 2, 2017

online yoga marketing

If you’re like most yoga teachers Jane and I meet, you have serious questions/hesitations about this whole online yoga marketing thing.

Why should you bother with online yoga marketing? Does marketing yourself really work? Isn’t it just kind of icky?

Here are the questions we get asked most often and our answers. If you don’t see your question below, email us or ask in the comments at the bottom of this post!

11 Burning Questions About Online Yoga Marketing… Answered

Why should you bother with online yoga marketing? Does marketing yourself really work? Isn't it just kind of icky? Here are the questions we get asked most often and our answers.

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1. Should I even bother marketing my yoga teaching on Facebook (or anywhere online)?

The idea of online yoga marketing can seem complicated and kind of scary. But it isn’t really.

Online yoga marketing is just this:

Doing your best job to tell yoga students who you are, what you teach, and when you teach.

Good old fashioned word of mouth is great — if you’re totally content with your yoga career the way it is and you plan to stay at one studio for the rest of your life… but, as we all know, shit happens.

Studios close or change owners, you might move, or you might wake up one morning realising you want something… more.

If you’re serious about making yoga teaching a life-long career, reaching more students, and earning more money (yes, I said it! ₵A$H MO₦€¥!), then it’s time to start taking your marketing and your business of yoga seriously. Facebook is the most effective place to start.

2. Can online marketing really get more students to my classes?

Yes. But… let’s be clear.

When we talk about online yoga marketing, we’re not talking about watching cat videos on Facebook and posting some random yoga pics to Instagram.

We’re talking about an organised, targeted and strategic approach to building your yoga career. With a consistent plan of action and dedicated effort, you will see growth in your online yoga community and in your classes, workshops, and other events.

3. But wait, Stephen. Isn’t online yoga marketing sleazy and gross?

Well, yeah, it can be. We’ve all seen the yoga teachers who seem to be primarily marketing their range of bikinis. And some of them actually are. And there are plenty of guys who spread the message that awesome six pack = awesome yoga teacher, dude.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The most effective approach to marketing is for you to share your amazing authentic self with your yoga community. There’s nothing sleazy and gross about that.

4. Isn’t my time better spent getting better at teaching yoga?

Absolutely! Sort of.

Yoga teachers should always be learning and developing their skills. No amount of clever marketing is going to hide the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing in the studio.

But there’s no reason not to share your journey as you grow… that way you’re building your community while you build yourself as a yoga teacher.

5. I’m a brand new teacher — shouldn’t I wait until I’m more experienced to start promoting myself?

Definitely not!

As a new teacher, you have a ton of valuable knowledge to share, but you may not have any students to share it with yet. Don’t let everything you learned in teacher training fade away before you get a chance to use it. Instead, share your knowledge with your growing Facebook community.

I taught hundreds of students in Los Angeles before I started consciously connecting with them online — most of them are out of my life now. How I wish I had stayed in touch with them!

Getting online early can also help when you’re looking for teaching gigs.

Think about it. When you’re trying to get on the sub list at a studio, what do you think sounds better to the studio owner?

  • I just finished my teacher training and I don’t really know anyone in the yoga world.

  • I just finished my teacher training and I’m already developing a yoga community online. Plus, you can check out my videos to see what I’m like as a teacher.

Don’t wait. To paraphrase Patanjali… now is the time for online yoga marketing.

(New teachers, don’t miss How to Find Your First Yoga Job — 11 Tips for New Teachers)

6. I want to connect more deeply with my students. I can’t do that online, can I?

Social media seems like such a fake, plastic world that we often forget the positive effects it can have. It can connect you to someone across the world. It can help you learn about different cultures. It can make you laugh.

And yes, it can help you connect with your students. Lots of yoga students are too busy (or too shy) to hang around after class to ask you questions. If you have a welcoming online community, they will be able to ask questions there and you’ll have more time to respond.

Plus, with class lengths getting shorter and shorter, yoga philosophy often gets left behind. Social media gives you a place where you can share and expand on themes that you only get to touch on in class.

7. Do I need a website? I’m no techie and I can’t afford to hire a web designer!

No, you don’t need a website. That may be a controversial thing to say, but the fact is that unless you blog on a regular basis (and we’re talking weekly!) or sell your own products/classes online, then a website won’t do much for you.

We’d rather see you pour your efforts into Facebook which is where your students already hang out.

8. I don’t want to be one of those annoying posts-every-ten-minutes teachers!

OK, that’s not technically a question… but by all means, please spare the world from that! Also, spare us all your bikini-on-the-beach-with-great-lighting-but-terrible-alignment shots. Please!

Instead of posting in a scattershot way, the idea is to share valuable stuff with your students on a consistent schedule. It might not make you Facebook Famous, but it will help you achieve steady long-term growth in your career.

9. What’s the best social media platform? Do I need to use them all?

The most effective strategy is to focus on a single social media channel and build your yoga community there.

We strongly believe that Facebook is the best place to start because:

  • The best social media platform is the one where your students already are. With more than 1 billion people using Facebook daily, you can be pretty sure your students are there, too. (Yes, even young people and old people are on Facebook, despite what you may have heard.)

  • Facebook is social, which means that people are more likely to comment on, share and click your links than on other platforms.

  • Facebook Business Pages were invented so that small businesses (yes, you are a small business) could reach their customers more easily. The tools are right there for you and most of them are free.

  • Instagram and Snapchat might be fun, but they’re not great for creating community. People discuss things on Facebook (whether it’s politics or their love of donuts). That is much less likely to happen on Instagram.

I know this is starting to sound like an ad for Facebook. I’m not saying Facebook is perfect. It’s not and it has its annoying quirks but compared to the competition, it’s still the best place to do online yoga marketing.

10. How can I find the time to do online yoga marketing?

I know what it’s like to be busy. When I was teaching in LA, I taught 14 studio classes plus a handful of privates each week. I barely had time to practice yoga, let alone spend hours and hours on Facebook.

The good news is, once you know what to do and you have a system in place, keeping your Facebook Yoga Page vibrant and active can be done in a couple of hours per week.

11. Where do I even start?

I get it. It’s tough to get a handle on this online yoga marketing stuff.

If you’re even a little unsure of what you’re doing with your Facebook Yoga Page – or you don’t have a Yoga Page yet — start with this free video tutorial Jane made.

She walks you through all the steps to figure out your personal brand and get your Facebook Yoga Page set up the right way. It will give you a super-solid foundation for your online marketing journey.

If you already have a Yoga Business Page, and you just want to get better at online yoga marketing, grab our guide to 15 Quick Fixes for Your Facebook Yoga Page

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