Yoga Marketing Made Easy – 11 Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Yoga Marketing

Marketing your yoga career can be simple if you let it

yoga marketing made easy

Hardly anyone chooses a career in yoga because they want to become great at yoga marketing. But working yoga teachers know that good yoga marketing can make the difference between paying your rent or quitting to go back to your job at Starbucks or Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Thanks to social media, yoga marketing is a little easier and a LOT less expensive than it used to be. And it can be simple, too!

Here are our…

11 Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Yoga Marketing

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1. Focus Your Efforts

You don’t need to be active on all the social media channels. You can create profiles in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube — but unless you give up your yoga practice, you’re not going to be able to handle all of them.

So what’s a busy yogi to do?

Choose one social media platform (or two at the very most) and focus on building your audience there.

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2. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

It’s easy to forget that social media is not just about follower counts and number of likes. The point of social media, when you’re using it to market your yoga business, is not to become social media famous. The point is to connect with people who might want to learn from you.

Having huge numbers on social networks means nothing (you can buy those numbers if you want to) – it’s having a decent number of dedicated followers that’s the key.

If your followers are real people (not just spambots) who are interested in you, then it’s far more likely that they will sign up to your workshops or online courses. Again, say it with me…

The goal is not to be famous, it’s to be rich! ;)

OK, it’s not really to be rich, either.

The goal is to build a sustainable career so you can afford to stay in the business of helping people.

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3. Share the Real You

One way to make sure your followers are real people, interested in what you have to offer, is to be real yourself. Don’t create a fake persona to share with the world. Don’t share what you think people want to hear.

Instead, be unapologetically you!

(We discuss the importance of finding your authentic brand on The Modern Yoga podcast. Listen here →)

4. Get Raw

Are you perfect? Is everything all sunshine and roses in your life? No? Mine neither. By sharing your struggles on social media, you will show your students that it’s OK to be vulnerable. You’ll be surprised at the outpouring of support and empathy your vulnerability will bring.

5. Done is Better than Perfect

Being a recovering perfectionist myself, it’s hard for me to say this…

You don’t need to be perfect on social media.

It’s OK to share a half-baked thought (and it might even spark a conversation). It’s not the end of the world if your post contains a spelling mistake or if your alignment isn’t perfect in every asana picture.

If you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll never share anything at all.

6. Be of Service

While sharing your authentic self is good, make sure your social media profile doesn’t become a playground for your ego or a dumping ground for your problems.

When using social media for marketing your yoga teaching, it shouldn’t be all about you!

Instead, try to offer something to your followers — such as yoga tips, philosophy, or links to other wise people online.

7. Make It a Habit

To effectively build your social media channels, you need to be consistent. Don’t post six times on Monday and then go silent for three weeks. Slow and steady sharing leads to slow and steady growth of your audience which — when used effectively — can lead to slow and steady growth of your yoga business.

Schedule your social media until it becomes a habit. Consistency is king!

8. Plan Ahead

There are plenty of scheduling tools out there to help with consistency on social media.

You can load up Facebook’s scheduler with posts one day and then let them drip out day by day into your feed (if you have a Yoga Business Page — which you should!).

Tools like Buffer and Tailwind help you share consistently to Twitter and Pinterest.

Learn the tools that work for you to save time and be more consistent on social media.

9. Be Engaged

The fastest way to make connections and build your community is to engage with other social media users. Leave a comment on their posts, tag others in your posts, and respond when somebody tags you. It’s called “social” media for a reason, so set aside time to be a part of the community.

10. It’s Not a Competition

If you spend a lot of time looking at other yoga teachers social media accounts, you might start to feel severely inadequate. Some people have hundreds of thousands of followers and get hundreds of likes for posting a blurry picture of their dog.

In the same way as you avoid comparing your yoga practice to others, avoid comparing your social media accounts to others. Just do the best you can do and measure your success based on your own growth.

(Learn how to measure your own successes in How to Use Small Wins to Be More Confident →)

11. Take Advantage of Facebook

We always advise yoga teachers to get great at Facebook before starting to invest your time and energy on other social media platforms. Facebook provides lots of great free tools for building your business and creating community — much more difficult to do on Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media platforms.

If you’re not yet working your Facebook Yoga Page to the max, start there.

If you don’t have a Yoga Business Page on Facebook, sign up for our free tutorial on how to create an effective Yoga Business Page
If you already have a Yoga Business Page, grab our guide to 15 Quick Fixes for Your Facebook Yoga Page

  Happy adventures, Stephen & Jane

Feeling overwhelmed by the yoga marketing you have to do as a yoga teacher! Here's a little help in the form of 11 tips to make your marketing easier.

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