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best lightweight walking shoes

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Walking Shoes for Travel

Have you been searching for the best lightweight walking shoes for travel? During our 20 years of travel, we’ve tested and rejected dozens of pairs of shoes. In this guide, we share our best tips for choosing travel shoes and reveal the shoes we recommend for you. You’ll also want to grab these guides: Our […]

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best anti theft backpack

Is This The Best Anti Theft Backpack For Travel? (Review)

Looking for the best anti theft backpack for travel (and daily life)? We have put the Standard Luggage Daily daypack to the test, on planes, trains, busses, bikes, beaches and more! Here’s what we think of this theft proof backpack. Also don’t miss these posts: Don’t miss our guide to the best travel backpacks → […]

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best minimalist backpacks

The 7 Best Minimalist Backpacks For Your Travels in 2019 (+ How to Choose)

Hauling a heavy suitcase around on your travels is a huge drag! If you’re after adventure, minimalist packing is the only way to go — and it all starts with choosing the best minimalist backpack. This guide will help you find your the right minimalist backpack for your travel style. What’s in our guide to […]

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vegan headphones

These Vegan Headphones Will be Your Most Entertaining Travel Partner Ever

Are you searching for affordable vegan headphones? The Uplift 2 Wireless House of Marley headphones are made from eco-friendly plant-based materials, to give you maximum travel entertainment while making minimum impact on the environment. Pssst! You might also like these posts: Chow down on our vegan guides to Lisbon, Berlin, Hanoi & more → Discover […]

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best smartphone for travel

5 Features That Make the Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone for Travel

Are you looking for the best smartphone for travel? Travellers need a phone that is durable, functional and totally budget friendly. Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be the best! Post created in partnership with T-Mobile.
 With the Samsung Galaxy S9 coming out, the Galaxy S7 generation is old news. However, many smartphone buyers […]

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