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minimalist backpack

How To Choose The Best Minimalist Backpack For Your Adventures

Dragging a heavy suitcase around on your travels can be a huge drag! If you’re after adventure, minimalist packing is the only way to go — and it all starts with choosing the perfect minimalist backpack or suitcase. This guide will help you find your ideal minimalist luggage. Check out these posts, too: Don’t miss […]

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vegan headphones

These Vegan Headphones Will be Your Most Entertaining Travel Partner Ever

Are you searching for affordable vegan headphones? The Uplift 2 Wireless House of Marley headphones are made from eco-friendly plant-based materials, to give you maximum travel entertainment while making minimum impact on the environment. Pssst! You might also like these posts: Chow down on our vegan guides to Lisbon, Berlin, Hanoi & more → Discover […]

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best smartphone for travel

5 Features That Make the Samsung Galaxy S7 the Best Smartphone for Travel

Are you looking for the best smartphone for travel? Travellers need a phone that is durable, functional and totally budget friendly. Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be the best! Post created in partnership with T-Mobile.
 With the Samsung Galaxy S9 coming out, the Galaxy S7 generation is old news. However, many smartphone buyers […]

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