Our Absolute Favourite Adventure Travel Resources

Everything you need to make your adventures even more adventurous

It can take a long time and a lot of trial and error before you figure out what works and what doesn’t in terms of travel resources. It took us ages to settle on our favourite hotel booking site (after trying all of them repeatedly), and we’re still experimenting when it comes to booking flights and music services.

Here are our absolute favourite adventure travel resources for saving money, planning, and actually travelling! This is everything you need to build your adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure Travel Resources for Saving Money

When it comes to saving money for travel, there is not magic bullet. You’ve got to buckle down and budget, go minimalist, scrimp and save. But don’t get downhearted because when you finally take off on your adventures, it will all have been worth it!

Travel Budget Formula
Find out how much your adventure is going to cost by using our Simple Travel Budget Formula for Busy People.

Your Complete Pre-Travel Downsizing Guide
How and when to downsize to save money and get ready to say goodbye to your belongings.

Mr. Money Mustache
The best advice on how to be luxuriously frugal whether you want to travel or not.

Man vs Debt
A comprehensive guide to killing your debt before you start travelling.

Trip Planning Resources (+ Some Help Planning Your Life!)

Your Adventure Starts Here Cheat Sheet

In case you’re having a little trouble actually carving out time to make your adventurous dreams come true, grab this 5-step roadmap to getting started.

click to get the cheat sheet

If that’s not enough to motivate you, don’t forget about the amazing health benefits of travel.

Killer Advice for Planning a Trip from 11 Expert Globetrotters
The best adventure travel planning tips, straight from the pros.

Weather Atlas
Get average temperatures, rainfall, and all the climate details for your destination. Don’t let weather ruin your trip!

Resources to Help you get Ready for Adventure Travel

101 Travel Tips eBook
We created a free book with our top 101 Adventure Travel tips. Get it for free right here. All we ask for in return is your email address — and your undying love ;)

How to Pack Light in Just a Carry-on
Adventures come to those who travel light! Here’s how we pack for any length of trip in just one carry-on.

Bike Tour Packing List
A cycle touring packing list we put together based on our experience after two years of cycling the world.

Kayaking Packing List
A kayaking packing list we created for our five-day kayaking trip in the Broken Group Islands, British Columbia.

Kayaking Meal Ideas
Vegan kayaking meal ideas from our Broken Group Islands kayaking trip.

Travel Research and Planning Resources

Our Pinterest Boards
Divided into destination and category, our boards are a collection of links to hundreds of inspiring travel blog for wherever you want to go. Check out our Adventure Travel Stories board if you have no idea where you’re going and our Adventure Travel Tips board for tips on planning, safety, and saving money.

One of our favorite travel blogs, these guys will inspire you to get out there and really live your adventure!

The Secret Traveller Blog
Helpful tips and adventure travel stories from 1Cover’s Secret Traveller.

Adventure Travel Resources for Booking Flights, Trains, and Buses

The Man in Seat 61
If you want to take the train literally anywhere, start at this amazing site which lists the routes, prices, and how to get tickets for every train in the world (we think).

Rome 2 Rio
Play with different routes and modes of transportation to find the most direct or cheapest route to your destination.

Google Flights
We use Google Flights when we’re trying to find out which city in a certain region is the cheapest place to fly into. Perfect when you’re not sure exactly where you want to go.

If you’re in Europe, forget the train system. Flixbus is where it’s at these days, zipping you around Europe faster and cheaper than the trains. Comfy, quiet and well-organized busses, too!

Hotel and Hostel Booking

Hands-down our favourite hotel booking site.

Our go-to hostel booking site.

Rome to Rio
A fun and efficient transportation planner that makes it easy to play with all the transport options for your route.

Adventure Travel Tours

Intrepid Travel
For relatively independent travel without the hassle. We did a Middle East tour with Intrepid in 2006 and it was amazing.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance
Do not leave home without travel insurance. Out there, things can happen and you need to be covered.

IMG Travel Insurance
This is the insurance we currently use. It is the only insurance we’re aware of that doesn’t require you to also have a medical insurance plan in your home country.

Awesome Adventure Travel Apps

I do not go out my front door without it and I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use it. The BEST APP evah!

Trail Wallet
We use this to keep track of our daily expenses and to make sure we don’t go over budget. Essential resource for any adventure travel.

Ride with GPS
Great for cycle-route mapping and it’s just getting better and better.

Adventure Travel Books

Most travel guidebooks are overrated and outdated. We usually use them for planning and then discard them before we hit the road. But here are some of our favourite travel-themed books!

A Room with a View
If you’re headed to Italy, bring the romance along with you. Find out how A Room with a View formulated Jane’s entire travel ethos.

Full Tilt
Want to know what real adventure travel is like? Join Dervla Murphy’s crazy 1963 cycle trip from Ireland to India, via Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Epic.

Bill Bryson
Want to learn how to combine hilarious cultural observations with truly transformational travel writing. Bill Bryson’s travel books are a great place to start. If you need help choosing, start with Neither Here Nor There.

Adventure Travel Resources for Keeping Fit While Travelling

This is where Stephen teaches online. You can catch up with his past classes or tune-in for a live class where he can offer you adjustments and feedback via webcam. Sign up here to get 30 days unlimited yoga for free!

BeFit on YouTube
A variety of free workouts including some Jillian Michaels ass-kickers.

Travel Clothes and Travel Gear for Adventure Travel

The clothing you wear while travelling is a very personal thing. Nevertheless, there are a few items that we highly recommend you check out, as they’ve served us exceptionally well on our adventures so far.

Bluffworks Travel Pants
Come with hidden zipper pockets and are made from no-wrinkle fabric. Stephen has worn them in India in mid-summer and Helsinki in mid-winter and they’re still going strong.

Lululemon Studio Pants
I have worn my pair of studio pants hundreds of times (literally) and they still look great. Perfect for warm spring or summer travel or layering for winter travel.

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Adventure Shoe
These shoes move seamlessly from city streets to mountain trails. Plus, they’re warm and waterproof. Just awesome. We’re both on our second pair and will buy them again when these ones wear out. Plus, they are not leather!

Here’s the men’s version and the women’s version.

Standard Luggage Co. Carry-on Suitcase
Jane absolutely adores her new Standard Luggage Co Carry-on which converts from a sharp-looking travel bag into a rugged backpack. Equally at home in a boutique hotel and a backpackers’ hostel!

On-the-Road Travel Entertainment

Did you know that even adventure travel gets boring sometimes? Arm yourself with some great audio entertainment.

For listening to any music, anywhere (except Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke).

Radiolab and This American Life
These amazing podcasts are a perfect way to get through boring travel days.

Setting Up Your Own Adventure Travel Blog

We highly recommend blogging on the road. Not to become online famous but to ensure that you capture and cherish all the moments of your trip. We found that keeping a daily online journal of our epic 2-year bike trip helped us appreciate it all the more!

The one we use to manage our email newsletters.

A2 Hosting
We just transferred our site to A2 Hosting. We did a lot of research and asked fellow travel bloggers for their recommendations and A2 came out on top as the best place to host your blog. We hope they’re right!

Moo Cards
Highly packable pint-sized business cards that everyone ooohs and aaaahs over. What more could you want? A discount? OK. Get $15 off your first order or £10 off your first order.

  We hope this helps! Happy adventures, Stephen & Jane

Here are our absolute favourite adventure travel resources for saving money, planning, and actually travelling! This is everything you need to build your adventure of a lifetime.

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